20 Top Selling WordPress Plugins on ThemeForest

WordPress is an awesome content management system, hence the beauty in operating it, lies with the massive amount of useful and fantastic plugins available to make building and managing your website easier.

The ThemeForest community -with no doubt- has played a vital role. In this article we are going to sum up with the top selling WordPress plugins on ThemeForest.

1- Visual Composer


Visual composer is the most popular WordPress plugin in today’s marketplace, by its drag & drop page builder interface with both the front end and back end editor’s. The main purpose of this plugin is to help you build your site using the pre-defined page elements without any technical knowledge.

All the page elements are optimized for mobile devices. With a single click you can design cool layouts of your choice. A helpful technical team is always available to sort out the queries regarding the plugin operation.

Visual Composer has reached 51,541 sales. You can buy it for the price of $28.

View Visual Composer Plugin

2- Slider Revolution


This slider is super sleek and versatile top rated plugin which is available in both jQuery with standard HTML version and as a WordPress plugin. Its responsive nature makes it the most impressive plugin in this area.

You get the features which includes Drag and Drop layering, Unlimited Slides, Unlimited Caption layers, Vimeo and YouTube videos, Unlimited Slides, CSS Animation with a fallBack to jQuery.

The plugin updates are released on a regular basis. It’s  one of the only sliders that also offers a full screen version. The team behind this plugin is very supportive and working hard on a daily basis to make this product better, faster and more usable.

Slider Revolution has reached 45,768 sales. You won’t regret spending some bucks as it worth working on, and the best part is it only cost $18.

View Slider Revolution Plugin

3- UberMenu


As this plugin name suggest, UberMenu is designed for you to make the Menu display according to your choice. As menu is one of the most important component of any website, it gives direction to you to get site access.

When you look at UberMenu, you will feel that it is a mega menu in real sense, it gives you more than 20 Style Presets to choose from, which is undoubtedly a massive list of options.

In this manner, this plugin helps generate huge traffic on your site, which is the key step for any business success. UberMenu has reached the popularity of 39,549 sales till now. You can buy this plugin for $18.

View UberMenu Plugin

4- LayerSlider


Layer Slider is a responsive WordPress slider plugin, which means that it has the ability to resize the image on the screen according to the device, that definitely includes the content. Now this is a that feature differentiate it from all other plugins in list. By using this plugin, you save your time plus you get the clean and beautiful results on your site by the end of the day.

Updates are done frequent to make Layer Slider out of the box.It’s also SEO friendly by allowing you to build semantic markup with custom attributes that search engines can index easily.

Layer Slider comes with 13 built-in skins, and it has tons of options to entirely customize the appearance and behavior of your sliders at the smallest detail.

It has reached 24,933 sales. You can buy this plugin for $17.

View LayerSlider Plugin

 5- RoyalSlider


RoyalSlider is a strong and powerful image gallery and content slider plugin for you, where you find templates and skins as a sets of options. It is very easy to apply CSS styles with one single click.

RoyalSlider plugin for WordPress uses same script as HTML version and supports everything that HTML version does.

The main advantage of using this plugin is, it can be added anywhere you want and works with every theme. All updates for RoyalSlider plugin are free, for lifetime.

It has reached 22,415 sales. You can buy it for $22.

View Royal Slider Plugin

6- Quform


Quform is the finest form plugin at the moment which is fully featured, reliable and easy to customize. You can build unlimited forms on your WordPress website in just couple of minutes. It is so very simple and easy to use. However, if in anyway, you face any difficulty than its superb support will not let you hang anywhere and will push your hands-on towards progressive way.

Having this plugin, generates a good communication for your business needs, like for example after your new client submit the inquiry the plugin will send you an e-mail and notify you about the good news. And if you are not in front of your computer you may receive this e-mail right on your smartphone. Therefore, it is considered to be an excellent and easy to use solution for form building.

Quform plugin has reached 13,692 sales. You can buy it for $28.

View Quform Plugin

7- Justified Image Grid


Justified Image Grid is a premium WordPress plugin that makes it easy to add gorgeous justified image galleries just like Google and Flickr to your WordPress website.A great feature of this plugin is the ability to pull images from 7 different sources.

Moreover it comes with over 250 gallery setting options including 20 different grid layouts, 7 lightboxes, custom color options, infinite scroll , custom aspect rations, gallery filters, image animation effects, thumbnail captions and more.

Just hit the install button and then add your photos and start creating custom galleries. It has 10,682 sales and is available for $28.

View Justified Image Grid Plugin

8- Ninja Popups


Ninja Popup is highly popular WordPress popup plugin.The plugin integrates with all the popular email marketing platforms out there (MailChimp, Mad Mimi, Aweber, etc.) and is fast and easy to set up. You can easily customize the popups accordingly.

More importantly,you can buy add-ons to the Ninja Pop-ups so that you have more pop-up options. In this way, the plugin allows you to set up multiple pop-ups that can be displayed in different ways depending upon your selection criteria.

It’s one of the cheaper options, but just as powerful when it comes to collecting sign-ups or increasing social shares. Just due to its fame, this plugin has reached 10,661 sales. You can get the plugin at a price of $20.

View Ninja Popup Plugin

9- EventOn


As it name suggests, EventOn is an eye-catching and stylish calendar solution for your viewers by having this plugin on board, you can give a complete guidance to your site members for any current or fourth coming events your way through the use of its powerful features like google maps, toggle events, set custom color’s, shortcode generator and many more. Particularly you can extend the plugin features with the addition of add-ons.

Event On is designed for your ease, to get the timely follow-ups and accurate directions. It is one of the strong responsive plugin which is supported by multiple custom languages.

So far, it has reached 10,299 sales. You can buy this plugin for $28.

View EventOn Plugin

10- WordPress Social Stream


WordPress Social Stream is a social networking premium plugin that gives you the opportunity to place all your social networks at one place. It’s like a home where you can bring all your follower’s to see your online activities on the site.

It comes integrated with 15 social networks, so you don’t loose the grip over any of your media account.There are tons of great option for designing your social wall such as random posts, options for adding network likes, custom colors, custom post widths, post loops and much more.

Spending some bucks on this plugin worth it, results in boosting much traffic on your site. It has reached the popularity by doing 8,363 sales and it sales at a cost of $16.

View WordPress Social Stream Plugin

11- Slider Pro


Slider Pro is well known for its simplicity and performance. Simplicity in a way so that it is easy for you to customize the sliders easily without going into complexities,as a result you are able to create dynamic sliders that are linked either to gallery or post content.You can create unlimited sliders, each with its own skin and set of options.

It sells at a fair price and comes with excellent technical support. It has reached 8,120 sales at a price of $28.

View Slider Pro Plugin

12- Hide My WP


Hide My WP is highly unique plugin, which is developed to help you to protect files, folder names or any stuff which you want to remain at the back end for the site . This plugin has the capacity to work with other security plugins. It control access to PHP files.

Hide My WP plugin will protects your site from maximum SQL-Injection and XSS attacks caused by direct access to PHP files. This means you can install unsafe plugins without worry about security.

It has reached 8,107 sales. It’s available at a price of $22.

View Hide My WP Plugin

13- Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer


This is an awesome package with great options and fantastic tutorials. This plugin adds several premium elements in your Visual Composer on top of the built-in ones.

Every single element in the package is crafted with utmost attention to details and a simple objective to provide you an ultimate experience. It cover all your Visual Composer needs for extensions is Ultimate Addons For Visual Composer plugin.

It has gained the popularity with 7,509 sales. You get this plugin after spending $17 which worth-in.

View Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer Plugin

14- CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables


This is an amazing tool to make beautiful and functional price tables. It comes fully packed with tons of features. Here you find plenty of options for table which can be designed according to your needs. It is responsive plugin and has an outstanding technical support.

So far, the plugin has done 7,494 sale and it sales at a fair price of $17.

View CSS3 Responsive Compare Pricing Tables

15- MyMail


MyMail is a simple email newsletter WordPress plugin which is used to create, send and keep track of all the newsletter campaigns. This plugin comes with a robust, responsive and easy to modify template which will provide you with all your needs when it comes to marketing, or even just making your WordPress e-mails look nicer.

It has placed itself as a premium WordPress plugin, by doing 7,315 sales. You can buy it for $39.

View MyMail Plugin

16- Media Grid


This is an awesome plugin that allows to display your mixed media work in a multitude of ways. It plays well with images and videos. At the same time media grid  is very customizable, and the tech support is fast and user-friendly.

Media Grid has reached 7,256 sales. You get this plugin by spending a fair price of $18.

View Media Grid Plugin

17- UserPro


UserPro plugin acts almost as a social networking site, where the user’s get ease to register themselves and probably getting the access to everything on your site.It offers beautiful features with lots of options.

UserPro customization is very easy and the beauty lies in its flexibities, where you can assign the privileges according to your choice. In case of any problem, you can contact their support team and they will hep you as soon as possible.

With UserPro you can do anything that is needed for your WordPress community website. It has done 7,017 sales. Grab this plugin for $28.

View User Pro Plugin

18- Booking System Pro


A very well organized premium plugin which facilitates by giving you complete control over booking forms for your business. It comes with fully advanced features such as WooCommerce support so you can sell addition items to include with client bookings (like welcome baskets, gift cards or any other extras on top of a reservation).

This is really a great complement for reservations, reserves, etc. with service absolutely great. Till now, booking system pro has targeted  6,772 sales. You can hit the buy icon and get this plugin for your site at a cost of $44.

View Booking System Pro Plugin

19- Easy Social Share Buttons


Easy Social Share Buttons is an excellent social plugin and the best option from where you can add bright buttons on your website and keep record and track of the members on your site. It has different icons and styles, which you can pick according to your taste.

Easy Social Share Buttons includes 18 social networks in addition to buttons to like, print and email. Templates are available, which can be customized very easily.

Its fame so far has hit 6,611 sales and is available at $14.

View Easy Social Share Buttons Plugin

20- Video Gallery


Yes, now the wait is over to add unlimited video’s to your site with the help of Video Gallery plugin. This is a dedicated video gallery plugin, that includes 3 different skins and is fully responsive. Installation is very easy.

You can setup unlimited number of galleries in the admin as well as put them in the content. Videos can also be imported from YouTube. A very reliable plugin in market today.

Video Gallery continue to progress in terms of fame and yet targeted 6,072 sales. It is available for $17.

View Video Gallery Plugin

The Bottom Line:

If you are looking for plugin to extend your website’s functionality, then you should probably take a look at ThemeForest WordPress plugins, their developers (members) offers some really useful ones that will help you on building a rich-feature, great looking WordPress website.

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