Has Automattic Ruined Your WordPress Business?

So, you may have heard the news about Matt Mullenweg (WordPress and Automattic founder) to purchase thesis.com domain name for $100,000 with no clear reason than trying to destroy Chris Pearson’s (DIYThemes founder) WordPress business. Or more specifically; this meant to make Thesis framework part of History.

Even though, he owns Thesis trademark, Chris Pearson lost the legal battle against Automattic for the ownership to the domain name: Thesis.com.

This childish domain hijacking made many people upset!

How This Affected My Business?

Matt seems to not only ruined Chris’ business, but mostly likely he have ruined some other relevant businesses on his way to Kill Thesis. I can see it clearly in the comments of Chris’ post: The truth about thesis.com, were he told the real story.

The thing here is, all this reminds me how my Thesis Skins business went bad more than two years a go. I was thinking that the delayed release of Thesis 2.0 was the reason (actually many people went off Thesis that time), then I thought that when Thesis 2.0 went out, it made things easier for WordPress users to build their own sites without needing to purchase a premium skin, or maybe it gave more power to newbie developers to build awesome stuff which increased the competition and pushed me out of the market.

This hurts, especially after making a profit of around $100,000 in only two years of developing for Thesis framework. I was depending on it to pay the bills!

I’ve mentioned here: The reason why I haven’t released new Thesis skins when that happened. But, well… It turned out that I have been partially mistaken, it wasn’t really like what I thought. So, it’s not only the Thesis 2.0 effect, it was something much bigger than that leaded me to fail in maintaining the Thesis design and developments business I was having.

My business actually got smashed between Automattic and DIYThemes, because it depended on both of them at the same time. By the way; that’s the reason why I moved to developing plugins for WordPress instead of creating Skins (or child themes), at least this will reduce the risk being under the mercy of only one monster!

WordPress Is A Risky Business!

I know this since the beginning, Theme and Plugin businesses built around WordPress have always been at risk. You may work for several months developing something awesome for WordPress and build a successful business around it, then lose it all overnight because of someone else’s decision.

Have you suffered the same?

Did something similar happened to your commercial theme or plugin?

Image source: Automattic HQ

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