How to Remove Genesis Theme Schema Markups?

Many WordPress themes developers has implemented markups into their templates code, I personally think this is not a good practice, WordPress SEO should be done via plugins like Yoast SEO and not be a theme thing.

Don’t get me wrong, Genesis is great theme, and it’s number one in my opinion, it’s also the most recommended theme for my WPRichSnippets plugin users. However, I just think that SEO should be done via a plugin.

You can read more about this in an article written by Rob Neu explaining why Genesis SEO need to go a way, which proves my point of view, I don’t need to repeat this!

Why Remove Genesis Schema?

In some cases, you will want to remove Genesis theme structured data markup from your WordPress site. This could be because:

  • Genesis hasn’t been updated its schema markups.
  • You want to add your own schema markups via a plugin.
  • You want to extend schema markups specific content.
  • Whatever other reason!

There is no complete guide or documentation for this anywhere on the web till the moment of writing this article, so I decided to make a simple plugin to do the job.

Genesis Schema Removal Plugin

I’ve just release a super light, install it and forget it WordPress plugin called Genesis Schema Removal, which will disable Genesis Schema markups on your WordPress site.

Genesis Theme Schema Removal Plugin

Download Genesis Schema Removal plugin, or install it automatically within your WordPress dashboard.

One you install and activate the plugin, there is no more further steps or configurations, the plugin will remove Genesis schema markups on your site automatically.

Also, take a look at my new Schema WordPress plugin, which adds valid schema markups in JSON-LD format to your WordPress site with ease.

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