Genesis 2.0b2 vs Thesis 2.1b Site Load Speed, Which Theme Loads Faster?

Many people claim that Genesis Framework loads faster than Thesis Framework, others claim the opposite thing, they think that Thesis loads faster than Genesis. Some people I came across their comparisons do funny stuff, I have no idea where they came up with their test criteria, and what exactly they are trying to prove.

Today, I am going to show you which Theme is faster by doing a very simple and quick site speed test. I will use Pingdom Website Speed Test.

To start with this test, I’ve created a fresh WordPress installation, and I installed Thesis 2.1 beta and Genesis  version 2.0-beta2 on the same installation, same web hosting server, and without any additional plugins or content. I did nothing special on that site, it’s just a brand new blog that has the default setup. By this way, I will guarantee fair test for both frameworks as they both will run in the same exact environment.

So, let’s start with Genesis, then test Thesis.

Genesis 2.0b2 Site Speed

I ran the site load speed 4 times and took screenshots of the results, I did it 4 times because test gives different results, so you can take a look and do your math. And, here is what I’ve got:

First Genesis site speed test

Second Genesis site speed test

Third Genesis site speed test

Fourth Genesis site speed test

Thesis 2.1b Site Speed

I’ve done the same exactly with Thesis, so here is the 4 site load speed tests:

First Thesis site speed test

Second Thesis site speed test

Third Thesis site speed test

Fourth Thesis site speed test


If we calculate the averages, it comes out as the following:

  • Genesis average load speed: 786.75 ms.
  • Thesis average load speed: 551 ms.

As you can see, Thesis loads faster than Genesis! However, both Frameworks average load is under 1 second, which is a great thing.

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