8 Awesome Add-ons for the WordPress Rich Snippets Plugin

It has been a great journey working and managing the AuthorhReview.com website, and its cool set of reviews and markups plugins, especially the WPRichSnippets plugin (which I’ve moved to its own domain name wprichsnippets.com). Today, I will introduce you to the awesome add-ons that is developed for WPRichSnippets plugin. But, let me first tell you a little about the plugin.

Update: This article has been updated to include links to the new wprichsnippets.com site.

WordPress Rich Snippets Plugin

The WPRichSnippets plugin adds several types of schema to your website, which allows you to review almost anything from Products, Organizations and even your favorite Restaurant. It has the ability to transform your website into a web directory or -more specifically- a local business directory.

The plugin supports editor star rating, percentage rating, votes, and user aggregate reviews.

You can view examples of WordPress reviews websites here.

Plugin Add-ons


Here is a list of the new add-on that has been developed for the WP Rich Snippets plugin since it was released a few months ago:

1- Front-End Entry Submit

Allow registered users to submit new products, organizations or restaurants to your website.

2- Location

Display Locations on Google maps for entries automatically and via shortcode.

3- Display Rating

Display rating by filtering content and excerpts, or use a shortcode inside the loop.

4- Customizer

Easily change colors of ratings and link buttons via the The WordPress Theme Customizer.

5- Compare

Display a product comparison table based on reviews, via a simple shortcode.

6- User Reviews Image

Allow users to upload an image and attache it to their reviews.

7- Ranking Table

Display a sortable table with ranked item based on rating, ranks and price.

8- Call To Action

Display a call to action at the bottom of each review page to increase conversion.

All add-ons

Click here to view all add-ons in details.

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