StudioPress: 10 Best Selling Themes for February 2014

Not only is it important to have a reliable web host and with great content on your site, but its also helps to have a website that is reliable, fast and eye catching. Having a website that is all those things can be expensive to start up if you go custom but, there are ways to cut back on website start up costs.

To cut back on the expense of building an eye catching website that gets you everything you need to start a website/blog, most web consultants recommend using a CMS platform. These systems make easy for those that do not much about web development to build, maintain, and add content as needed. The one system that I always recommend is WordPress. Its one of the easiest and most popular CMS platforms on the web today. WordPress is being used by everyone from the personal blogger to the multi million dollar corporations.

WordPress makes it easy to add custom themes, free themes, or even premium themes that do much more than display content on a site. You can even have a WordPress designer build a custom site to fit your needs.

For some, fully custom website isn’t what they need or want. For those that are looking for more than the default themes that comes with WordPress , you can add free themes from the WordPress Directory or purchase a premium theme from the many great WordPress theme developers.

In my opinion, the free themes are only ok for those looking to get started with WordPress and do not plan on using it for anything other than personal. Free themes for the most part are lacking in options that most professional websites will need to operate their sites. In some cases the code is a bit heavy and does run as well as many of the premium themes.

The Best Selling Themes for February 2014

When recommending a premium theme, StudioPress is at the top of the list. They offer a huge selection of themes for almost every niche. Plus their support community is top notch. Once you purchase the Genesis Framework and the child theme of your choice you gain access to the premium member sections of the StudioPress Message boards. Here you can find tutorials, guides, and get help the help you might need when modifying the code.

Below is a small collection of themes that StudioPress says are the most popular WordPress themes being sold in their market place last February.  Each child theme, has quoted information taken directly from each site with a screen shot of the demo in action.

1. Parallax Pro Theme

Parallax Pro Theme

Parallax Pro Theme keeps your page content in proper narrative order, giving you a simple vertical design for easy visual eye movement and flow. It divides your content into parts, with a clear connection between them. This allows your visitors to read it like a real story, with no pause or break, and leads them right to your call to action.

3. Foodie Theme

Foodie Theme

Foodie Theme: With 3 color options, ample ad space, widgetized home and recipe pages, and detailed documentation, you’ll get the clean slate you need to build your brand at the low investment cost of a Genesis child theme.

4. Executive Pro Theme

Executive Pro Theme

This elegant layout offers your clients and customers a premium experience to share your objectives and carry out your vision with authority. Show them you mean business.

5. Epik Theme

Epik Theme

If you’ve ever wanted an Epik Theme that demands attention, inspires creativity, and delivers a unique design, then look no further.

6. Lifestyle Pro Theme

Lifestyle Pro Theme

Lifestyle’s array of smart layouts and clean design options let you express yourself with articles, videos and everything in between, while valuing your strong point of view.

7. Magazine Pro Theme

Magazine Pro Theme

Your online features never looked better than with the versatile layouts and media-ready design of the Magazine theme. A stylish frame speaks volumes about the publisher.

7. Modern Blogger Theme

The bold, sleek styling and colorful, contemporary design of the Modern Blogger theme makes remarkable blogging in a crowded world a snap.

8. Agency Pro Theme

Agency Pro Theme

First impressions are everything, and Agency’s smart look and ease-of-use will take your client and customer connections to the next level. Let Agency be the face of your Agency.

9. Metro Pro Theme

Metro Pro Theme

The spacious 1152 pixel-wide frame highlights your online publishing for a wide-screen world, and the sleek social features will help to build your audience fast.

10. News Pro Theme

News Pro Theme

News theme supports all of the great articles, audio and video of your content-heavy site, with eye-popping design and simple navigation. News theme keeps you on the front lines.

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