9 Best WordPress Comment Plugins (2020)

Having comments on your blog is essential to growing your community.

It helps you hear your readers and understand them better.

It also helps you grow raving fans who respond to each other and have a sense of community around your blog.

And WordPress has a good commenting system that helps you gather comments on your blog without much effort from you.

But what if you want more engagement from your comments? Or you want less spam because you don’t want to be managing comments all day? And how about higher loading speed?

This is where the default comment system fails and some comment plugins came to the scenario.

But it’s not easy to find the right plugin from a huge number of plugins. To help you to find the right plugins, I’m going to share a list of 9 best WordPress comment plugins.

Best WordPress Comment Plugins

There are different types of comment plugins that will help you to improve to improve the comments section of your blog and get better results.

Now let’s see more details of these plugins.

1. Thrive Comments

Thrive Comments is a plugin created by the team at Thrive Themes that is aimed to help you increase engagement from your comments section and have a better community around your blog.

And it does so by determining from Facebook & Reddit the addictive elements that make people want to comment and participate.

One of those is the Like system. Your comment on Facebook, Reddit or Quora and wait for your comment to be liked and shown at the top when readers come directly to the questions post, right?

With the Like system, you are giving users a reason to comment. Validation through upvotes and featured comments will make them try to provide the best quality comment in your blog.

You can make them unlock badges based on their engagement in the comments section.

It is like a mini forum that is addictive to readers who want to strive to be a leader & be known in your community, providing the community with better value.

You can also set up post-comment actions where you can redirect them to a URL, show related posts, give social sharing prompts, or integrate with Thrive leads and open a lightbox to ask them to become a subscriber.

A dedicated comment moderation dashboard is available to help you sort comments like view comments from only your posts, comments that still require a reply, and comments for a specific post.

You can assign comments to a member of your team. And with the shortcuts available, you will need less time to manage your comments.

Thrive Comments is a complete comment system that provides you and the readers with the best experience. A great option to consider if you have a little budget to spare or you already have the Thrive membership.

2. Disqus Comment System

Disqus is one of the most used commenting systems in the world. You can add it to WordPress with ease using the WordPress plugin and 1-click installation that integrates seamlessly with WordPress without the need for touching a line of code.

And it automatically imports existing comments, so don’t worry about migrating or losing your comments.

It provides a commenting experience that is better than the default commenting system. You can make it more fun to comment by adding votes, photo and video upload, rich media embed from YouTube and other sources, mentions and spoiler tags.

Comment text formatting is available as well to make comments better. Threaded comment display with the ability to collapse.

You can sort discussion with oldest or newest comments or even best comments that got the most interactions.

Users can log in and comment with different options including social login with guest commenting support. And if they are logged in from other blogs, they will be logged in directly on your blog.

And with the notifications system, it is great to have readers back on your site.

And it offers great moderation features where you can moderate comments from different locations, automated pre-moderation control to flag comments and so on.

Here is an example of how it looks like:

It is a great plugin to consider, especially if you can’t afford the Thrive Comments. It is used by many of the top blogs.

3. Jetpack Comments

JetPack offers you a different set of tools that enable you to benefit more from WordPress.

One of those is the Jetpack Comments.

It helps you improve the already present WordPress comments section.

It can make users integrate their social media accounts, so they don’t need lengthy registration programs.

It offers the ability to notify commenters with follow-up messages.

Users can also like other comments. You can also encourage commenters to subscribe, so you get more people notified about your posts.

And you don’t need to worry about old comments because it uses the default commenting system. It just enhances the experience.

4. wpDiscuz

wpDiscuz is an AJAX real-time comment system that is designed to supercharge WordPress native comments.

It is created to be a Disqus alternative if you already have comments on your site and don’t want to have the comments on another database.

It integrates with anti-spam plugins like Akismet, WordPress Zero Spam, and WP Bruiser.

Since it is built on AJAX and has a faster core, it provides a faster commenting experience.

  • You can allow/disallow comments on specific posts and other content types; the UI is clean and simple
  • Comments can be sorted by newest, oldest and most voted comments. Anonymous comments can be allowed
  • Integrate with social networks to provide better logging in experience
  • Threaded comments — you can set depth levels.
  • Ajax Button “load more comments”. It provides better experience than the pagination system already present.
  • Lazy load on scrolling to make the page load faster if you have a lot of comments
  • Read More button can be placed to limit long comments from taking the full page
  • Still have all the functions and features in the WP comment system
  • Smart voting system is present.
  • Sticky comments

Here is an example of how your comments can look like:

There are add-ons that you could add to get more out of your commenting system like front-end moderation, ads manager, comment report and flagging, comment translation, private comments and more.

It is a great plugin that provides you with better experience than the default commenting plugin without having to completely overhaul it.

5. De:comments

De:comments is a premium plugin that helps you have a more powerful commenting system.

It offers powerful features like:

  • Customize the look with ease by opening the CSS file and adding your own style
  • Easily sign-in using social networks
  • Supports WP multisite
  • Voting system is present, so readers can like and dislike each other’s comments.
  • Badge system is present to encourage active users to engage more making the process more gamified.
  • Attach media files and embed from social media sites
  • Responsive design

Here is how it can look on your site:

De:comments is more on the premium side. It competes mainly with Thrive Comments. They both have the same features. It will be a matter of taste in deciding to go with which one.

I am more biased toward any product that Thrive creates, but that doesn’t mean this plugin is bad.

6. WP Social Comments

WP Social Comments is a powerful plugin with 10k active installations already.

It focuses mainly on helping your readers to comment on your site using their Facebook account. After that, readers can choose to share their comment activity with their friends, which you can use to increase traffic to your site.

You can also moderate the comments and manage it using Facebook tools.

The free plugin is a little bit limited in features. To get the complete set of features, you need to purchase the pro version.

This gives you access to:

  • Moderation within your Facebook  profile
  • Moderate comments from within the Facebook app
  • Facebook comments widgets
  • Fully responsive and customizable
  • And more

Your comments section will look like this…

It is great to consider if you want to use the Facebook comments system on your blog. But that will make your older comments useless.

7. Replayable

Replayable is a simple plugin that helps you have a more powerful “subscribe to comments” feature.

It provides a better experience than the Legacy subscribe to comments plugin, which you can migrate from with a single click.

Replayable doesn’t just send notifications for every comment, it uses machine learning to rate comments and only sends the best to subscribers.

If too much great comments, it compiles them in one good daily digest email.

And users can reply to comments using the email. When you reply to the email, your comment will be posted right away, instead of you having to navigate to the site to post your comment.

It integrates well with other WordPress comment plugins including wpDiscuz which was mentioned previously.

It auto-adapts to your templates, so you don’t need to worry about branding. The email templates self-adjust to match your colors.

And if you want access to premium features, you will need to pay around $3/month, or first try the 30-day free trial.

It is great if you want to offer extra features in your comments section.

8. Lazy Load for Comments

Lazy Load is a supplemental plugin that you can add to the default commenting system to help you increase your page speed and have the lazy load feature added to your comments.

It loads comments only when required, not before the user scrolls to the comments area. It supports Genesis and Divi themes.

It improves page loading speed by reducing the number of HTTP requests. It offers lazy load comments gravatars.

No complex configuration to get started. It only has one setting: choosing when to load the comments.

And it is translation ready.

It can be great if you want to use the native system, and you want to make your site load faster without much effort.

9. GraphComment Comment System

GraphComment comment system is a freemium plugin that enables you to have a more organized discussion on your blog.

Although it is a freemium plugin, most of the great features are already present in the free version, and not many will want the premium plans.

Here are some of the free features already present:

  • Sliding sidebar panel
  • The ability to share discussion
  • Text formatting, badges and awards are present
  • Smart moderation features
  • Analytics is available
  • You can import old comments
  • Light/dark theme appearance
  • Multi-lingual
  • And more

In the premium plan, you will get access to cool features like:

  • Live push discussions mode
  • Push notification center
  • Keywords alerts
  • Limited right to comment
  • Customization features like logo, brand, ban emails and so on

As you can see, the features are good to have but not that important that you need to pay the money if you don’t want to spend on a comments plugin.

Here is an example of how it looks:

It is a cool plugin to improve the quality of discussion on your blog.


Having a comments section is an integral part of a blog. You can get more out of your comments and the default commenting features already present.

You can add simple features like Lazy Loading using lazy load for comments or have subscribe to comments using Replayable.

You can add more set of features using Jetpack comments or wpDiscuz.

Or you can have a different system for free like Disqus and Graph Comment.

Or you could use premium features that enable you to have a more powerful community and complete control over your comments like Thrive Comments and De:comments.

It all depends on your needs. But if you are serious about having raving fans, then having the default commenting system isn’t enough anymore.

If you want the best to have a raving community with extra cool features like comments redirect, dashboard, sorting and moderation features, then check the Thrive Comments plugin.

Tell us below if you use any plugin for your commenting system. Why did you choose the plugin you’re using?

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  1. All the above mentioned list of plugins are very handy for SEO. I wonder if you know a comment plugin that would work with Mycred in order to reward points to our visitors? I have tried WPdiscuz but it does not go well with our site.


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