10 Best Tabs Plugins for WordPress

Tabs can give you a remarkable user experience. Your visitors can click on a tab to display or view the content inside it. There are so many WordPress tab plugins available that can help you create tabs that use visible icons, colors, and animated effects.

The following tab plugins offer basic navigation and are perfect for those who aim for a decent site.

1. Ultimate Blocks

By using Tabbed Content, you can display content in tabs where the reader can see the content by switching tabs. It is the best way to display a large amount of content in a small place. An example of a large amount of content is the different features of your product. Tabbed Content allows you to have full control over the colors of the tab content.

It also has different customization options for active tabs.

Notable Features:

  • Tabbed Content is made up of one or more tabs.
  • Set colors for the Active tab.
  • Set tab layout to horizontal or vertical.
  • Opt to utilize tab anchors.
  • Code-optimized for speed.
  • SEO-friendly.

A Typical Tab Created With Tabbed Content Looks Like…

Things To Know Before Choosing Tabbed Content:

  1. You must have the Block Editor to use this block.
  2. It is a well-built Plugin for marketers.

2. JetTabs

JetTabs is a feature-rich WordPress plugin by Crocoblock. It enables you to create attractive and customizable tabs, accordions, and layouts for your website’s content. With its user-friendly interface and diverse templates, JetTabs enhances your site’s organization and presents information engagingly.

Notable Features:

  • Full compatibility with Elementor page builder.
  • Add any template to the tab.
  • Customization options.
  • Vertical and horizontal tab layouts are available.
  • Alter the upright position of your tabs.

An example of created tabs with the JetTabs plugin:

Things To Know Before Choosing JetTabs:

  1. Works seamlessly with Elementor and all Crocoblock plugins, which allows building better dynamic websites. 
  2. Lifetime options are available via a Crocoblock subscription. 
  3. At this time, compatible only with Elementor.

3. Tabby Responsive Tabs

Tabby Responsive Tabs can give you an easy and lightweight experience when adding responsive tabs to your WordPress posts/pages.

It is rated for its semantic headers feature. This Semantic header lets you denote important content within your tabs. This can give your visitors a clear picture of what content is necessary. Semantic headers also help your website rank in search engines.

Notable Features:

  • Includes sets of horizontal tabs.
  • Tabs and accordions were created with jQuery.
  • Multiple sets of tabs on the same page are supported.
  • Semantic header and content markup are available.
  • Tabs and content are accessible with a keyboard.
  • Aria’s attributes and roles assist screen reader availability.

A Typical Tab Created With Tabby Responsive Tabs Looks Like…

Things To Know Before Choosing Tabby Responsive Tabs:

  1. You can get free support for this plugin if it is not working.
  2. If you have a non-responsive theme, tabs may not switch to an accordion display on a mobile device.

4. WP Tabs

It is a user-friendly and responsive WordPress tabs plugin. It can display any content such as HTML markup, image slider, maps, videos, and more in a clean organized tabbed navigation.

Notable Features:

  • Shortcode generator.
  • 100+ Styling and layout customization options.
  • Easy sorting; drag and drop tab item.
  • WP classic editor for tabs content.
  • HTML5 markup and SEO-friendly.
  • Content animation for 16 Tabs.
  • Online documentation & tutorials are available.
  • No programming skills are needed.
  • Link to a specific tab with the hashtag.
  • Compatible with any of them.

A Typical Tab Created With WP Tabs Looks Like…

Things To Know Before Choosing WP Tabs:

  1. It costs $99 if it is for Business or 5 sites and $29 if it is for Personal or 1 site.
  2. Updates and support forever with WP Tabs Pro’s lifetime plan. It does not need a subscription but it is a one-time payment.

5. Responsive Tabs by WP Darko

This tab plugin is very simple. It is perfect for minimalism and content-focused tabs. It has a Tabs section on the Admin Panel which lets you create tabbed content for your website the easiest way.

You can create simple shortcodes that allow you to insert tabs into HTML. You can also use shortcodes to choose a color and re-order your content anytime and display them anywhere.

Notable Features:

  • Available fields for title and content.
  • Plan when the tabs should hide into an accordion.
  • Available settings for color.
  • Fully translatable including POT files.
  • Tab editor allows you to rearrange tabs on your site.
  • Personalized with your preferred accent colors.

A Typical Tab Created With Tabs by WP Darko 10k Looks Like…

Things To Know Before Choosing Responsive Tabs:

  1. The free version of the Responsive Tabs plugin has no limitations.
  2. The PRO version offers additional new features such as new styling settings and icons.

6. Tabs by WPShopmart

Tabs by WPShopmart allows you to add images, video, music, or another shortcode using the color box plugin. You can also add Tabs Responsive Widget in your widget area.

This has integration with a toggle or collapse effect which lets you open one or more tabs at the same time. It is also tested and worked on with different themes. The plugin easily adds new tabs and then publishes them in no time.

Notable Features:

  • Limitless Tabs anywhere.
  • Draggable box items.
  • Unlimited color option.
  • Font icon support.
  • Customized for user experience.
  • Backend UI and Slick Frontend.
  • Multiple advanced custom fields are available.
  • All browsers are compatible.
  • Bootstrap framework based.
  • Horizontal and vertical styles are available.

A Typical Tab Created With Tabs by WPShopmart Looks Like…

Things To Know Before Choosing Tabs by WPShopmart:

  1. Compatible with WordPress version 5.6.1
  2. Tabs Pro is also available with additional amazing features.

7. Simple Side Tab

Add encouragement with the Simple Side Tab. This tab lets you add a vertical tab to the right and left side of the browser window that connects to any page. The tab remains in place while your visitor scrolls down the page. It is visible and ready for action all the time.

Notable Features:

  • The Tab display can be turned on/off.
  • Choose fonts from 7 standard screen fonts.
  • Set URL where your tab is linked.
  • Allocate the tab on either left or right side of your browser window.
  • Alter the vertical position of your tabs.
  • Limitless colors.
  • No graphics and all CSS.
  • Additional filter for tab text modification.

A Typical Tab Created with Simple Side Tab Looks Like…

Things To Know Before Choosing Simple Side Tab:

  1. You may select a specific version to download. Previous versions are not recommended for use on production websites.
  2. This plugin will help you highlight a conversion page in an effective way.

8. Advanced Tabs by Essential Addons for Elementor

EA Advanced Tab lets you display key information in an interactive way. It helps your personalized nested tabs design to attract an audience on an instance. It also allows you to style each section of the content tab to draw visitors’ attention.

Advanced Tabs is the same as Advanced Accordion. But, the most noticeable difference between the two is how they display and present underlying text. And this is the most appropriate manner to present content that every business looks for.

Notable Features:

  • Classic or gradient background type.
  • Horizontal layout for highlighting organizational achievements, goals, and more.
  • Vertical layout to change the outlook of key information.
  • Utilize custom design from user content.
  • Full control over the design section.
  • Inline icon design.
  • Show or Hide section on desktop, mobile, or tablet.
  • Add custom attributes.
  • Variety of animations for scrolling effects.
  • Slide to reverse the order of your columns.

A Typical Tab Created with EA Advanced Tabs Looks Like…

Things To Know Before Choosing EA Advanced Tabs:

  1. Offers flexible pricing for everyone
  2. 14 days money-back guarantee and 100% risk-free

9. WP Tab Widget

WP Tab Widget is a powerful and professional widget that lets you show content sorted by tabs. This widget will keep your viewers on your page longer and promote engagement with its adaptable and inviting inclusion to your blog. Another good thing about WP Tab Widget is that it offers a Free and Pro version.

Notable Features:

  • Works well with any theme.
  • 21 pre=defined layouts available.
  • Includes 0ver 400 icons.
  • Display popular posts from all time.
  • Enable or disable WooCommerce Products in Tabs.
  • Install With Just a single Click.
  • Retina Ready.
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce.
  • Usage for Lifetime.
  • Full personalization.

A Typical Tab Created With WP Tab Widget Looks Like…

Things To Know Before Choosing WP Tab Widget:

  1. WP Tab Widget’s single product subscription entitles you to one-year updates and support.
  2. Its Membership plan gives you access to all premium themes and plugins and new releases are also included as long as the plan is active.

10. Everest Tab

Everest tab is one of the best premium WordPress tab plugins. It lets you show custom shortcode components inside tab content with 20+ pre-available beautiful tab layouts.

This is very useful because it allows you to display different components such as HTML, social feeds, recent posts, products, contact forms, and google Maps integration.

Everest Tab is even more remarkable when used with popular WordPress Themes.

Notable Features:

  • Create Unlimited tab layout.
  • Fully responsive and SEO friendly.
  • Everest Tab Widget Elements available on Visual Composer.
  • You can set tab width.
  • Supports nested responsive tab.
  • Advanced inbuilt tab components such as custom links, recent posts, and social feeds.
  • Easy navigation via Shortcode/Widget.
  • 5 available icons or upload custom icons.

A Typical Tab Created With Everest Tabs Looks Like…

Things To Know Before Choosing Everest Tab:

  1. A regular license costs $19 which includes the item price and a buyer fee.
  2. 6-month support from AccessKeys is included.

These tab plugins take visitors to the content they want. Tab plugins that offer simple and minimalist designs prevent distraction from your content.

These tab plugins can help view tons of content in an organized fashion. You can present all your content without tab plugins being overwhelming to your users.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase by following any of the affiliate links, I’ll get a small commission without any extra cost to you.

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