Bluehost Black Friday Sale 2022 – Starting From $2.65/mo!

Black Friday is the perfect time of the year to start a website. There are many so offers and deals during Black Friday that you can’t stop yourself from grabbing these deals. 

And, Bluehost is no exception. Bluehost has some really great sale during Black Friday 2022. In this article, I’ll be sharing details of the Bluehost Black Friday sale 2022 which will start on November 23, 2022. 

So, let’s get started. 

Bluehost Black Friday Offer

Bluehost Black Friday offer 2018 will start on 23rd of November and will continue until 28 November 2018 until midnight (IST Time: 10:30 A.M). 

During this sale, you can get Bluehost hosting for just $2.65/month. This Bluehost hosting package normally costs $7.99/month which makes this sale of 66% discount. 

With this plan, you also get a free domain, a website builder, 1-click WordPress install, and all other Bluehost features that are loved by thousands of website owners. 

Before we go any further, let’s first discuss what makes Bluehost a really great hosting provider and why you should choose them over other web hosting providers. 

Why Choose Bluehost?

There are many reasons why Bluehost is such an established name in the hosting provider’s industry. Here’s what makes Bluehost really stand out of their competition. 

Recommended by

Yes, that’s true. WordPress recommends Bluehost. That’s enough for anyone wanting to start a WordPress site. 

Bluehost has dedicated over 10 years in building a hosting service that is committed to WordPress. 

They provide many features that make it easy for users to host and manage their WordPress site on Bluehost easily. 

Free Domain Name 

Bluehost is one of the few hosting providers that offer a free domain when you’re purchasing web hosting. 

Unlike other hosting providers, Bluehost wants you to save your money and offers a free domain so that you can easily set up your website completely on Bluehost. 

Free SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates have become more important than ever before and keeping this in mind, Bluehost provides an SSL certificate to its users for free. 

This allows you to protect your website visitors and keep your site secure. 

1-Click WordPress Installation

Sometimes, installing WordPress can be a daunting task. Especially, when there’s no cPanel or a 1-click installer. 

Thanks for Bluehost, you can install WordPress on your website easily in just 1-click. Bluehost’s intuitive cPanel makes installation of WordPress a very seamless task. 

SSD Storage

All Bluehost plans come with an SSD storage. This ensures faster loading times on your website. 

24/7 Support 

Bluehost offers 24/7 support so that in case you ever face any issue, you can get it resolved quickly with the help of their very responsive support team. 

Money Back Guarantee

Bluehost makes everything risk-free by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t like the experience of using Bluehost, you can request a refund within 30 days of your purchase. 

Which Bluehost Plans To Choose?

Let’s talk about which Bluehost plan you should choose. First, you should know that Bluehost offers different types of hosting services. 

This includes shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, and more. 

I’ll be talking about the shared hosting plans and will discuss which plan you should choose. So, let’s take a look at Bluehost shared hosting plans: 

There are three plans namely Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus. 

Since it’s Black Friday, I would recommend you to go for the Plus or the Choice Plus plan. 

Here’s why: 

Bluehost occasionally offers discounts for their Basic plan. But the Plus and Choice Plus plan do not get enough discounts. 

And, Black Friday is the only time of the year when they offer huge discounts on these plans. 

Apart from this the Plus and Choice Plus plan lets you host unlimited websites, comes with unmetered SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and more. 

Even if you want to host only one website, the Plus and the Choice Plus plan would be more suitable and they would be able to handle your website traffic in the long-term. So, you won’t have to upgrade your plan at all. 

Why Should You Buy Hosting For A Longer Period?

Buying hosting for a longer period, especially during Black Friday is a good idea because of the following reason: 

It helps you save money in the long-term as you won’t get the discounted price during the renewal of your plan. 

I would recommend you to purchase Bluehost hosting for 24 months or 36 months to save your money in the long run. 

Bluehost Package Extras: Are They Worth The Money?

When you purchase your hosting from Bluehost, you’ll notice that there are some extra packages included during your purchase. 

Here’s what these packages are: 

Domain Privacy Protection

Domain Privacy Protection protects your domain information from the public. This prevents spammers and hackers to get your domain information. 

This package comes for free in Bluehost. 


CodeGuard regularly takes backups of your site and lets you restore your site in case you want to load the previous version of your site. 

This costs an extra $2.99 per month and I would recommend that you uncheck the box and don’t purchase this package. 

The reason behind this is that there are many free WordPress plugins that can do the same job. 


SiteLock protects your website against attacks and malware by regularly scanning your website for vulnerabilities. 

BlueHost SEO Tools 

Bluehost also offers a $200 credit. Here’s what you get in this $200 credit: 

1. $75 in Google Adwords credits

2. $25 in Yahoo credits

3. $25 Bing credits

4. Free search engine submission

These credits are offered for free depending on the plan you purchase. 


So, that’s all about Bluehost Black Friday sale 2018. If you have any questions regarding the sale, do comment below. 

Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page so that you don’t miss the deal. 

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