Bluehost: Most Reliable and Affordable Shared Hosting for Blogs

If you are looking for a reliable, yet low cost web hosting managed by experiences team, then you are looking at Bluehost. I must say that I am very happy with Bluehost’s shared hosting, and I consider it one of the top and most satisfying beginner plan I’ve used to host my sites in the past 3 years. So, continue reading my Bluehost Review to know why.

If you run or planning to run a successful WordPress site, then you should consider Bluehost as one of the recommended web hosting providers that fully supports WordPress. Probably that one of the main reasons why Bluehost is so popular when it comes about WordPress, hence recommends Bluhost officially on their site.

Also, Bluehost has been great on giving discounts, so just imagine getting a web hosting with high quality support for only $3.95 per month. Look around for these kind of discounts when you purchase your hosting from Bluehost, it maybe around the corner, and you could save your business extra money.

So, you’ve got a real trusted name, outstanding support, and affordable price in the web hosting industry.

Anytime Money Back

Bluehost has a really good and unique money back policy, they call it the Anytime Money Back policy.

When you purchase a hosting account you are not locked in to a long term Hosting Contract. You may cancel your account anytime and receive a prorated refund. If you cancel within the first 30 days you will receive a full refund with the exception of the below mentioned domain name policy.

If you received a free domain name from us during your signup and cancel anytime after the first three days, there will be a $13.99 charge for your domain name, which will be your domain name to keep for 1 year. The remaining balance will be refunded to the current credit card on file. If you paid via Check or Paypal your funds will be refunded using that method.

Bottom line

When I start a  new project -and in some cases- I want to host the site on its own dedicated hosting, and mostly I start with a small shared plan. This help me keep business expenses organized. I purchase my web hosting for really affordable price, and forget about it the whole year. This is why I usually host my sites on Bluehost.

I ended up now having a couple of shared hosting accounts at Bluehost, I had no choice but to renew it for the coming 3 years because I simply love it, and I highly recommend it.

Bluehost Web Hosting

2 thoughts on “Bluehost: Most Reliable and Affordable Shared Hosting for Blogs

  1. I have had nothing but problems with Bluehost from the start for my WordPress site. The site has been plagued with extreme slowness, going completely down, and being heavily throttled. It gets decent traffic, but shouldn’t cause throttling. Throttling is when Bluehost intentionally slows your site, often to the point of not loading at all.

    I have been in touch with Bluehost so many times and each time there seems to be a different reason for the problem. Also, not all the help desk people are knowledgeable. I’ve had 2 separate WP developers work on the site to fix problems, and both have done what they could to optimize the site, but there were still issues related to Bluehost. Bluehost never accepts any responsibility. Once I asked if the site was slow because of throttling and the person said “no”, when I told them that the site was currently being actively throttled they said, “Well, it does cause some slowness.”

    Bottomline – if you have a business site with any decent amount of traffic, I wouldn’t recommend Bluehost. If you are looking for a cheap hosting solution for a personal blog without much traffic, it might be an okay deal.

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