WPEngine: Your First Class WordPress Hosting

One of the most important value of a good web hosting service is customer support and their ability to help you out sorting website issues. No wonder, a company like WPEngine have went more future than that by providing a first class WordPress hosting service.

A lot of hosting companies say they have “great support”, but  only few can claim that a WordPress expert will answer all your questions as part of the customer service. At WP Engine, their entire staff are WordPress experts, so you will never hear “We don’t know how to do it!”.

In short, they only host WordPress sites!

Why WPEngine?

I had a lot of issues when running one of my blogs at every single other web hosting rather than WPEngine. Since I moved the blog to WBEngine almost 99% of issues magically gone, and I am not worried anymore about a thing.

One click Staging! That’s my favorite WPEngine feature!



There are a set of cool features available in the dashboard that makes me want to stick around longer and enjoying working with my website, my best example should be the Staging feature, where you can have a full copy of your website in a staging mode, that’s exactly what you need when you are developing your website or want to test out some plugins or custom codes before updating the live website. I’ve actually did a whole new re-design for my blog by working on the stage copy, then updated the theme files on the live website when I was done.


2 thoughts on “WPEngine: Your First Class WordPress Hosting”

  1. “WP Engine doesn’t provide mail server, so if you want to have your email @ yourdomain, then you must check other hosting providers that provide email hosting, get a free email hosting services like Google Gmail Apps, or a paid email hosting service like Microsoft 365, etc.”

    In my opinion you should never use your Web server as a email server. I know it can be done and it is done quite often on cheap expensive shared hosting. Your DNS, email and web should all be separated for the best performance reliability and the WP engine and all their competitors have set up very similar rules where you bring your own email.

    There is a high quality free email alternative ZoHo mail is zero dollars for 10 email boxes of 5 GB each.
    With zero advertisements another excellent place to get email for very little is rackspace two dollars a box for 25 gigs is excellent. Speedy rails charges one dollar to mailbox for rackspace email.

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