Zyma Hosting Review: An In depth review of Zyma Web Hosting

One of the biggest challenges that you may come across when you establish your online business is finding a reliable web hosting company to host your website and keep managing a low budget as you are just starting. Choosing a web host could be really painful for some, especially if you don’t know what exactly you need to run your website effectively.

In this case asking a friend for recommendation or opinion might be the best way to go. But sometimes, we don’t have that person who can give us a good advice and help us to make the decision, here comes you second best choice, which is to find trusted hosting reviews on the web. Mostly, read and analyze user reviews who is using the service, this may help a lot in clearing the confusion and gives you an idea of what you are dealing with. (Remember, here you are looking for reliable and affordable service.)

Why Zyma

Zyma web hosting

If you are running an online business for a while, then probably you know by now that the most important thing is to keep your site up so that your visitors will actually find the information they are looking for. Web hosting plays a huge role in making your business better, and increase your conversion, simply by keeping your site available and reachable.

All this in an affordable price!

Test drive Zyma’s web hosting

I had a chance to test drive Zyma’s web hosting service on my own while conducting a page load speed test for Genesis and Thesis Frameworks, so take this recommendation with confident, and put in mind that this kind of service is really hard to get at this price in the web hosting market. I also must say that; Zyma’s servers are really fast (They have UK based servers), their control panel is so clear and easy to use, and their support and respond is really good. I had a couple of questions and they responded to me by email in no time, almost instantly.)

Zyma account control panel

Some how, I feel comfort with their web host, and probably I will keep this account for testing proposes as I do have more than one hosting account with several companies to run my sites.

What Zyma offers in their Hosting Plan

Here is what you get when you signup with Zyma:

Storage space UNLIMITED
Traffic/Bandwidth UNLIMITED
Email accounts UNLIMITED
CDN service FREE
Tech Support FREE
Setup & Transfer FREE
UK based servers YES
Uptime Guarantee 99.9% Uptime

More Features

E-commerce Features

If you are running or planning to run an E-commerce site, you can make use of the ready tools provided in Zyma’s package. This could be really useful and help you to start at no time and with less work from your side.

The Package includes a free shopping cart software and Shared SSL certificate, plus Paypal integration, and the ability to accept credit card payments right on your site.

Customer Support

Zyma promise a free 24/7 email support, you can email them or submit your tickets any day of the week. What what I like most is the Live Chat support, it’s really handy and so quick, mostly I don’t involve myself with a web hosting company that do not offer live chat support.

Another good thing is their tutorials library, which help you to quick start.

And, the most exciting part is the Money Back Guarantee, you can cancel your account and just ask for your money back if you didn’t like their service or performance in 30 days from your purchase. Practically, you will find this type of this kind of guarantees only with confidence-drive companies. However, I don’t think I will ever think of this as an option, their price and service is good enough not to ask for a refund.

 Zyma’s special offer

In addition to all the awesome things mentioned above in my review, Zyma has a great offer for the 12 months, 24 months, and 36 months purchase.

You only pay £1.79/mo (Regular £2.49/mo)

Plus a free domain name, and all the goods:

  • Unlimited Web space
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited SQL Databases
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Website Builder
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • cPanel Web Hosting
  • Moneyback Guarantee
Exclusive Discount

Get 10% off discount when you place your order.

Use coupon code: WPL10

Grab this offer NOW!

Final thoughts!

I’ve seen great growth in Zyma’s in the last two years, they’ve been so kind and supportive to our blogging community. Zyma helped out many bloggers to get started with their online business, thus I can easily recommend their service to anyone who is starting their online business journey.

Zyma Web Hosting Offer

2 thoughts on “Zyma Hosting Review: An In depth review of Zyma Web Hosting

  1. Hi Hesham – great review here. I won some Zyma hosting a while back in a giveaway on another blog and have not had any issues with them at all. I would recommend them as well.

  2. Hi Hesham,

    Good review, I have been using Zyma for more than a year now for 3 of my blogs. I also won a zyma hosting in a giveaway. Till date I didn’t have any major problem with them, there support are quick and try to solve any issues I may have. The only thing that I have against them is the price, the price of hosting one domain name is not that much expensive but the problem they don’t have any bundle for unlimited domains hosting like other web hosting companies and that makes them expensive if you have more than one blog. I would recommend them only if you have one blog but if you have more it will become expensive.

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