New “My Account” and License Key for Thesis Theme

DIYThemes made big changes to the member account section, and will introduce license keys to the Thesis Framework once version 2.2 is ready.

The license key can be found in the new “My Account” area, and you will be required to use this license to be able to receive software updates automatically to your site.

If you’re a Basic or Basic Plus license owner, you’ll also see a button you can click to upgrade to a Professional license at any time.

If you’ve already got a Professional license, you’ll see a button you can click to purchase Client Site Licenses, which you’ll need if you want to deploy Thesis on sites for clients.

There is also some other super interesting news about integration with WordPress SEO plugin in the coming Thesis release.

You can read more details by visiting this post at DIYThemes’s Blog.

My Account

Here is a screenshot of how the new My Admin looks like:

DIYThemes My Account

You can read more details by visiting this post at DIYThemes’s Blog.


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