nRelate Says Goodbye – What Related Posts Alternative Plugins Should I Use?

On December 1st, 2014 nRelate posted and tweeted that they are shutting down their related articles plugin service. So on December 29th, 2014 5PM Eastern Time services will be no more. That means if you are using this great WordPress plugin to display your related articles at the end of your posts, you will loose your related article module at the end of the post.

My Thoughts on the nRelate WordPress Plugin?

nRelate WordPress Plugin

I have been using the nRelate WordPress Plugin for a few years and I have to say it is one of my favorite plugins. I’ve been recommending this plugin to my WordPress clients and my family members wanting something to help their readers stay on their site just a little longer.  For me nRelate served the related articles better and did it in a way that was attractive and looked good with most blog themes. The layout, the fonts, the look of the thumbnails, and the way the article title was overlaid on the thumbnail made it an all around great plugin.

What’s a Good Alternative to the nRelate WordPress Plugin?

Now that nRelate is no more, thousands of users have to find a new related articles plugin to replace it. In order to replace nRelate, the alternative needs to not only function accurately and quickly, but it has to look good doing it.

After running a few tests on several different sites, I found that many of the readers were more likely to click on an related article if it had thumbnail preview of the topic (picture had to be interesting and related to the topic) with a nice written title will get more clicks than just a list of bulleted article titles. So finding a good looking related articles plugin with thumbnails is a must!

I did a quick search in the WordPress Directory and saw that there were a handful of plugins that serve up related articles. I quickly realized it was going to take some time to find an alternative to nRelate. To find a truly great list of alternative plugins or even in my opinion the best alternative to nRelate will take some time. So while I’m testing out the latest related articles plugins, here are two popular plugins that work great but may not have the looks and features needed to compete with the nRelate plugin.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

The first option has been around for years and I started off using the plugin and its YARPP. It’s a simple WordPress Plugin that has evolved over the years. Now there are two versions, the basic version and the pro version. After reading the differences between the basic and pro version, the basic plugin is all you need if you want to serve articles from your site.

Related Posts – JetPack

Related Posts WordPress Plugin -by JetPack

The second option is one of the easiest ways to get a thumbnail related post article on your site. But that’s only if you are using the JetPack plugin. All you have to do is activate the related post feature and configure it. Its that easy. I ended up going with this plugin, just because I use JetPack and it looked ok. I didn’t have to sign up for anything and I know it works.

As for the looks, it could use some help. I will only keep this one if I can’t find a better plugin.

Final Thoughts

All things must come to an end… The guys over at nRelate decided it was time for them to move on to another project. Because of that, we have to find something else to fill the void. For me, its JetPack’s Related Posts – for now…

I hope to have tested and decided on a handful of related article plugins to talk about in next few weeks. In the mean time, try these two great plugin out and let us know what you think. Do you have an alternative plugin? Let us know what it is. If we like it, we might just write about it.

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