First Sneak Peek of the New WordPress Rich Snippets Plugin

Today, I am going to reveal some news and give you the very first sneak peek of the new WordPress plugin I am working on, which will be added to the‘s package (Now, it has its own domain name The WordPress Rich Snippets plugin will be release in a few days, so get ready for a whole new markup experience.

This plugin will help you add different types of schema markups to your WordPress website, which tells more details about your site to search engines like Google.

The new Rating Box

Many changes and enhancements has been made to the Rating Box in the new plugin regarding to both; the way it looks and also the way it works. The new box now can handle more details about the reviewed item.

WP Rich Snippets plugin box

Aggregate User Reviews

In the new plugin; I’ve made big changes to the way user reviews are presented, and also to how it actually marked up, which will make a big difference. In the WP Rich Snippets plugin, user reviews shows in an additional tab, can be sorted and it’s all schema marked.

WP Rich Snippets aggregate reviews

Different Types of Schema

The WP Rich Snippets plugin introducing different types of schema that you can chose from, at this point the plugin contains markups for individual and aggregate reviews, and serving Products, Organizations and Restaurants schema markups.

Here is an example of how a Restaurant review may look like:

Rich Snippets for Restaurants

And here is a screenshot of how the new rich snippets post meta box looks like:

Rich Snippets post meta

The Focus…

Being making plugins for marking up websites in the last couple of years, I’ve focused -in this plugin- on two main things, ease of use and great functionality. So practically, this plugin will help many types of websites that runs on WordPress in different niches.

Check it out latter at, and read the blog.

P.S. I will be working on updating the website this weekend to get it ready for the new plugin release, so stay tuned!

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