OptinMonster Review: Is It Worth The Hype & Money?

Over 105 billion emails are sent each day, and this number is likely to reach 200 billion by 2020. This shows the power of email marketing and the importance of building an email list.

And to grow your email list effectively, you’ll need to rely on tools that help you with list building seamlessly.

One such tool is OptinMonster. It’s one of the earliest list building tools on the market and offers various features to help you show opt-in forms using different methods.

But the true question is:

Is OptinMonster still worth the hype and money?

Many new list building tools have proven to be useful. So where does OptinMonster stand in the market of list building tools?

In this review, I’ll go through OptinMonster and its features. We’ll also take a look at how to create forms using OptinMonster.

At the end of the review, we’ll conclude whether OptinMonster is worth the money or not.

Let’s begin.

What Is OptinMonster? 

OptinMonster is a smart list building plugin that helps you create stunning opt-in forms using a visual editor without the need of coding by yourself.


You can connect your favorite email marketing service to OptinMonster and start collecting emails right away.

OptinMonster offers different types of opt-in forms like pop-up forms, slide-ins, floating bar, and more. We’ll discuss more the different form types in OptinMonster later in the review.

This lead generation plugin also provides features to make the most out of your opt-in forms. This is evident in the advanced page level targeting, custom display rules, and dynamic text replacement.

You can create design stunning forms using OptinMonster. There are over 65+ pre-designed templates you can use right away. All these templates are mobile-friendly.

This is just an overview of OptinMonster. Let’s take a look at some of the features of this list building plugin.

OptinMonster Features

What does make OptinMonster such an excellent plugin for creating opt-in forms? 

The answer is the features provided. And the team behind this plugin keep releasing new features to make sure they offer their customers everything.

That being said, here are the features of OptinMonster:

1. Drag And Drop Builder

2. Campaign Triggers

3. Targeted Campaigns

4. Integrations

5. Actionable Insights

Another great feature of OptinMonster is the Smart Success. With this feature, you can display new offers to visitors who have already opted-in to your previous offers.

Lastly, you can get all the stats of your campaigns to help you improve your overall list building.

So these are the different features available in OptinMonster. Let’s now discuss the different types of opt-in forms you can create with OptinMonster.

Optin Form Types

There are 8 different types of forms you can create in OptinMonster. These forms are:

1. Lightbox Popup

The OptinMonster lightbox popup lets you create beautiful pop-ups that help you grow your email list.

There are many different types of pop-up templates available for use or you can also start from a blank template.

You can set triggers for your pop-ups so that it is displayed at the right time without annoying your visitors.

2. Full Screen Welcome Mat

Welcome mats have become very popular these days, and you can create such full-screen welcome mats using OptinMonster.

You can control the timing of the welcome mat by the different trigger options and also set display rules so that your welcome mat is displayed to the right people.

Many websites use welcome mats when people visit their website. OptinMonster lets you display exit-intent full-screen mats so that your visitors don’t leave your website without subscribing to your offer.

3. Slide-in Scroll Box

A slide-in scroll box is a less annoying way of asking visitors for their email address. You can design attention-grabbing scroll boxes using OptinMonster.

Slide-in converts very well without interrupting visitors.

4. Floating Bar

A floating bar is a sticky bar at the top of the page. Floating bars increase conversions and can help you grow your list easily.

There are many templates available for floating bar in OptinMonster so that you can create a bar that boosts your conversions.

5. Countdown Timers 

Sky-rocket your email list growth using countdown timers. You can evoke a sense of urgency to your visitors by using such opt-in forms.

OptinMonster lets you create countdown timers that are either static or dynamic. A static countdown timer shows a universal deadline for all your visitors whereas a dynamic countdown timer will show different deadlines to each visitors.

This way you can personalize your form and increase your list growth significantly.

6. Inline Forms

Inline forms are opt-in forms that can be embedded in your content. You can create inline forms using OptinMonster.

Just like other opt-in forms in OptinMonster, you can also set targeting rules for precise targeting. This will help increase the number of signups.

7. Content Locker

You can gate your content using the content locker and see an uprise in your conversions. With content lockers, you can lock any part of your content behind an opt-in form.

This boosts conversions and helps you grow your email list fast. Another added benefit of using content lockers is that it increase content engagement.

Creating An Optin Form With OptinMonster

A great list building plugin shouldn’t just have great features. It should be easy to use and simple.

Let’s see how to create an opt-in form with OptinMonster.

In your OptinMonster dashboard, you’ll see a button to create a campaign. Click on this button to get started with your opt-in form creation.

The next step is to select the campaign type. You can see the different types of campaigns available. Select your desired campaign and then choose a template.

For now, I’ve selected the pop-up campaign and this template:

Once you choose a template, you’ll have to give a name to your campaign and select the website where you want to load the campaign to. Click on the start building button to edit your campaign.

Now, you’ll see the drag and drop builder where you can edit the template and settings of your campaign.

The opt-in settings tab on the sidebar lets you change the settings of your opt-in form. You can change the columns of your form from the blocks tab.

Click on the display settings to set change the cookie duration and other settings.

Now, click on the display rules tab on the top to set display rules for the opt-in form. You can create many ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ rules.

Once your form design and display rules are set, head over to the integrations tab and connect your email marketing tool with OptinMonster.

Lastly, there is an analytics tab where you can connect Google Analytics to get analytics of your form.

Finally, when your form is done, click on the publish tab to publish it. You can embed the form in different ways. If you’re on WordPress, you can install the OptinMonster WordPress plugin and embed forms easily. You can also use the embed code to embed your forms.

So that’s how you create a campaign in OptinMonster. As evident from the tutorial, it’s very easy to create a campaign in OptinMonster as it literally takes minutes!

Documentation & Support

When it comes to documentation and support, OptinMonster takes every step to make sure their customers are happy and satisfied.

OptinMonster has a very brief documentation with over 200 articles to help you use the tool without any problems.

You can also send a ticket to the team for any assistance if required.

Thus, it’s safe to say that OptinMonster takes care of their customers in the best way possible.

OptinMonster Pricing

Let’s finally address the elephant in the room. Yes, the pricing!

With so many awesome features, it’s obvious that OptinMonster’s pricing would be whopping hundreds of dollars.

That’s not true.

The most basic plan of OptinMonster is free! In this plan, you can create up to 3 campaigns and collect 100 leads. This plan is very basic and is perfect for those just starting out or wanting to try OptinMonster.

The Standard plan of OptinMonster costs $29/month in which you can create unlimited campaigns, collect unlimited leads, integrations, and get all the features of this tool. You can load three websites in this plan, and the pageviews limit is 50,000.

This plan is the best OptinMonster plan for you if you’re serious about list building. The higher plans are $79/month and $199/month with extra features such as Adblock detection, behavior automation, client logins, and white-labeling.

OptinMonster Pros & Cons 

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of OptinMonster.


  • Easy to use.
  • Drag and drop builder.
  • Precision targeting features.
  • Pre-designed templates.
  • A/B testing.
  • Adblock detection.
  • Lead sharing.
  • Behavior automation.
  • CONS

  • No automatic winner selection for A/B tests.
  • No one-time payment unlike many list building plugins.
  • OptinMonster Alternative

    If there is any reasonable alternative to OptinMonster, then it is Thrive Leads. Thrive Leads is just like OptinMonster with many features.

    Thrive Leads also provides A/B testing, advanced reporting, mobile-friendly forms, and also has a drag-and-drop editor.

    When it comes to pricing, Thrive Leads might have a slight edge over OptinMonster because it costs a one-time payment of $67 for use on a single site.

    To use on five websites, Thrive Leads costs $97.

    Conclusion: Is It Worth The Hype & Money?

    In my opinion, OptinMonster is still worth the money. There are new features introduced very often, and they offer many features.

    Not to mention, that the tool is perfect if you want to manage clients as it gives you client logins.

    The final verdict is that OptinMonster is worth the hype and money and is definitely an awesome list building tool that you should choose if you’re serious about growing your email list.


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    2 responses to “OptinMonster Review: Is It Worth The Hype & Money?”

    1. I have tried a ton of list building plugins and nothing comes close to OptinMonster. The best part about this tool is that it’s very easy to use. There are loads of features and different types of opt-in forms that one can create.

      I have had a great experience using this tool and would definitely recommend it to everyone who wants to grow their email list.

    2. Praveen Verma Avatar

      Great review from your side about Optinmonster tool. I heard a lot about optinmonster email marketing tools and I think it is one of the best email marketing tools. I think every online business owner should have this tool in their pouch. The pricing of the optinmonster tool is good.

      Thanks for this informative post.

      Have a great day.
      Praveen Verma

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