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YARPP Review and How to Use: Yet Another Related Posts Plugin


Another popular alternative to nRelate Related articles is Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP). YARPP is another easy to install plugin that has a basic and pro version. The basic version is easy to configure. But the pro version requires a free membership and a little more confusing configuration. It took about five minutest to […]

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Optimus: Lossless compression of images WordPress Plugin & API

It’s well known that page loading time is an important part of user experience. Google pays a lot of attention to website page load speed and consider it an important factor when it comes to search engine rankings. So, fast loading sites will most likely to rank higher in search engines, gets more visits (more returning satisfied visitors), and have a higher […]

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RoundCloud Advertising: Affiliate Network Connect Plugin

Affiliate networks help you introduce your products and services to a wider range of potential customers. The RoundCloud Advertising plugin integrates RoundCloud Affiliate Network’s affiliate software into any WordPress installation. RoundCloud Affiliate Network is a new affiliate network which you can use to promote your products, it has a set of useful affiliate marketing features to help you […]

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Divi Booster Plugin: Get More Configurations for Divi Theme

Using the Divi Builder on posts and other custom post types is tickling many Divi Theme users, hence I’ve got my hands dirty working on a child theme for Divi a couple of month ago thinking it would be an ideal solution, but it wasn’t perfect as we thought. Today, I came across the Divi Booster plugin, which turned to […]

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Visual Composer: Best Page Builder WordPress Plugin

Let’s get in touch with Visual Composer; one of the best and top rated premium drag and drop plugins, which nowadays has boomed the WordPress market and no doubt  get most of WordPress lovers’ attention, especially those who seeks easy ways for building their websites. It’s a human nature to try making things easier for themselves at any point […]

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Review and How to Use: Related Posts Featured in the Jetpack Plugin Suite

One alternative to the nRelate plugin is an easy to use interface, only takes a few minutes to configure, and you might even have access to that plugin right now. That plugin is Related Posts and it’s a feature of Jetpack. Today, I will explain how this plugin works, looks, and might thoughts on this […]

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