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A moderate and powerful new plugin, which is designed for the ease of WordPress geeks, so they can easily customize each and every element of their themes ( i.e edit, preview). Css Hero will transform any WordPress user to a full fledged developer. It is fully compatible with all WordPress themes.

By installing CSS Hero plugin, the user get the options to amend the part of WordPress theme that needs to be  changed, and implement the adjustments as per the needs. The main advantage by installing the CSS Hero plugin is the ability of editing custom CSS on the website’s front-end, and make it in such -easy to use- interface so that you won’t need to place code manually, actually you won’t need to have any coding skills to use the plugin.

This functionality is appreciated by the Non-coder’s, whereas, professionals can happily manage to wind up with designing their website quickly. Hence, the editing does take place on the front-end, visitors to the site won’t notice anything is going on until changes are made live.

It worth mentioning that CSS Hero works great with Genesis Framework and Divi theme.

Features of CSS Hero Plugin:

CSS Hero features boost your theme’s customization options, so you will enjoy another level of WordPress theme customization and gain full access to play with your website’s look & feel.

Take a Look at some of the main features of CSS Hero plugin:

1-Easy Point & Click Interface:

Drag the mouse on the element that needs to be edit and make changes as per your requirement.


2- Live Device Mode:

The plugin allows the  user to adjust and customize the ways, so that the theme displays on handheld devices in a breeze.

3- Intelligent Color Selection:

Now, you can make your theme look elegant by making awesome color selection choices, which is present in huge variety and gives a personal touch to the theme. Vice versa; the plugin stores the latest used colors.

4- Unlimited Fonts ( 400+): 

CSS Hero plugin allows to add a class and personality to WordPress themes by choosing from a wide list of popular web-fonts and glyph.


5- No Lock-In :

When a user decides to choose a different theme or move their website to another platform, CSS Hero plugin will help you with a single click, you can easily export all custom CSS you’ve made.

Export CSS6- Easy Configuration:

The plugin configuration is very simple and easy. It is very well documented which helps users to configure the plugin in just few minutes.

easy-configure7- Edits History:

CSS Hero automatically stores all the edits in a detailed history list, going back and forward in history steps is as easy as clicking the undo\redo buttons.


8- Simple CSS:

The plugin has made building gradients, box-shadows, text-shadows and all the modern CSS properties very feasible. It provides theme customization enhancements and options with advanced CSS features that are clear and easy to understand.


How to Use CSS Hero Plugin:

Once you’ve installed the plugin, CSS Hero adds a small button to the front end of your site. Clicking that button activates the controls for the editor, and then it’s just a case of selecting the page element that needs to modify, such as the blog post title.

Next, choose the property of the element that needs to edit, such as the font or color. Depending on what page element has been selected, now make changes to the following properties like:

  • Text: (font, size, color, style)
  • Borders: (width, color, style)
  • Backgrounds: (colors, images, repeat, and attachment)
  • Sizes: (width and height)
  • And, many more.

CSS Hero Plugin Review

When you are satisfied with the changes made, click the save button on the visual editor to allow them to be applied to your site for all to see.

The Main Tool Bar:

Once you install and activate the CSS Hero “WordPress” plugin, Hero’s control bar will show up on the right side of the screen.


Let’s dive into each button’s functionality:

1- Main Editor Trigger: It edit’s any element on the page.

2- Device Mode: This mode is used to switch between desktop, tablet and mobile device preview mode to have a instant glance of how the work will display on handheld devices.

3- History: It enables to manage and browse the edits history for the current theme, a detailed list of date\time based history of edits will be stored here.

4- Presets : It is a set of options saved and stored. The user can store unlimited presets for each theme.

5- Tools: This icon helps the user to can reset the settings to theme default, clear the history or show generated CSS.

6- Social Media Sharing: This icon is made for sharing CSS Hero plugin on social media, so practically if you like CSS Hero and would like to give them thumbs up on social media, then this button comes handy.

7- Full Screen Mode: It’s quite self-explanatory, however this feature takes you to full screen editing mode.

8- Shutdown Mode: Switch off the CSS Hero plugin and gets back to the normal browsing.

Bottom Line:

CSS Hero is the authoritative WordPress plugin to effortlessly customize each property of your theme with a simple and instinctive point and click interface. The plugin comes with comprehensive instructions and well documented, so you should not experience any problem when installing or using it.

CSS Hero plugin is ideal for WordPress users who want to customize the website page or element up to their choice without getting into coding details, therefore it removes all the technical barriers.

So, anyone who is looking for a simple and effective way to make small changes that can makes a big difference to the overall appearance of their website, CSS Hero is well worth investing in.

Enjoy exploring and give a quick look and touch base to CSS Hero Plugin!


CSS Hero plugin is very easy and simple to use. The main aim of this plugin is to provide theme customization support. It helps in the edit of any element or page and converts it in the color and shape of the choice. Once changes are done, hit the preview option. you can preview changes on number of screen sizes to match smartphones and tablets.

CSS Hero Plugin works on responsive themes. When changes are made to the satisfactory level, hit save and it will go live. It really is as simple as that.

Any changes made to the CSS of the theme using CSS Hero can be exported for use elsewhere on another site. This means you aren’t locked into this plugin if they want to transfer the custom designs to a client site or similar.


One of the limitation, that we find in CSS Hero plugin is that, it won’t work with all WordPress sites, this is because not all the WordPress themes and plugins are compatible with CSS Hero.

CSS Hero

Summary: A user-friendly WordPress plugin, which help you edit CSS live and customize WordPress themes and other plugins.

RatingRated 10.71 stars

Rated 10.71 stars
10.71 / 5 (7 )


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on 2015-06-29 09:25:14

Really disappointing. Massive compatibility issues and no real workarounds with Divi theme. Tried to resolve issues with support to no avail - tried to get a refund as the app is definitely not what I expected when I spent north of $100. Definitely would suggest against it to anyone.

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