Monarch Review: The Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugin

Monarch is the ultimate social sharing plugin for WordPress. It has everything to increase your social shares. It's fast, beautifully designed, and fully customizable. You can add sharing buttons wherever you want. 

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The power of a viral post is probably something you’re quite familiar with. A post is shared, it catches on, it’s shared some more and the spiral continues outwards. Before long everyone’s either seen or shared it and if they haven’t it’s likely they’ve heard of it.

Usually all it takes is a simple Tweet to get the party started. A Tweet from a button or plugin on someone’s website.

With so many plugins available to WordPress users, it can be hard to pick just one. Chances are you’ve got a couple performing different functions.

What if there was a single plugin that could take care of all of your social sharing requirements, all in one go? Today I’m sharing that plugin with you and its name is Monarch.

What’s The Idea Behind Monarch?

Optimize the positioning of your sharing buttons by choosing all or a combination of 5 different locations. Make use of over 35 social networks and harness a clean, stylish design. Analytics provide you with detailed information on your posts sharing activities, while Monarch’s user friendly interface makes setting up a breeze.

Inline Sharing

Monarch’s inline sharing option allows you to display social sharing buttons either above, below or above and below your post content.

Monarch Plugin Review

You can select your button shape, colour and animation to change how it looks and feels on your page.

Other options include:

  • Hover effects
  • Up to 6 columns
  • The option of displaying share counts
  • Orientations

Ensuring a seamless user experience for optimal sharing.

Monarch Automatic Pop-Ups

A unique feature of Monarch is its native popup sharing boxes. Because all websites are different, Elegant Themes wanted to ensure you have multiple options to prompt your site readers to share.

Monarch Plugin Review

The Automatic Pop-Up can be customized in a variety of ways:

  • Include a custom title and message
  • Choose from 3 auto triggers
  • Select one of 10 animations

Triggers can be timed to display the popup after a specific duration, at the bottom of your content or as a reader is leaving your page. This allows you to capture your audience’s attention at the crucial moment.

Fly-In Boxes

Fly-Ins are another feature Monarch utilizes well. Similar to Pop-Ups, the Automatic Social Fly-In can be set to slide from either the bottom left or bottom right of your screen. These are a great visual prompt for readers before they decided to leave your website.

Fly-Ins have a range of settings including:

  • The ability to customize the title and message
  • 3 auto triggers, similar to the Pop-Up Box
  • Again, 10 animations to choose from

In keeping with the features seen in the Pop-Up Box, the trigger settings for Fly-Ins are very much the same. You can set your Fly-In to display as your reader leaves a page, when they scroll to the bottom of a post or after a pre-set amount of time.

Floating Sidebar Sharing

The floating sidebar has to be my favourite feature of them all. Monarch’s Floating Social Sidebar sits neatly to the left of your screen, flush to the edge. There are over 5 hover designs, it’s mobile friendly and it’s always visible, meaning your readers have access to stylish sharing whenever they need it.

Monarch Plugin Review

The 5 hover designs include:

  • Flip
  • Grow
  • Border
  • Slide
  • Simple

Share counts can be displayed either individually or as an overall total. You can also use the native colors from each social network, or overhaul them with your own colors to match your theme.

Monarch Media Sharing

With great imagery being appreciated on almost all of the main Social Networks, they’re a popular choice for sharing interesting content and driving engagement. Monarch makes this process even easier by allowing the integration of social sharing buttons, right within your images as they appear on the page.

Let Monarch detect whether there are images on your page for you. Alternatively use a custom shortcode to wrap around any image on your site. Either way your buttons will display beautifully in a sleek and mobile friendly way.

Utilize The Power of Social Proof With Monarch Social Profiles

If what you’ve read already isn’t enough, then brace yourself for something else. As well as providing you with knock-out features for sharing your content, Monarch helps you grow your social following too.

With the social follow widget you can easily display your social networks anywhere in your sidebar. The shortcode display takes things further by letting you put them within individual posts or pages.

Don’t feel like updating your follower counts all the time? No problem. Monarch can automatically do this for you. All you have to do is activate your networks’ APIs and they’ll update as your following grows.

Here’s what else you can do with the Social Following settings:

  • Use a shortcode to display your accounts within a text widget
  • or, Use the included widget
  • Change your button animations
  • Choose the shape and layout of your buttons
  • Change the colour of your buttons

Everything that you can do with the inline sharing buttons, you can do with your Social Following buttons too. This gives you complete control over every detail of your social requirements.

Monarch Analytics

Another great feature is Monarch’s statistics dashboard. Here you can get an instant, at-a-glance overview of what’s been happening with your posts, how often they’ve been shared and which networks are working the best for you.

Monarch Plugin Review

You can view bar graphs of your statistics from the past 7 days, the past 30 days and the past 12 months. The all-time stats will also show you the total number of shares across all platforms, your total number of followers and the total of all of your “likes” across all of your pages. Likes are indicated by the heart icon within your social network settings.

Monarch Documentation and Pricing

There’s extensive documentation for the Monarch Social Plugin, something you might expect from an Elegant Themes product. A look at the documentation page shows you a detailed overview of everything you need to get your plugin up, running and looking amazing.

There’s also the Elegant Themes support forum which can be accessed from your account dashboard. Here you can browse for topics covering your problem, or submit a ticket yourself for support.

In terms of pricing, Monarch is only available on an Elegant Themes Developer or Lifetime Membership. Unfortunately the Personal plan doesn’t allow access to plugin archive and as such, won’t give you access to the Monarch Plugin.

The Developer membership will cost you $89 per year. This will give you complete access to all themes, plugins, technical support, layered photoshop files and perpetual updates (as long as your subscription is active).

On the other hand the Lifetime Membership costs $249 and is a one-off fee. This means you’ll never have to pay for it again and you’ll get complete access to everything.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately Monarch appears to be another great success for the Elegant Themes team. They’ve built a plugin that does what many developers and WordPress users have been requesting for some time – a one plugin solution for all of their social needs.

With a beautiful design, multiple features and excellent functionality, I think Monarch fits that profile completely.


Summary: A brand new plugin from Elegant Themes, Monarch is a feature packed plugin that’s as sleek as it is powerful. Designed to be fast and fully customizable, it allows complete control over Social Media on your website.

RatingRated 4.83 stars

Rated 4.83 stars
4.83 / 5 (6 )


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