OptinSkin Is Not Recommended! Here’s A Solid Alternative!


OptinSkin used to be a great list building WordPress Plugin. But it has no been updating for a long time. So we are not recommending OptinSkin anymore.

Now we use and recommend Thrive Leads. It's the best list building WordPress Plugin.

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Almost every blog you read today has an option for you sign up for their newsletter or email marketing list. Sure, a lot of people have said that email marketing is a thing of the past, but if you are building your list, you probably know that isn’t true.

Even though many think social media is replacing email marketing, those with big money making lists know that will not happen any time soon.

Now, if you are a WordPress user, there are some great and easy to implement ways to get your email list growing and one of my favorite plugins that serves this purpose is OptinSkin by ViperChill.

OptinSkin lets you add great looking opt in forms to your blog, in multiple locations with multiple settings so you can build your list almost on autopilot. And if you mess up your settings the first time, you can look at your stats and fix the problem. All this is included in the plugin. So check out my OptinSkin review, I think you will like this plugin.


I have to say, I struggle with design at times and anything that is good looking right out of the box has my vote. OptinSkin designs are very clean and professional. But you can still customize them to serve your purpose or match your blog design.

Here are some of the examples you will find in your dashboard:

OptinSkin Design OptinSkin Design OptinSkin Design OptinSkin Design OptinSkin Design


Majority of designs will allow you to change colors, button text, fonts and so on. Only a few will have some of the elements fixed, but with additional designs you can choose from the “Get More Designs” tab, you won’t even notice this.

Here are the editing options for one of the skins:

Edit OptinSkin Design Edit OptinSkin Design


Email Marketing Services

The great thing about this plugin is that it supports majority of well-known email marketing services. Actually, it supports more than any other list building plugin I’ve seen before. So which ones can you turn on with a click of a button? Feedburner, AWeber, MailChimp, iContact, GetResponse and Infusionsoft.

If you are using a service that isn’t on the list, you can still use the plugin, just check “Other” and set your code up.

Placement Options

This is probably what made the plugin so popular – easy adding to different spots on your blog.

You can add it at the top or the bottom of your post, below first paragraph, float it to the right of your second paragraph, put it in the sidebar or any custom location either via widget or shortcode. You can also make it pop up after your visitor has scrolled down a certain amount of pixels.

To top it off, you can add an option to have your form (any of the ones I mentioned above) fade in after a certain time. It definitely draws attention.

Last but not least thing about placements, is keeping your form in the top of the window as users scroll down. That way, the form will always be in front of them so they can sign up for your list at any point of reading your content.

Split Testing

For those analytical minds out there – this is the feature for you! You can put all the forms you want on your blog but if they are not converting into subscribers, you might as well remove them all, they are just taking valuable space.


Split testing will allow you to stay on top of your form conversions. So if you want to test two different colors for example, you can turn the split testing on for those two forms (assign them to the same position on your blog). They will appear one at a time per pageview. Ditch the one that doesn’t work!


Every form you use on your blog will provide stats on how many sign ups you had per day. Pretty useful, especially if you are tracking conversions from guest posting or other marketing campaign to your list.


Not only should you start building your list right now, but with tools like these, you are missing on great opportunity for doing it the easy way.


Summary: Various opt in forms, clean design, easy to use, great tracking features and fade in option to draw attention to your opt ins.

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