Pretty Link Pro Plugin: Run an Efficient Affiliate Campaigns

Most blogs today will at one point of time use affiliate programs to make money. Becoming an affiliate for a product you use and like is a prefect, and most often, free way to get in on a deal of recommending things you like in exchange for a piece of the sale.

Affiliate programs are usually run through different software or systems that create a unique link just for you, so you and the seller can track how many of the sales are coming through your affiliate link.

Well, the one thing that happens is that links created by the affiliate system are usually so ugly looking that a lot of the times, more savvy internet users don’t want to click it, thinking it may lead to a spam/scam site.

I mean would you click a link looking something like m+?post ? (I know I would think twice).

This is the reason why you want to make your links pretty and without digging deep into PHP and spending a lot of time on this task, you should just take the easy way out.

Which is exactly what Pretty Link Pro is.

Pretty Link Pro Tabs

Pretty Link Pro is so far my favorite link prettifying plugin.

I’ve used a few and one used to break my site all the time, one kept messing up my links so the destination page would never open… I even created all my redirections using PHP, manually, one by one, but I had no tracking possibility in this case.

Then I heard about Pretty Link Pro and decided it was my last resort for this problem.

And not only does it make links pretty, but it lets you do a few other useful things – like set keywords to use with those links so they are automatically inserted into your posts, or track how many clicks have you had on a certain link.

The plugin setup is very easy, after installation, you will set up your preferences in the Options tab and after that – create links as you go.

I already mentioned that Pretty Link Pro helps create pretty looking links, and that means that instead of the ugly link example above, your link will look something like

add links in pretty link pro

Sure, you can always say that you can shorten links on some of the sites like, along with tracking features, but when you let a third party system handle your links, you can not expect it to work forever.

add link in pretty link pro

Easy to organize links

Another good feature is that you can create groups for links which comes in really handy once you have hundreds of links on your site and need to go back and change them from time to time (for example when a company changes an ongoing promotion).

More than pretty links

And now my favorite thing – tracking.

No affiliate marketer should work on his business without the option to track it. If you don’t know how and if your ads and links are converting, how will you know which programs to drop and which ones to keep? How will you know what exactly is making you money?

Of course, PLP has this option and not only does it track the number of hits on each link, but you can see a graph on how it happens over time. Additionally, you can download a CSV file with all your clicks, timestamps of the click and so on.

hit graph in pretty link pro


Besides making your links pretty and then tracking clicks, which are options you would expect from a plugin like this, the plugin has some social media options as well.

You can integrate Twitter on your posts and pages as well as add a social media sharing bar to your posts or pages. The link will also let you automatically post on Twitter after publishing a post. And to top it off and bring the tweets about your link together with the social activity on your site, it can embed tweets about your link on the page where the link is coming from.


A very useful feature is Export/Import. You never know when you may want to export your links to put them up on a new site you are building, or just back up your links just in case.

You can even use Pretty Link Bookmarklet to share any link from the web. Just drag it from your dashboard to your browser and every time you want to share something, you can use Pretty Link Pro.

To remind you one more time. As an affiliate marketer you need to have a tool that will allow you to track your clicks to make sure you know which link converts to money and which one is obsolete. So for this – Pretty Link Pro is a great solution.

3 thoughts on “Pretty Link Pro Plugin: Run an Efficient Affiliate Campaigns

  1. Hello brankica,
    your detailed review on Pretty link Pro is fantastic. This plugin is well used for the shortening URL, automatic posting on Twitter, and importing or exporting links.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Deepak Arora

  2. I am just curious what affiliate plugin it was which broke your site but any ways, I am considering buying an affiliate plugin to automate the process and my choices are pretty link, thirsty affiliate and ninja affiliate. The review above will help me choose the best one for me.

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