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RoundCloud Advertising
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Affiliate networks help you introduce your products and services to a wider range of potential customers. The RoundCloud Advertising plugin integrates RoundCloud Affiliate Network’s affiliate software into any WordPress installation.

RoundCloud Affiliate Network is a new affiliate network which you can use to promote your products, it has a set of useful affiliate marketing features to help you with your marketing efforts.

Plugin Integrations

The RoundCloud Advertising plugin has a few useful integrations. For example, if you are selling your products online using the popular WooCommerce plugin, then you can start having affiliates promoting your products and help you out with selling more.


Also, the integrates with Contact Form 7 plugin, which is -pretty much- the most popular contact forms plugin for WordPress.

Manage Advertising

The plugin will give you the ability to create and adjust commissions referrals, manage all of the advanced promotion functions in RoundCloud Network and view full statistics/reports directly in the plugin settings page.


The RoundCloud Network is a free WordPress plugin, you can go a head and downloads it from and start setting up your affiliate network program.

Rated 4 stars
4 / 5 (1 )


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Hesham Zebida
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on 2015-05-31 09:12:16

The RoundCloud Affiliate Network is fairly new, but I find the plugin to be useful and has potential.

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