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If your coming WordPress project require a reliable booking management system, then you are on the right place. Continue reading our Salon Booking plugin review to figure out what’s in it for your business .

The Salon Booking System is a complete and easy to use plugin for WordPress, it’s meant to serve appointments booking for busy barber shops, beauticians, therapist, spas, tutors and whoever sell his skills and time to live on appointment base.

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Who is it for?

Salon booking system wordpress

Practically, this is a WordPress plugin that can be used by freelance web designers and web agencies that need a reliable and solid solution for WordPress based projects where an online appointment booking system is required by their client.

Which business fields can benefit from this system?

  • Hair dressers salon
  • Barber shop
  • Beauty salons
  • Spas
  • Therapists
  • Tattoo Artists
  • Chiropractor Scheduling
  • Tutors
  • Car shops
  • Hourly based rental shops
  • And, it could be a good fit for any consultants business booking!

What makes Salon Booking System different?


There are a few other WordPress plugins in the market that deals with booking, however the main focus of Salon Booking is on specific needs of hourly based, “to-persons” services provided upon appointment.

So, Salon Booking is not-for all solution, but is specific niche market focused solution, which mostly means better performance for end-user.

What are the plus of Salon Booking?

Providing all those settings that allow to replicate all the common characteristics of our customers real business in order to control all crucial appointment bookings processes.

Here is a list of awesome features within the plugin:

1- Easy setup

Once you install the plugin, it will add a new section called “Salon” on your admin dashboard menu and create a few pages that will be used by the plugin such as”Booking“, “Booking my account” and a “Thank you page“, plus some services and bookings data for demo purpose and to get you started quickly.

WP Salon Booking Plugin Settings Page

So practically speaking, with this plugin; things are more clear and easy to figure (more features and screenshots).

2- Payment Gateway

Out of the box; the plugin comes with two main payment gateway integrations, it has support for:

WP Salon Booking Payment Getaway Settings

3- Google Calendar

The plugin has ability to integrate with your Google Calendar, you can easily synchronize your reservation on your Google Calendar account.

WP Salon Booking Plugin Google Calendar Settings

Salon booking Plugin Pricing

There is a free version available over at plugin directory, which giving 50 bookings. This should be a good start if you are looking to test out this awesome plugin.

You can download the free Salon Booking plugin here.

If you are looking for a pro version with plugin support, here are the options:

  • A single site activation PRO license for 69.00 Euros.
  • A five sites activation PRO license for 149.00 Euros.
  • Unlimited site activations for 229.00 Euros.

Check out the Salon Booking plugin pricing page for more details.

Bottom line

Many business owners would like to offer the choice to customers that will allow them to book an appointment directly from their site. If you are looking for one of these options, then consider using the Salon Booking plugin as it gives you great functionality and features.

Salon Booking System

Summary: Disclaimer Manage appointments booking for busy barber shops, beauticians, therapist, tutors and whoever sell his skills and time to live on appointment base.

RatingRated 4 stars

Rated 4 stars
4 / 5 (1 )


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Hesham Zebida
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on 2016-04-05 16:17:29

I've had a chance to review and test out the free version of the plugin, I must say it's awesome, really!

I personally recommend it.

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