Subscribers Magnet Is Dead! Here’s An Awesome Alternative!


Subscribers Magnet WordPress Plugin is no more in the business. We are not recommending this plugin anymore. Now we use and recommend Thrive Leads. It's the best WordPress List Building Plugin.

You are building your list already, right? Because if you are not, I may get really upset with you. I mean I did mention it in almost every post I ever wrote 🙂

OK, now that we got that out of the way and you are building your list, any help in growing it can help. So to make it easier on you, especially if you are not all that good with coding, this is the plugin for you.

Subscribers Magnet is one of the plugins that help you build your list by inserting the opt in forms all over your blog.

Well, not randomly, of course, you set it all up, but it will let you insert the form in best locations without you having to touch the code of your blog. I can’t even tell you how many times I broke stuff trying to code these forms myself, so plugins like these are lifesavers.

Before I brag about the forms and where you can insert them, I want to say that it is so easy to set the plugin up, that even a kid could do it. All you have to do is copy and paste your email provider’s code, which they provide when you create the form.

Now, normally, some of the plugins I tried require the HTML code without CSS formatting. The awesome thing about Subscribers Magnet is that you can even paste the Aweber‘s script code and the plugin will recognize what it needs to make it work. Simple as it gets.

Form locations

So what are the locations that you can insert your opt in form at:

  • beginning of the post
  • end of post
  • sidebar
  • popin (or pop up)
  • footer bar
  • header stripe
  • comment section (this is pretty powerful, I will tell you why).

Beginning of the post may seem like a weird place to put an optin because the person may have just landed on your blog for the first time and didn’t have the time to read anything yet, but at the same time, they may have landed from a guest post you did on Problogger and came with the intention to subscribe. This location won’t hurt you so test it.

subscribers magnet forms

End of post and Sidebar locations are very common for optin forms. I want to say that they may even be a bit too common now. Means people are becoming immune to them.

Pop up is something a lot of bloggers say drive them crazy. But guess what. They work. They work like crazy. Use them! And with Subscribers Magnet they are styled so nicely that it would be a shame not to try them out.

Footer bar and Header stripe are another type of forms to test as they aren’t so widely used so people would probably notice them easier.

Form in the comment section is one of the best things ever. You can set it up so it shows when a reader on your blog leaves a comment. The possibility with this one is amazing, because you have a person that just felt compelled enough to leave a comment and then you have a form show up (which can be even pre-filled for the reader, more on that below) so all it takes is clicking the button and they are on the list. There is more chance someone will subscribe like this, than majority of other ways you are trying to get them on the list.

Extra options to try

Auto form filler is a feature I haven’t seen in other list building plugins. It fills the optin form with the person’s email and name (if you require it) and simplifies the subscription. Yes, cutting out that step of having to fill the form out is actually a little nudge for those of us who are tired of filling out forms.

Subscribe checkbox is one of my favorite things on an active blog. Of course you can add this on any blog, but if you have a blog that gets a lot of comments you will benefit from this a lot. It adds a checkbox to the comment area for people to be added to your list. Very simple, which again makes people think less of “should they subscribe”.

Facebook integration is very important considering the size this network grew to (and growing every day). Subscribers Magnet has this option of course.

You can also set up a thank you message for a first time commentator. That is a great way to connect with people. Just make sure your message is customized so it resonates with people and doesn’t sound like one of those mass emails.

Last but not least, there is an option that lets you “silently subscribe” people to your list. This would mean that when someone leaves a comment on your blog, they will be added to your list. Think well if you want to enable this feature. It can really piss people off.

All in all, Subscribers Magnet is a great list building plugin. I had no technical problems with it, it was easy to use and understand and it will help you build your email list without having to become to technical. Check the plugin out and grow your list faster.

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  1. Hi Brankica,

    Building your email list is an integral part for blogging and marketing, and this plugin seems to be all what it needs. Currently I am only using a free plugin but will consider this in the near future, thanks for the great review.


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