WpSubscribers Plugin: All-In-One Popup and Opt-in Forms

Building an email list is not an easy job, so every little bit of help is good.

In case of the WPSubscribers plugin whose review you are reading right now, not only does it help technically by collecting the emails but it helps with some pretty unique features you can use to increase the number of subscribers.

Setting the code

Setting up your opt-in code is very simple, you paste the code you get from your email service and the plugin will pull the data up every time you create a new opt-in form. So you don’t have to go and get the code each time you create a new form, as you would if you were doing it without the plugin.

Creating and managing forms

I have to say that the types of forms you can create with this plugin is amazing and you will love the plugin for it.

You can create popups, in post forms, header and footer forms, custom forms that can be placed anywhere and even exit popups.

All of these can be customized and if you are out of ideas on how to make one look nice, you can start by inserting one of the templates and then work on top of it. Here is an example of sample header form:

WPSubscribers header form

After inserting a template, you can change colors, text and style it any way you want.

Here are some of the HTML templates you can edit and use.

WpSubscribers template WPSubscribers template WPSubscribers template

Facebook opt in

You can set your opt in forms so people subscribe with their Facebook account. There are easy to follow tutorials on how to set all this up created by plugin developer.


I had to contact support few times with the original developer as well as the one that is the plugin owner now. Both people are extremely responsive and helpful and I have to say this makes the plugin stand out a bit. Knowing you will have the help you need is very important when it comes to software you know nothing about.

Building list with referrals

This option is worth the money alone. I actually tried a plugin before that does only this. The plugin would never work and kept breaking the CSS on my blog. I contacted the support several times but had no solution from them in about 4 weeks so ended up asking for a refund. Guess when your support is so busy it means you have a bad plugin on your hands. That is when I ran into WP subscribers and was so happy to see this feature.

So the thing is that you offer something as a reward to those who sign up through your list and the way for them to get the reward is to sign up a certain number of people under their referral link.

Let’s say you have a site selling herbal remedies. If your subscriber refers 5 new subscribers they will get 20% off coupon. Simple, right? And since all they need to do is share their link and don’t have to purchase anything to get the reward, the system works very nicely.

Comment opt in

I have used this option with great success. What it does is add a check box in your comment area that allows people to sign up by simple checking the box as they leave a comment on your blog.

So for example if you are giving away a guide for new subscribers, “25 herbs to keep you healthy”, you can add a checkbox option and write something like this next to it: “Check this box to get our “25 herbs to keep you healthy” guide.

You can even set it to be checked by default. If the commenter doesn’t want to subscribe, they can uncheck the box before commenting or if they didn’t pay attention to it, they can just avoid confirming the subscription to the list once they get the confirmation email.

Opt in registration

If your blog allows registration of new users you can add an option to subscribe all those new users to the list.

Hidden content

You can protect a part of your content under an opt-in form. That way, for people to read it, they have to subscribe. This may sound a bit pushy, however, if your content is killer and very important for your niche, no one will mind it. I know I would subscribe in a second 🙂

Other settings

This tab will allow you to set times (delays) for forms using them, like the pop ups or sliding header and footer forms.


This plugin is all in one when it comes to building a list. The lower end price makes it even better. If you had to pick only one list building plugin, I would recommend this one.

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