Comparing WordPress Rating and Reviews Plugins

Rating and reviews became more important than ever when it’s about purchase decisions they make. So, I always feel the need for knowing more about the value of reviews, how consumers read reviews, and how their opinions and behavior are affected by the reviews they read.

So, since I’ve developed a Schema markup plugin for WordPress that has support for ratings and reviews, I try to educate myself and learn about reviews to be able to fulfill my customers’ needs and keep my plugin up to date.

I’ve decided to review a few WordPress rating and reviews plugins to see how they work and what those plugins are capable of. Practically, this is some kind of a study of my competitors! However, I think it won’t hurt if I share it along with my personal opinion, perhaps someone will find it useful.

Of course, I needed to make some criteria for my reviews, here it is…

Reviews Criteria

  • I won’t be reviewing any plugins with low rating.
  • Plugins must have some sort of high active installation count (not less than 30,000 )
  • My reviews will be based on functionality, integrability, and extensibility.
  • I will review only 5 plugins.
  • I will install and check every single plugin personally on a test WordPress website.
  • I will compare those plugins to the WPRichSnippets.

So, let’s start by making a quick search in and see what comes up.

Compare Reviews and Ratings WordPress Plugins

FeatureWPRichSnippetsWP-PostRatingsWP ReviewWP Product ReviewAll In One SRSkk Star Ratings
WPRichSnippetsWP-PostRatingsWP ReviewWP Product ReviewAll In One SRSkk Star Ratings
Click to visit pageVisitVisitVisitVisitVisitVisit
Active Installs??90,000+90,000+50,000+40,000+30,000+
Settings page
Post Meta
Front-end Display
Front-end Templates
Responsive Layout
Translation Ready
Developer friendly
Has Add-ons
WordPress Hooks
WordPress Filters
Supports Widgets
Supports Shortcodes
Valid Schema Markup
Multiple Schema Types
Multiple Rating Systems
Editor Reviews
User Aggregate Reviews
User Votes Reviews
Percentage Reviews
Points Reviews
Pie Display
Circle Display
Review Criteria Fields
Pros & Cons
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This data table compare reviews and ratings plugins for WordPress based on functionality, integrability and extensibility.

Certainly, I’ve enjoyed this and got some useful ideas!



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