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Divi 2.4
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Another awesome update from the developers team over at ElegantThemes for the Divi theme, version 2.4 has been released with a whole set of amazing features and enhancements. Which makes it -in our opinion- one of the most advanced WordPress themes in the market. Hence, we’ve decided to accept the invitation to write this review for Divi, and share with you all the amazing new features that has been shipped in Divi version 2.4 release.

You can view Divi 2.4 launch here.

Update: ElegantThemes has release Divi Builder Plugin.

Below is what you will get in the new Divi version 2.4 update:

Revamped Customizer Settings


Divi 2.4 comes with a new whole set of amazing features that will rock your WordPress Customizer. These features including:

  • General theme settings
  • Theme gutter widths
  • Website content width
  • Sidebar width
  • Control section and row padding
  • Body text styles
  • Header text styles

New Navigation options (in Customizer)


The Customize have gotten great new options including:

  • Show/hide logo on scroll
  • Show header after scroll
  • Centered inline logo
  • Transparent background color
  • Logo height
  • Navigation link size
  • Navigation link text styles
  • Secondary navigation text size
  • Secondary navigation text styles
  • Dropdown menu background color
  • Dropdown menu text color
  • Fixed navigation logo height
  • Fixed navigation text size
  • Fixed navigation text color
  • Fixed navigation background color

New Divi Builder Interface


Divi 2.4 come with a full redesign of the Divi Builder Interface, it’s never been better!

New Row Options

  • Adjust column structure of existing rows
  • Make rows fullwidth
  • Choose custom row width
  • Choose custom row column spacing
  • Row background image/color/video
  • Equalize column heights
  • Column background image/color
  • Column padding

Footer options

  • 10 column layouts
  • Footer widget header styles
  • Footer widget body text styles
  • Footer credit text styles
  • Footer social media link styles

Tablet and Phone Styles options

  • Section and row height
  • Body text size
  • Header text size
  • Mobile header background color
  • Mobile header text color

Divi Post Builder

The most awaited feature is here! Divi 2.4 will fire on blog posts!


For the first time, you will be able to use the Divi builder on posts. Yes… We are talking about traditional blog posts. there is options to show/hide page title/meta/featured image in addition to page builder content. You will also be introduced to the New Post Title Module that places the page title/meta/featured image within a page builder layout, and choose between fullwidth or sidebar layouts

Introducing The Divi Library


The new Divi Library will store saved layouts, section, rows, and modules, you will be able to:

  • Create and edit sections/rows/modules from within the library
  • Filter library elements by name, type, and/or category
  • Access any library element from within page builder
  • Import/export library elements for use on other installs

Global Library Elements for Reuse on Layouts


Divi Library elements can set to global (applies to section, rows, and modules), which means you can reuse themes elements ver and over. Save one instance of a section/row/module and add it into any number of layouts. You can update from within a page, or from within the Divi Library. I must mention that updating one element will update all other instances of that specific element.

Global Button Styles

  • Text size
  • Text styles
  • Background color
  • Border styles
  • Border radius
  • Button icon
  • Button icon placement
  • Hover styles

New Fullscreen Header Module


Divi 2.4 ships with new header layouts, which fills the height and width of the browser window no matter what, there is new 24 unique layouts that you can choose from.

Layout elements include, logo, title, subtitle, text content, header image, background image, background video, background color overlay, parallax background image, and up to 2 call to action buttons.

New modules also include:

  • Fullwidth image module
  • Fullwidth code module
  • Regular code module
  • Fullwidth Post/Page title module
  • Regular post/page title module

Advanced Module Settings & Custom CCS



There are 100s of new advanced module options and unique options per individual module, example:

  • per module text options
  • per module color options
  • per module button styling
  • per module margin and padding

Custom CSS

You will be able to enter in custom css right inside the module.

Fluid Grid


Your visitors can enjoy 100% fluid grid, it allows settings like:

  • Custom content width
  • Custom column spacing
  • Custom sidebar width

Custom Spacing Controls


You will have custom control over all of elements listed below:

  • Global/individual section padding
  • Global/individual row padding
  • Individual module padding
  • Individual module margins
  • Global/individual row column spacing
  • Global/individual row width
  • Content/sidebar width

Bottom line


I can’t really think of any full of features and control over layout than Divi, it’s by far a great handy tool for developers, and a fantastic theme for WordPress users. You can use it to build both, simple and complicated websites. Divi theme will increase your creativity and speed up the developments and design process of your projects.

You can view Divi 2.4 launch here.


This is a sponsored post. read more on our disclosure page.

Divi 2.4

Summary: Disclaimer Divi theme version 2.4 by ElegantThemes is one of the most advanced WordPress themes to making building professional websites a snap, and your life easier.

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