10+ Best WordPress Maintenance Service Providers

Running a WordPress website is not a piece of cake. Yes, WordPress has some of the best features to help you create and manage your website.

But, when it comes to maintenance, it requires time and resources. And many WordPress site owners don’t have that kind of time and resources to maintain their website.

Also, ignoring WordPress site maintenance is a terrible idea as it can cause many problems to your website. Your website could even get hacked if you ignore your website maintenance.

Luckily, if you want to maintain your WordPress site without having to do all the work, you can check out the different WordPress maintenance service providers out there.

These service providers offer great maintenance for your website so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

And if you’re looking for the best WordPress maintenance service providers, you’ve landed on the right page.

In this article, I’ll talk about the best WordPress maintenance service providers you can choose.

The services mentioned in this list are trusted businesses that have been offering WordPress quality maintenance services for a while now.

I’ll dive into the features of each service to help you choose the best service provider for your business.

1. WP Buffs


WP Buffs offers a 24/7 WordPress site maintenance services to serious business owners who are looking for WordPress management.

They offer services to website owners and white-label partners.

Here are some of the features of WP Buffs service:

WP Buffs has a dedicated remote team that is available 24/7 to help and assist you. This means you can get help at any time of the day hassle-free.

WP Buffs secures your website with iThemes Security which is a $297 value plugin and is regarded as one of the best security plugins for WordPress.

With this, your website will be backed up daily on cloud storage.

Apart from this, the WP Buffs team manually checks the usernames to make sure it is impossible for anyone to gain access to your website.

Your website will also go through a daily malware scan to detect malicious code and potential backdoors.

WP Buffs also offers an SSL certificate, database protection, real-time monitoring, brute force protection, IP tracking, and firewall as a part of their security feature.

Your website will load very fast as WP Buffs uses WP Rocket which is a great speed optimization plugin.

They will optimize images, minify javascript and CSS, leverage browser caching, enable compression, and reduce server response time to ensure high performance.

WP Buffs will check your website 1440 times a day and will take action in 60 seconds if your website is down.

This is really impressive and will make sure your website doesn’t face any downtime and you don’t lose your valuable customers.

The WP Buffs team will send a weekly report about your website stats, security, and speed to ensure full transparency.

They will also update your themes and plugins weekly.

So, it’s clear that WP Buffs offers a fantastic service. Let’s take a look at their pricing:


WP Buffs has the following three plans for its website owners package:

The first plan costs $67 /month and has daily backups, emergency support, weekly updates, and more.

The second plan costs $147 /month and has all the features included except speed optimization, priority support, and malware removal.

Their final plan which is priced at $197 /month includes all the features offered by WP Buffs.

Read the interview of the founder of WP Buffs here.

2. TemplateMonster

Template Monster is one of the most famous WordPress marketplaces out there. But I bet you didn’t know they offer WordPress maintenance services too.

With over 15 years in business, Template Monster offers a great 24/7 website maintenance service

Here are some features of their WordPress maintenance service:

Template Monster offers regular updates to WordPress core and its theme and plugins to ensure you’re not running anything outdated.

This prevents your website from being attacked or hacked by malicious code or backdoors.

Your website will be monitored 24/7 for security and malware issues. If any such issue is found, you will get notified about the potential risks.

Template Monster will monitor your website for performance-related issues and will report any problem it finds.

This way, you can keep your website optimized and have a good performance.

This includes checking your keywords, sitemap configuration, robots.txt, and other basic SEO work to help you set up your website for the search engines.

You’ll receive monthly reports about your website performance and issues found. Apart from this, you will also receive a weekly speed optimization report.

In case your WordPress site is down, you can get immediate help from the Template Monster team.

The assistance will be provided to you via chat, email, or their ticketing system.


Template Monster’s WordPress maintenance service has two pricing plans:

The Essential plan costs $29 /month and you get all the essential features required for your WordPress site maintenance.

The Premium plan costs $69 /month and comes with all the features of Template Monster’s WordPress maintenance service.

3. WP Fix It

WP Fix It is a WordPress maintenance company that has been around since 2009 and has fixed over 232,000 issues.

They offer 24/7 support and currently have over 15,000 active customers.

Instead of offering a single WordPress maintenance service, WP Fix It has various services you can purchase.

Here are some of them:

This general support service is to fix any issues on your website. So, if anything on your website is broken or you need help with something, you can get help from WP Fix It agents.

In this service, the WP Fix It team will install a premium caching plugin and set it up properly. Your website images will also be optimized.

The service also includes database optimization, anti-heartbeat setup, and plugin re-order.

With this service, you’ll get a speed optimization report as well.

The Site Tune Up service involves all site updates including a complete backup/restore system.

This service also includes site speed research, a security audit, and a detailed plugin audit.

You’ll get a full tune-up report with this service.

If your website is infected with some malware, the infection removal service is there to help you.

With this service, you will get a detailed scan of all your website files. All the infected files on your website will be removed to prevent any future threats.

The service also includes some security enhancements to make your website more secure.

This service provides 24/7 security monitoring that makes sure your website isn’t vulnerable to attacks.

Some of the features of this service are:

  • Protection of Security Keys.
  • Blocked IPs.
  • Change Database Prefix.
  • Block Visits From Bad Bots.
  • Firewall Included.
  • Anti Brute Force Login.
  • Move Login.
  • Scan 35 Security Points.
  • Logs Critical Actions.
  • Backup for DB and Files.
  • Force Correct Login & Password.
  • Powerful Antispam System.
  • Alerts & Notifications.
  • Double Authentication.
  • Vulnerable Software Detection.
  • Malware Scan.

WP Fix It has some great WordPress maintenance services you can use to keep your site secure and optimized.

4. WP Site Care

WP Site Care is a WordPress support company that takes a hands-on approach towards fixing problems of WordPress users.

The company has been offering WordPress support since 2012 and its service has the following features:

With 24/7 security monitoring, WP Site Care keeps your website safe from hackers. It scans for malware and security holes that make your site vulnerable and fix them.

All your website data is backed up to WP Site Care cloud storage every day to make sure your files are safe and secure.

WP Site Care optimizes your website’s performance and makes it load faster for a better experience for your website users.


WP Site Care costs $79 /month for their basic plan which includes the following:

  • Daily Cloud Backups
  • Managed Core Updates
  • Managed Plugin Updates
  • Managed Theme Updates
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring & Hack Cleanups
  • Unmatched Support
  • Real-time Activity Tracking

They also offer a Pro plan which costs $299 /month and includes the following additional features:

  • Hourly Cloud Backups
  • 2 Development Hours Per Month
  • eCommerce Support
  • CloudProxy Firewall
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Version Control with Github
  • Priority Support

5. FixRunner

FixRunner offers WordPress support services which include security updates, speed optimization, uptime monitoring, and more.

All you have to do is to explain your issue to their expert team and they’ll troubleshoot the issue.

Apart from a one-time fix service, FixRunner also provides ongoing WordPress maintenance service.

The pricing plans for their ongoing maintenance service are as follows:

The premium plan costs $60 /month which includes 90 minutes of monthly support time. You can get support via chat or email.

This plan includes speed optimization, site updates, uptime monitoring, security scans, and more.

The subsequent plans cost $99 /month and $179 /month and provide a support time of 2 hours and 4 hours respectively.

6. FalconStack

FalconStack is a WordPress site management service that empowers customers with blazing fast hosting, WordPress theme & plugin updates, backups & restores, staging, monitoring, reliable technical support, and more.

What makes FalconStack stand out from other services is its easy-to-use unified dashboard, where you can perform several valuable operations. You can take manual backups of your site (they have automated backups) and restore your site when needed. The dashboard displays uptime monitoring data, makes pushing/pulling changes between the staging and live sites a breeze, and allows you to get expert technical support in a matter of hours, not days.

Here are some amazing features of FalconStack –

Their servers are configured specially for WordPress & WooCommerce websites. They offer optimized resources for the framework (PHP version, memory increase, etc.).

FalconStack’s hosting guarantees you better performance, reduced response time, and improved website security. They do not limit storage or bandwidth and always ensure you reach the best loading speed.

FalconStack sets up automated and scheduled backups that you can restore if something doesn’t go as planned. You can manually trigger backups and restore websites yourself via the dashboard. The idea behind this is that you can “save” your work before working on a more significant task, so you get peace of mind and can quickly go back in time if something goes wrong.

FalconStack regularly updates your website (several times a week), and all updates are made by their developers. They do not automate updates so that they can detect issues faster.

FalconStack has a staging functionality built into its dashboard, including all plans. You can push and pull data between both staging and live sites without doing anything manually.

Transfers are fast and reliable, and you can always back up your site before pushing significant changes live and restore it if anything doesn’t go as planned.

FalconStack installs a caching plugin (premium) on your website and configures it based on your current setup so everything is as fast as it can be.

They also use server cache and do image compression, minification, and concatenation of your websites’ assets.

FalconStack regularly checks your website’s availability (every minute, 24/7/365) and whether it has the required server resources to perform well. They guarantee a fast response time for any problem as soon as it happens.

FalconStack provides unlimited and proactive WordPress tech support. Their service covers a wide range of tasks and issue fixing and ensures short response times.

FalconStack protects your site against traffic congestion caused by malicious bots, brute force login, and Denial-of-Service attacks. They will also audit your website to ensure security best practices are in place.

FalconStack is watching for incidents, errors, and crashes to get your website back up as fast as possible when something goes wrong to ensure maximum uptime.


Essentials – $29/m – Includes fast hosting and all the core features. 

Autopilot – $59/m – Includes the Essentials features and priority support, managed updates, and unlimited emergency fixes to minimize website downtime. 

Complete – $299/m – Includes the Autopilot features with hosting tailored to your needs, custom backup frequency, and truly dedicated technical support. 

7. Plugmatter WordPress Support

Plugmatter offers a 24/7 WordPress support team at a fraction of the cost of hiring a developer. It allows you to save time/money and lets you focus on growing your business.

The service is designed for professionals with…

  • Limited time and/or technical expertise.
  • Little access to developers .

In short, it’s for those who’d like to always have a top-notch site ⁠— without any hassles.

Here are some of the features of Plugmatter WordPress Support service: 

Plugmatter takes every client website through an “Onboarding Process” where they analyse and audit the website in different areas. This helps identify areas that can be improved on the site. 

The onboarding process includes:

  • Design Analysis & Improvements
  • Performance Optimization
  • Securit Audi & Hardening
  • Marketing Friendliness Analysis & Improvements

Plugmatter proactively works on the regular maintenance to prevent any security, or performance issues from happening in the first place. 

All the plugin, theme and core updates are first tested on a staging version of the site to make sure there aren’t any issues before updating them on the main site. 

Performance tuning is done on a regular basis and a weekly Sucuri malware scan is performed to detect any malicious code or vulnerabilities.

Plugmatter’s real-time monitoring will enable the team to spring into action if there is any issue on the website, which will be fixed in no time.

The Plugmatter team is just an email away to help you out with any quick fix, small jobs or changes on your website. 

These changes could be as simple as finding a featured image for your blog post, publishing a post or sending out a newsletter. 

Or, it could be as complex as designing landing pages, funnel optimization, custom CRM integrations, marketing automation etc. Just let the team know what you are trying to achieve and they will get it done for you.

The Plugmatter team also provides consultation as part of the service which includes understanding the users requirements and coming up with solutions to solve the user’s business needs. 

The Plugmatter team is specialized in providing marketing technology support to their users. Whether you are planning a members area on your site to sell your digital courses, starting a webinar or running a marketing campaign ⁠— the Plugmatter team will be able to help you out on each and every step. 

Right from choosing the best platform based on your needs and budget to the launch and delivery of the service ⁠— the team has experience working with a host of third part email and courseware services to get the job done in the best possible way.


The service is offered in three plans based on the type of the user.

The Professional plan priced at $99/month ⁠— targeted towards solopreneurs, coaches, trainers and consultants. 

The Business plan priced at $149/month ⁠— targeted towards Blogs, eCommerce sites and intermediate users who need marketing technology support.

The Growth plan priced at $259/month ⁠— targeted towards growth phase website with a lot of requirements in terms of marketing technology, optimization and support.

8. BionicWP

The WP Help offers 24/7 managed hosting and maintenance service for WordPress site.

Apart from just maintenance, you also get managed web hosting by The WP Help. Their hosting has three plans as shown below:

The Secure plan costs $59 /month and includes daily malware scans, WordPress updates, uptime monitoring, off-site backups and more.

The subsequent plans cost $119 /month and $199 /month respectively.

9. WP Tech Support

WP Tech Support offers emergency and ongoing WordPress maintenance services to over 1000 WordPress site owners.

Here are some features of their service:

Unlimited Fixes

The team over at WP Tech Support offers unlimited fixes to your WordPress site and takes care of them.

Offsite Backups

Your data is backed up to their cloud so you don’t have to worry about getting your data lost.

24/7 Monitoring

Your website will be monitored 24/7 for malware or potential viruses that could harm your website. Their team also installs a firewall to detect threats.

Performance Tune Up

The team also fixes your website loading speed and improves the performance to help you get more customers.

WP Tech Support has 4 pricing plans with different features. Their most basic plan costs $25 /month and includes weekly reporting, site updates, a one-time emergency fix, and more.

You can also get a one-time emergency fix for a $65 /single-issue fix.

10. Valet

Valet offers management and support for organizations using WordPress. This includes fixing website security issues, speed, usability, traffic, and conversions.

The following are the different support services offered by Valet:

  • Host Selection and Site Migrations
  • Professional Level Support
  • Thoughtful Development
  • Insightful Day-to-Day Management

Valet doesn’t have any dedicated pricing page. You’ll need to contact them to get a quote for their services.

10. Maintainn

Maintainn offers WordPress support and maintenance services for WordPress users.

Here are some of the features of their maintenance services:

  • WordPress updates
  • Offsite backups
  • Website security
  • Data migrations

Their support services cost $49 /month and include 24/7 monitoring, weekly updates, and daily offsite backups.


So, these were the 10 best WordPress maintenance service providers you can get help from to secure and optimize your WordPress site.

If you’re looking for my recommendation, I’d say WP Buffs as it has a lot of features that ensure your website is maintained properly.

If you have any other questions regarding the service providers mentioned in the list, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

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