10+ Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins (Free & Premium)

One of the reasons you are creating a website on WordPress is to get more clients and customers for your business, right?

And there is no better way to convince prospects who are on the fence than showcasing your work. It helps to show how you helped a client get the results they want, or if you are a designer, actually showcase your work on your website.

What does that do? It lets them know right away if you can deliver the results for them or not, and moves the needle from being a prospect to being a client who pays you for your services.

But it is not that easy to showcase your work. In the WordPress world, that means you need to get a plugin. The thing is, there are literally hundreds of plugins to choose from.

It is absurd to check them all looking for the best for your business, right?

Worry no more because, in this post, you are going to discover the top 10 WordPress portfolio plugins that could help you showcase your work. They are not all the same, so you can choose the one that suits your business the most.

Let’s start with the first one.

1. WP Portfolio

WP Portfolio is one of the advanced portfolio plugins you can use with WordPress.

It is not hard to use. You can easily import any of the sliders they give you or create a new one, choose the portfolio type, and then add new items to your portfolio.

  • You can showcase websites, images of your work, or videos showcasing your work or video testimonials of your clients.
  • It is compatible with page builders like Elementor, Visual Composer and Beaver Builder to help you customize the page the way you want.
  • You can also categorize your products or services and make them sortable.
  • Lazy loading is also available to make sure the site loads faster where the images are loaded after the text.
  • The infinite scroll will make the content load as the user scrolls pages on your website.
  • And much more features.

You can get started for $49 to get the plugin itself which has 48+ inbuilt dummy portfolio sites. You can also get lifetime use for $199.

If you want a more complete solution, get their mini growth bundle where you get the plugin with the Astra Pro theme and your choice of page builder add-on of Beaver Builder or Elementor. You can get that for $169 annually or $499 for lifetime access.

If you want the most complete solution where you get the plugin, the Astra Pro theme, add-ons for beaver builder and Elementor, convert pro plugin, Schema pro plugin, and the future plugins created by the team, then get their growth bundle for $249 a year or $699 for their lifetime deal.

If you already have your theme, then don’t pay extra and get the plugin only. If you don’t, then you may want to consider the other 2 tiers based on what you need.

GridKit plugin was created by the team at WPSofts. It is one of the best free WP plugins you can install on your site.

  • It enables you to create a media grid that you could use as a portfolio or showcase your products.
  • You could create photos or video galleries.
  • You could create Youtube video galleries in a breeze or Vimeo video galleries.
  • You could also showcase your team members.
  • Not to mention that you could create photo galleries or photo albums.
  • You also have the e-commerce product catalog if you are selling products online and want to showcase them all on one page for your customers to choose view.

If you are short on budget, then you could check this plugin. Check the demos and if one suits you, then try it on your blog.

3. TLP Portfolio Pro

Whether you need to showcase a personal or company portfolio, TLP Portfolio Pro can do the job perfectly. The plugin comes with more than 50 layouts (including grid, isotope, and slider) to make your portfolios stand out.  

With a fully responsive design and drag & drop ordering, you can easily create a portfolio the way you want it. It also allows you to add and edit portfolio items directly from the admin panel. The custom fields give you several choices like short descriptions, tags, and project URL.

It also offers a shortcode generator, pagination, Visual Composer compatibility, and many more. The plugin also has a free version in the WordPress directory. 

4. ZoomFolio

ZoomFolio is a plugin created by the ZoomIt team and sold on CodeCanyon.

It can help you create a creative portfolio for you or your clients. You can use it to even showcase your latest posts on your blog and more.

To get started:

  1. Just install the plugin,
  2. Click on the shortcode generator from any post or page, and
  3. Install sample data and choose the one that suits you.

You could showcase your projects, or even showcase your WooCommerce products.

You get access to 10 skins that you can choose from, which you could then customize even more to suit your needs.

And you get access to this plugin and all these features for just $19, and it comes with future updates and 6 months of support.

5. Portfolio by BestWebSoft

Portfolio, created by Best Web Soft team, is a good plugin that you could get for free from the WordPress directory.

It helps you to easily add past projects to create a portfolio.

  • You could add an unlimited number of projects.
  • You could also include a description, a screenshot, URL, date of completion for each project, and more.

It is a simple and easy-to-use plugin that helps you create portfolio with no cost. Use it if you are short on budget and want to get started.

You could later upgrade to the pro version to get more features like create categories and services, sort projects by date and title, add the slider, get better support, and much more.

If you liked the free version, then you may like the paid one as well. But if you would go directly to get the paid ones, then maybe you should consider other options here as well, especially if you think that the free version isn’t what you want.

6. Portfolio Designer for WordPress

If you want a plugin that gives you a lot of features to customize your portfolio, then check out this plugin.

It is a recent plugin that was created a few months back and sold on Code Canyon.

You can create your portfolio in 4 different layouts:

  • Grid
  • Masonry
  • Justify
  • normal slider

You have 50+ hover effects like blur, sepia, brightness, contrast, invert, saturate, and more.

And yes, it doesn’t have many downloads, but it is created by an elite author, so you really ought to check it out. You have nothing to lose with the money-back guarantee.

But a fair warning, you have a lot of options to play with, which maybe the best for many people who love perfection. 🙂

You could purchase it for only $15, which includes future updates and 6 months of support.

NextGen Gallery is a plugin created by the popular Imagely team, which provides tools and plugins specifically for photographers.

And this plugin is no exception. You can use it if you are not a photographer, but it’s better for you to go with other options mentioned here.

And if you are a photographer, look no further because this might be the plugin you are looking for.

You could download the free version directly from the WordPress directory. You’ll find the download link on the page.

  • You could easily upload photos in bulk with all the metadata retained, so there’s no need to fill them again.
  • You could then delete, add, rearrange, or sort photos as you want.
  • You could then group multiple galleries into an album if you want to.

As I said, it is a dream come true for all photographers.

You get access to only 2 gallery styles (slideshows & thumbnails) and 2 album styles (compact and extended) with the free version.

If you want to get access to all their other styles, then you need to purchase the plus or the pro version. If you just want to access styles for the galleries and the albums, get the plus version for $79. If you want e-commerce extensions to provide digital downloads, get paid using Stripe or PayPal, then get the pro version for $99.

If you want to get access to the plugin and the themes that are available for photographers only from Imagely — which I think is a must if you are a photographer — then you pay just $139.

8. WP Modula

Modula is a grid gallery that offers you a lot of features and customization options to suit your needs.

You have access to:

  • 12 hover effects
  • 6 lightboxes
  • Different filters to choose from
  • Styling features
  • and more

Due to its flexibility, you can use it to create photography albums as well as your portfolio.

And it is easy to get started:

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Create a gallery in the Modula tab
  3. Add images
  4. And then use the code on any page to display your gallery.

It’s as easy as that.

You get access to all their features when you purchase any of their plans. The only difference is in the number of sites you can use this plugin on.

  • For the basic plan, only 1 site is supported, and you pay $29.
  • For the duo, you can use it on 2 sites and pay $39.
  • For the pro, you could use it on 5 sites for $49.
  • And the business one you could use it on unlimited sites for just $59.

9. Media Grid

Media Grid is another plugin full of features that is sold on Code Canyon. It is one of the most sold portfolio plugins on CodeCanyon with over 11.7 K sales and 4.5 star rating.

  • You could easily create the grid layout that you want with their visual grid builder, which allows you to create the grid as unique as you want. You can edit the page and see the end results as you get from their page builder.
  • You can use any type of media you want from images to videos and audios.
  • You can tailor the lightbox for each item as you want and choose from the 5 different layouts that are available.
  • Not to mention how easy you can filter, align or search your gallery.
  • You also get access to WooCommerce integration to be able to sell your products and show ratings of your products.
  • Not to mention their awesome support team which offers a response time of less than 12 hours and more.

You get access to all of this for $25, including future updates and 6 months of support.

Envira Gallery is a premium plugin created by the same team as Solioquy WP.

  • You can easily drag and drop photos as you want.
  • Use any of their prebuilt templates to get started with ease.
  • Easily sort images with tags and organize the photos in albums.
  • You also have access to the e-commerce integration to easily sell your images.
  • You could also watermark the images by adding password protection.

Not to mention the ability to add slideshows and use videos as well as photos. You can embed YouTube videos, Vimeo or Wistia, or embed from your gallery.

There are 4 plans to choose from. The basic plan comes with basic features like custom CSS galleries and slideshows and can be used on 1 website. It costs $29.

The plus plan have more features like the watermarking, password protection, tags and Dropbox import. It can be used on 3 sites for just $69.

The pro plan comes with all the features and can be used with 25 sites, plus priority support for just $99.

The agency plan comes with a client management system and premium support, and can be used on unlimited sites for just $299.

11. Masonry Filterable Portfolio for Divi

Masonry Filterable Portfolio is a plugin that you could purchase from Divi Cake and use only with the Divi page builder which comes with elegant themes.

You can create masonry layout by just setting the width of the column as you want and the gap.

You could after that:

  • create categories to choose from
  • get the number of projects to display
  • change the background
  • create captions, overlays, filters, animations
  • and much more

You can easily get started:

  1. Install it from the WP directory.
  2. Open the Divi builder in the page you want to add the portfolio.
  3. Insert Flex Filterable Portfolio.
  4. Set the settings and you are good to go.

It is a little bit pricey, where you get it for $125, but if you already use the Divi page builder, then having it will you more customization options.


Choosing the right WP Portfolio plugin from the hundreds of plugin available maybe a tedious process. But now, you already know the top 10 plugins to choose from.

Pick the one that suits your needs and your budget and go with it.

And make sure to tell us which one did you choose and why in the comments below. 🙂

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