10+ Best WordPress Quiz Maker Plugins (Free & Pro)

Quizzes are fun! It’s fun to find out what summer beverage you are or which BTS member matches your personality. Viral content sites like Buzzfeed are known for their quizzes. In fact, they have a page just for quizzes.

Apart from being just fun, quizzes help a lot in increasing website engagement, getting social shares, and capturing leads. That’s the reason why viral sites keep publishing new quizzes all the time. And I’m sure you may have also come across a quiz on social media.

If you’re looking for a quiz plugin for WordPress, you’re at the right place. In this article, I have compiled a list of the top 10+ WordPress quiz plugins both free and premium.

But first, let us take a look at why you need a quiz plugin.

Let’s get started.

Why Do You Need A WordPress Quiz Plugin?

Quizzes have become widely popular as they generate tons of social shares. In a nutshell, quizzes are traffic-generating machines.

Quizzes can help you in the following ways:

  • Get more traffic to your website.
  • Engage your website users.
  • Capture leads.
  • Grow your business.

The best part is that you can use quizzes in various scenarios. Whether you’re using a quiz for fun purposes, or as a serious method of growing your business, there’s no denying the fact that you’ll see positive results.

That being said, let’s take a look at the top WordPress quiz plugins.

1. Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is probably one of the best quiz plugins for WordPress. With this plugin, you can create highly engaging quizzes that will help you get social shares, traffic, and subscribers to your email list.

Thrive Quiz Builder lets you create three types of quizzes:

  • Number: Display the final result as a number.
  • Percentage: Display the final result as a percentage.
  • Personality: Display the found result as a category.

You can create complex quizzes in just minutes without any coding. There are three quiz templates available namely:

  • Build from scratch: Build a quiz entirely from scratch without any predefined settings.
  • List building: Quiz optimized for building an email list.
  • Social shares: Quiz optimized for social shares.

You can create beautiful social sharing badges to encourage users to share the quiz. You can also change the background and the overall design of your quiz to make it not only attractive but also aligned to your brand.

Here are the features available in this plugin:

  • 3 Quiz Types
  • Individual Question Stats
  • Social Sharing Stats
  • 3 Quiz Templates
  • Badge Editor
  • Easy Quiz Builder
  • Question Weighting
  • Dynamic Results
  • Opt-in Gates
  • A/B Testing
  • 2 Question Types: Image And Text
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Beautiful Quiz Dashboard

Thrive Quiz Builder has all the features a good WordPress quiz plugin should have. This plugin comes with Thrive Suite which costs $228 per year with all other Thrive products.

2. WP Quiz

WP Quiz Pro is a WordPress quiz plugin by MyThemeShop. You can create awesome quizzes with this plugin.

The plugin lets you create 5 different types of quizzes. These are:

  • Facebook Quiz: The user has to log in with Facebook to give the quiz.
  • Swiper Quiz: Swipe left or right to give your answers.
  • Personality Quiz: Quizzes based on your personality.
  • Flip Card Quiz: Flip the card to see the answer.
  • Trivia Quiz: General trivia quizzes.

The plugin lets you create fully customizable quizzes in minutes. You can create multi-page or single-page quizzes.

You can also embed the quiz anywhere using an iframe. With WP Quiz Pro, there is no limit to the number of questions you want to add to your quiz. You can also randomize the questions of your quiz.

One great feature of this plugin is that you can show ads in your quiz. This is a good way to monetize your quiz.

Here’s a rundown of the features available in WP Quiz Pro:

  • Fully Customizable
  • 5 Quiz Types
  • Single-Page And Multi-Page Quizzes
  • Embed Quiz Using an iframe
  • Add Unlimited Number Of Questions
  • Randomize Questions
  • Show Ads In Quiz
  • Mailchimp & GetResponse Integration
  • Show Image Or Youtube Video In Quiz
  • Randomize Answers
  • Option To Restart Quiz
  • Fully Responsive
  • Show Ads After Every Nth Question
  • Add Quiz Using Shortcodes
  • Integrated Comments
  • Multilingual
  • Secure And Stable
  • Works With Any Theme
  • 23 Animation Effects
  • Countdown Timer
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Facebook Open Graph Support
  • Twitter Cards Support

That’s a lot of features for a quiz plugin. The plugin costs $77 for use on 5 websites.

3. Interact Quiz Builder

Interact is another awesome quiz-building plugin on this list. With Interact, you can create stunning quizzes that generate social shares and capture leads.

You can customize the entire design of your quiz with their quiz builder. On top of that, Interact Quiz Builder lets you add your own logo to make your quiz completely white-labeled.

There’s also an opt-in form builder in this plugin that helps you build opt-in forms for your quiz. There are over 100 quiz templates that you can use right away.

You will love this plugin if you’re looking for a plugin to create complex quizzes. With Interact, you can create branching logic that will show different questions based on the user’s answers to previous questions.

There are three types of quizzes you can create with Interact:

  • Personality
  • Assessments
  • Scored (Tally)

The plugin offers detailed analytics including drop-off graphs, individual question statistics, and lead insights.

Here are the features of Interact Quiz Builder:

  • Customizable Design
  • Personalized Branding
  • Free Stock Images
  • Opt-in Form Builder
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Drop-off Graphs
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Works With Website Builders
  • 20+ Email Marketing Integrations

When it comes to the pricing, Interact Quiz Builder is a bit expensive as it costs $29 per month.

4. Quiz And Survey Master

Quiz And Survey Master is a free WordPress plugin for creating surveys and quizzes. You can create different types of quiz questions. These are:

  • Multiple Choice
  • True or False
  • Open Answer
  • Drop Down
  • Multiple Response
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Number
  • Captcha

The plugin is very simple and doesn’t have many fancy features. But it still is a great plugin for creating quizzes. Here is a list of features available in this plugin:

  • Social share buttons
  • Schedule the quiz or survey
  • Enable comment boxes for each question
  • Enable hints for questions
  • Keep track of how long the user takes on the quiz or survey
  • Set time limits

There are premium add-ons available for this plugin. These add-ons include URL parameters, Google Analytics tracking, Mailchimp integration, and more.

5. Quiz Maker

The Quiz Maker is a great WordPress quiz plugin created by Ays Pro with free and pro versions. It helps you save time and have your own appealing online quizzes, tests, and exams within minutes. You are free to add to your quiz as many questions as you need. 

Useful features in Quiz Maker Plugin

  • Email notifications
  • Interval Message
  • Randomize both the quiz questions and answers
  • Certificate
  • Timer 
  • Navigation Bar
  • Progress Bar
  • The ability to add image & video
  • Shortcodes for embedding
  • Multi-page or multi-slide quizzes
  • Paid Quizzes (PayPal and Stripe integration)
  • Content Protection (right-click disabled)

The quizzes are fully customizable and user-friendly.

With the Quiz Maker plugin, you can create different types of quizzes;

  • Trivia Quiz
  • Personality Quiz
  • Scored Quiz
  • Assessment Quiz
  • Multiple-Choice Quiz
  • Paid Quiz
  • IQ test

There are several ready-to-use templates and live previews in the dashboard, which made creating quizzes very easy and fast. 

Pro version comes with Business ($39 yearly) and Developer ($99 Lifetime) packages. And which is very important- no automatic payments and charges. 

6. Viral Quiz Plugin

As the name suggests, you can create quizzes like Buzzfeed with this awesome plugin. It’s also the most selling quiz plugin on CodeCanyon which shows how great it is.

You can create two types of quizzes with WordPress Viral Quiz:

  1. Personality Quiz
  2. Trivia Quiz

You can collect emails from the users, display ads, or show sharing buttons with this plugin. The Google Analytics tracking helps track your quiz players and social shares.

Here is a rundown of the features available in this WordPress quiz plugin:

  • Works On Every Theme
  • 2 Quiz Types
  • Random Quizzes
  • Fully Responsive
  • Display Ads In Your Quiz
  • Multi-Page Quizzes
  • Capture Leads From The Quiz
  • Integrate Quizzes Anywhere
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • 2 Templates For Quizzes
  • Multilingual
  • Share Buttons

The plugin is quite affordable at the price of $36 and has some great features.

7. Opinion Stage

This free WordPress plugin by OpinionStage lets you create quizzes, polls, surveys, slideshows, forms, and story articles. And you can manage all these from one dashboard.

There are pre-made templates you can use and create quizzes in minutes. You can show sharing buttons, display ads, and capture leads using this plugin.

You can create personality and trivia quizzes with this plugin. The plugin lets you integrate images and videos into your quizzes.

Here are the features available in this WordPress plugin:

  • Personality And Trivia Quizzes
  • Integrate Images And Videos
  • Display Ads
  • Add Pixel Tracking
  • Detailed Quiz Statistics
  • Drop-off Report
  • Export Results To XIS Or CSV File
  • Randomize Answers
  • Add CTA At The End Of The Quiz

The plugin has many features to offer and is free which means you should definitely give it a try.

8. Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat is another free WordPress quiz plugin that promises to help you get more user engagement, social shares, and email subscribers.

You can create quizzes effortlessly using this plugin. The plugin lets you create an unlimited number of quizzes with any number of questions you want.

Quiz Cat lets you display custom messages on quiz completion. Just like other quiz plugins mentioned in this list, Quiz Cat also lets you randomize answers to your quiz questions.

Here are the features of this quiz builder plugin:

  • Easy Quiz Builder
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Unlimited Number Of Quizzes
  • Unlimited Number Of Questions
  • Randomize Answers
  • Shortcode Support
  • Multilingual Support

The plugin is free and really simple to use. If you’re looking for a free WordPress plugin, this deserves a shot.

9. Watu Quiz

Watu Quiz is also a free WordPress quiz plugin. However, they also offer a pro version of their plugin named Watu Pro.

With Watu Quiz, you can create exams and quizzes and display the result immediately. You can assign a grade to each question in your quiz.

You can create single-choice and multiple-choice questions with this plugin. You can also create open-end questions with Watu Quiz.

Here is the list of features available in this plugin:

  • Single-Choice Questions
  • Multiple-Choice Questions
  • Open-End Questions (Essays)
  • Randomize Questions
  • Assign Grades To Questions
  • Export Results To CSV
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Facebook Sharing
  • Mailchimp Integration

For a free plugin, these features are really great. This plugin is a good choice for you if you want to create a serious quiz or exam for your audience.

10. LearnDash Quiz

LearnDash Quiz is another great solution for creating engaging quizzes for your audience. There are 8 types of quizzes you can create with this plugin.

These are:

  • Single-Choice
  • Multiple-Choice
  • Essays
  • Fill in the blank
  • Sorting
  • Matching
  • Survey
  • Free Text

When it comes to quiz types, this plugin has an edge over other plugins as there are unique types of quizzes you can create.

You can create question banks and organize them into categories. You can also insert images, video, and audio in your questions.

You can randomize both questions and answers. Another great feature of this plugin is that you can limit the number of attempts to the quiz.

Here’s an overview of the features available in LearnDash Quiz:

  • Images, Video, And Audio In Quiz
  • Limit The Number Of Attempts
  • Flexible Question Display
  • Block Pro8 Quiz Types
  • Randomize Questions And Answers
  • Create Question Banks
  • Insert Regression
  • Provide Hints
  • Award Certificates And Levels
  • Display Leaderboards
  • Dynamic Results Display
  • Question Review
  • Answer Statistics
  • Email Results
  • Essay Review

LearnDash is actually an LMS and LearnDash Quiz is a part of this LMS. Due to this, the pricing is a bit expensive. You can get LearnDash LMS with all their features including LearnDash Quiz at $159 for a single site.

11. Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On

If you use Gravity Forms, you’re going to love their quiz add-on. With this, you can create quizzes easily.

You can not create too fancy quizzes with this add-on but it still is very effective. Here are the features of Gravity Forms Quiz Add-on:

  • Seamless Integration
  • Easy to Use
  • Custom Grading
  • Conditional Logic

To use this, you’ll obviously have to get Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms costs $59 for a single site. You can also get the 3-site license which costs $159 or the unlimited site license which costs $259.

So, these are the top 10 WordPress quiz plugins. But how do you decide which one is perfect for you?

Well, here are my recommendations for the best quiz plugin based on different criteria.

Conclusion: Which is the best WordPress quiz plugin for you?

Quiz And Survey Master is my recommendation here because of the number of quiz types you can create with this plugin.

It’s free and there are a lot of features that will help you create quizzes that can go viral on social media.

There’s a reason why LearnDash Quiz is mentioned in this list. And that’s because you can create sorting and matching quizzes.

If you’re bored with the traditional quizzes you see everywhere on social media, you should definitely try out LearnDash Quiz because you can create unique quizzes with it.

Yes, it’s a little expensive but it’s all worth it.

This one surely goes to Thrive Quiz Builder as it’s the only plugin here that supports A/B testing. By split testing quizzes, you can learn a lot about how you should create your quizzes and what attracts your audience the most.

WP Quiz Pro is the best WordPress quiz plugin that lets you display ads in your quiz. Apart from this, it’s also one of the best plugins mentioned in this list.

So, I would highly recommend it.

My vote again goes to Thrive Quiz Builder. It’s the best. At the price of $67, you get all the great features you would want in a quiz plugin.

There are different quiz types available, multiple quiz templates, A/B testing, and what not. If you’re looking for the best quiz builder plugin, it is Thrive Quiz Builder.

So, these were my recommendations on the best WordPress plugins you should be using. If there are any suggestions for a quiz plugin, feel free to mention it below in the comments.

Also, let me know what quiz plugin will you be using for your website.

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