10 Best Schema Markup Plugins For WordPress

Using schema markups is one of the most powerful ways to optimize your website for better rankings. Yet, it’s under-used.

You may have seen rich snippets on the search results. These snippets include star ratings, phone numbers, author name and picture, dates, time, and more.

Have you ever wondered how to get these snippets to show up for your website?

If you have, you’re at the right place. In this post, I am going to share 10+ Best WordPress Schema Plugins for adding schema markups.

But before we dive in, let’s talk about schema markups and their benefits.

What Is A Schema Markup?

Schema Markup is basically a code you put on your website to help search engines display helpful information to the users.

In other words, a schema markup tells the search engine what your data means, not just what it says.

Schema markup uses semantic vocabulary in microdata format to return results that have some meaning.

This can be explained easily with the example of rich snippets. You might have rich snippets like these:

For example, the above rich snippet gives us the price range of the hotel and star ratings. All this microdata is shown to the user with the help of schema markups.

Benefits of Schema Markups

Here are some benefits of using schema markups.

1. Improved Click-Through Rates 

Schema markups help your website pop up on the search engines more prominently thus improving the click-through rates.

2. Show Rich Snippets 

Without a schema markup, your website will not show schema markups like the ones we saw above.

3. Improve Website Ranking 

Websites using schema markup usually rank higher than those who don’t use schema markups.

You probably know that Google is pushing more towards improving the user experience. And although schema markups are not a direct ranking factor.

But they do improve the user experience which eventually will help you rank higher in search engines.

So these were some benefits of using schema markups. Now, we can jump right into the best WordPress schema plugins you should be using to add schema markups.

Here are the list of 10 Best WordPress Schema Plugins.

1. All In One Schema Rich Snippet

As the name suggest, this plugin helps you to display any kind of rich snippets for your website on the search engines. 

You already know how rich snippets help in ranking higher on the search engines. The plugin helps in providing precise information to display in the rich snippets.

Not only this, the plugin also helps you to display proper information when people share your link on Facebook.

All In One Schema Rich Snippet plugin supports the following content types:

  • Review
  • Event
  • People
  • Product
  • Recipe
  • Software Application
  • Video
  • Articles

The plugin is free and is the simplest solution to add schema markup to your WordPress site.

2. Schema Pro

This WordPress schema plugin is the quickest way to automate your schema markup. Schema Pro makes creating schema markups very quick and you can do it in minutes.

The supported schema types in this plugin are:

  • Review
  • Local business
  • Article
  • Service
  • Product
  • Course
  • Person
  • Recipe
  • Job postings
  • Book
  • Software application
  • Event

This is one of the very few plugins that support so many schema types. On top of that, it also supports custom fields so that you can add your own values.

The 1-year license of the plugin costs $79 and you can use the plugin on unlimited websites. You get all the features included plus updates and support for one year.

3WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro is one of the most powerful review plugins for WordPress. Not only it does let you add beautiful review box in your content, but it also helps you display this content in rich snippets.

You can create reviews and choose how to display them. There are multiple rating systems for you to choose from. This includes star, percentage, point, and circle.

Another nifty little feature of this WordPress plugin is that you can enable user comments and reviews.

To make your reviews pop out, you can add CSS animations. It also lets you display a star or percentage rating on your post thumbnails.

The plugin is compatible with all themes and also comes with an options panel where you can edit the look of your review box.

WP Review Pro is fully responsive and speed optimized so you don’t have to spend your time worrying about the user experience.

There is a tabbed widget feature included that lets you add a widget that shows your recent and popular reviews.

Here is a list of features available in WP Review Pro:

  • Display rich snippets
  • Choose review rating systems
  • User comments and reviews
  • CSS animations
  • Responsive
  • Speed Optimized
  • Widget feature
  • Shortcode support
  • Options panel
  • Unlimited color options
  • Translation ready
  • Change position and width of the box
  • Compatible with caching plugins
  • Lightweight
  • Developer friendly

WP Review Pro costs $77 and allows you to use the plugin one 5 websites. With this, you get 24/7 support and video tutorials to guide you on using the plugin.

Here’s an example of a review box created by WP Review Pro.

WP Review Pro


WP Review Pro is one of the best review plugins that helps you to display rich snippet in Google.

4WP Product Review

WP Product Review is a WordPress plugin like WP Review Pro but there are some features different in this plugin.

Just like WP Review Pro plugin, you can add a review box in your content. But on top of that, you can also create comparison tables and add pros and cons list.

You can easily control the position of the reviews using shortcodes and can also display popular and recent reviews in your sidebar using a widget.

The plugin comes with Amazon integration which lets you import Amazon product information like name, price, affiliate link, and images.

You can also allow users to leave comments and give their own ratings to increase site activity. There are multiple review layouts you can choose from.

Here is a break down of the features included in this plugin:

  • Rich snippets support
  • Add review boxes
  • Comparison tables
  • Pros and cons list
  • Shortcode support
  • Widget support
  • Amazon Integration
  • User comments and ratings
  • Multiple layouts
  • Import reviews
  • Custom icons
  • Affiliate buttons

The plugin costs $70 and and supports only 1 domain. This plan includes 1 year full of supports and updates.

5. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is not a dedicated schema plugin, rather it’s a ‘Gutenberg Blocks’ plugin. It extends the functionality of Gutenberg Editor to help you to create better and engaging content.

Currently, it has more than 15 blocks for Gutenberg Editor. Some of the essential blocks are Table of Contents, Tabbed Content, Content Toggle (Accordion), Feature Box, Click To Tweet, etc. But ‘Review’ Block is the reason why this plugin is on this list.

It offers a schema enabled ‘Review Block’ for Gutenberg Editor. A typical review box created with this plugin looks like this –

The great thing about the plugin is, it lets you edit the review box in real time. You can see how the box will look like while editing.

However, this plugin is only available for Gutenberg Editor. You can’t use this with Classical Editor.

​​6WP SEO Structured Data Schema

This free plugin lets you implement schema easily. The plugin supports the following types of structured data:

  • Organizations
  • Local Businesses
  • Articles
  • Blog Postings
  • Events
  • Products
  • Videos
  • Services
  • Ratings

The plugin’s interface is very simple and you can easily implement schema markups. The general settings of this page includes settings to let you set your website URL and type of website. You can also add additional type URLs.

You can also add your local business description, working hours, geo coordinates, address, name of person, and logo.

The plugin is quite detailed and is very simple to use. There are more options to set structured data for different content types.

​7Rich Snippets by WPBuddy

Rich Snippets WordPress plugin lets you add schema markup to your site and show rich snippets that will help you increase your rankings.

You can create different types of schema. These are:

  • Recipe
  • Event
  • Article
  • Product
  • Review
  • Video
  • Movie
  • Restaurant
  • Local Business

The process to add schema is very simple in this plugin and you can do it very quickly. The plugin costs $66.

​8Let’s Review

If aesthetics are a concern to you, this plugin is undoubtedly made just for you. Let’s Review is the ultimate WordPress review plugin with rich snippets markup.

The plugin is so beautiful and lets you add modern looking review boxes in your content. The simple drag-and-drop options make the plugin even easier to use.

There are multiple designs you can choose from. And you cannot say no to these awesome designs.

You can choose from multiple rating systems. These are:

  • Percentage
  • Points
  • Stars
  • Image file
  • Custom icon

You can add your affiliate links with the help of gorgeous looking buttons. You can also add animations to these buttons.

The plugin lets you allow user comments and ratings. Let’s review provides widget support so that you can display beautiful reviews in your sidebar or in the footer.

Here’s a rundown of the features available in the plugin:

  • Rich snippets support
  • Stunning design
  • Multiple rating system
  • User comments and ratings
  • Shortcode support
  • Widget support
  • Translation ready
  • Responsive design
  • Affiliate buttons
  • Pros and cons list
  • RTL compatible
  • Custom icon or image for reviews

The plugin is cheap compared to many other review plugins out there. You can purchase Let’s Review WordPress plugin for just $25.

9. Rich Contact Widget

Rich Contact Widget is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to display your contact information about your business in the search results.

This plugin is really helpful for local SEO as it also lets you display a map with your location. You can also display a download link for a vCard.

The plugin is very easy to configure. You have to add your name, type, position, address, contact number, and email address.

You can download Rich Contact Widget plugin for free directly from the WordPress plugins repository.

10. Rich Reviews

This WordPress plugin lets you display your reviews and ratings on the search results in the form of rich snippets.

You can display stand out in the SERPs by having full control over what you want to display. You can choose from three type of reviews: per-page/per-post, categories, or global reviews.

The submissions are also moderated so that you can choose what reviews are added on your site. The plugin provides shortcode support with which you can add reviews on posts, sidebar, or even footer.

There are many options for choosing colors and design. Also, you can select between two rating systems: stars and numerical.

Here are some features of this plugin:

  • Displays rich snippets
  • Different types of reviews
  • User comments and ratings
  • Endless color options
  • Star and numerical rating system
  • Shortcode support
  • Lightweight and responsive
  • Translation ready

The plugin is free and you can start using it now to improve your appearance on the SERPs.

10. Recipe Box

If you publish recipes on your blog, then you’re going to love this plugin. With this plugin, you can create recipes in your WordPress posts, pages, and custom post types.

The plugin basically adds a box in your post with the following fields:

  • Recipe Description
  • Recipe Image
  • Recipe Instruction
  • Ingredients
  • Prep Time
  • Cook Time
  • Total Time
  • Recipe Category
  • Recipe Cuisine
  • Recipe Yield
  • Cooking Method

The best part is that you can choose what fields you want to display. You can display this recipe box using a shortcode.

Also, there is a review system for your site visitors to allow them to rate your recipes. The average rating will be included and is displayed in the search results. The plugin generates a rich snippet with information about your recipe.

There are over 60 customization options in the plugin. This included changing colors, theme, typography, plugin behavior, and responsive capabilities.

Here are the features included in the plugin:

  • Generates rich snippets
  • Display recipe box in posts
  • Control over what fields to display
  • Shortcode support
  • Responsive and retina ready
  • Review system for users
  • 60+ customization options

The plugin is very cheap and costs only $20.


So these were the best WordPress Schema plugins you should use to add schema markup. Now, it’s obvious that you won’t be using all these 10 plugins for schema. So, here are my recommendations for the best plugin for different criteria.

Note that all these criteria will include displaying rich snippets so I’ll not be mentioning it.

I Want

To Display Star Ratings & Reviews

This is a tough one. Although WP Review Pro provides many features but it comes nowhere close to Let’s Review.

Let’s Review is the ultimate WordPress review plugin. The list of features in this plugin is so big and the design is stunning.

To Display Snippets For Recipes

Recipe Box is the plugin you should be using if you want to display recipes on your website.

To Display My Contact Information

Rich Contact Widget is the plugin made for displaying contact information on the search results page. But any schema plugin like Schema Pro can do this job.

To Add Schema Markup To My Site

So you simply want to display microdata information in rich snippets? No review or recipe box in your website?

Well, Schema Pro is my choice for this. The plugin is really awesome and supports many different schema types.

In fact, it is the only plugin that supports so many schema types.

A Free WordPress Schema Plugin

Ironically, it is the same plugin as the one above but its free version. All In One Schema Rich Snippets provides almost the same features.

So here are my recommendations. This will help you pick the right plugin for your website. And, if you have some other requirements, mention them in the comments. I’ll give my recommendations accordingly.

So here are my recommendations. This will help you pick the right plugin for your website. And, if you have some other requirements, mention them in the comments. I’ll give my recommendations accordingly.

6 thoughts on “10 Best Schema Markup Plugins For WordPress”

  1. I am really thankful to you. You provided a great list of plugin I was looking for. I will try few of them and see results how they improve the qualify of the blog page. I need Movie schema and Jobposting Schema examples or plugins to integrate to my blogs. Thanks for writing and explaining the Schema Plugins.

  2. I know that it’s not very popular, but you really should include Project Supremacy v3 in this list. Their Schema Generator is absolutely insanely good and their pricing is even better. They have the entire Schema.org Library to build from and even something called a Schema Duplicator which allows you to clone the schema from any other website to use on your own. This is definitely an up and coming schema plugin.

    Oh and it also happens to be a WordPress Management software as well so not only can you build and inject schema to any of your websites with a single tool, but you can do all the other WP managment stuff.

    25 Stars.

  3. Please can you consider adding Simple Reviews Widget for the list. Its a reviews carousel for businesses that included all the relevant schema markup to get star ratings in Google – Link is in my name.

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