About WPLeaders.com

Welcome to WPLeaders.com, a blog for WordPress users to make their WordPress blogs/sites awesome.

At WPLeaders, we cover several WordPress related topics like themes, plugins, and web hosting. Our primary goal is to make your WordPress blog AWESOME.

Our Story

My name is Istiak Rayhan. I am the founder of RoadToBlogging.com and the owner of WPLeaders.com.

RoadToBlogging.com is my main blog. I cover several blogging-related topics there. WordPress is one of them. I often get WordPress related questions. But because of the nature of the blog, I cannot cover all the issues. That’s why I decided to create a blog for WordPress related posts.

Rather than creating a new blog from scratch, I decided to buy an existing blog. I found WPLeaders.com useful. I quickly approached the owner Hesham Zebida. As he was not updating the blog regularly, he agreed to sell the blog.

After buying the blog, we start updating every blog post. Now we are on a mission to make WPLeaders.com as a powerhouse of WordPress resources.

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Other Blogs

I’ve been in blogging for more than five years. During this time, I’ve built some other blogs.

RoadToBlogging.com – a blog for bloggers to make bloggers’ journey easier.

HostLater.com – a blog to help people to pick the best web host.

SetYourOffice.com – a blog for freelancers and bloggers who want to set a home office.

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