9 Best Hair Salon Booking System WordPress Plugins

Using a dedicated booking plugin can make it a lot easier to manage your salon, spa, or barbershop website. These plugins allow your customers to book their desired service and make the payment, while you will have detailed information about the booking and your clients.

Since there are several saloon booking plugins available, you will find it a bit challenging to decide which plugin you should use. That is why I have created this post introducing you to the 7 best online salon booking system WordPress plugins.

Now let’s dive into the details of these plugins.

1. LatePoint

If you run a salon and are tired of the booking headaches, you’ve got to check out LatePoint. It’s a WordPress plugin that’s super easy to set up. Imagine getting your clients to book their own appointments without any mix-ups. That’s LatePoint for you.

What’s cool about LatePoint? Well, first off, it reminds your clients about their appointments. No more no-shows because someone forgot! You can also make it look just like your salon’s style. It’s like giving your booking page a personal touch.

Are you taking payments? LatePoint’s got you covered with safe online options. It’s a breeze for you and your clients. Plus, these neat tools show you the busy days and what your clients are digging the most.

And guess what? It works perfectly on phones and computers. So, your clients can book their next haircut or spa session while chilling at home or on the go. Do clients speak different languages? No problem. LatePoint speaks their language too.

Your team can shine on LatePoint as well. Each stylist or beautician can have their profile. It lets your clients know who’s who and what special magic they can do. It adds a nice personal vibe to the whole booking thing.

In short, LatePoint is about more than just booking slots. It’s about making your life easier and keeping your clients happy. It grows with your salon, so it always fits just right. With LatePoint, you’re not just managing appointments; you’re giving your clients a smooth, friendly experience every time they book. Less hassle for you, more smiles for them. Win-win!

The pricing starts from $49 per year for a single domain and up to $530 per year for 10 websites

license of the plugin including 26 addons, which includes one year of support and updates.

2. Amelia

Amelia is a comprehensive app for accepting appointments and events online that has been built based on the latest technology. This app has a professional feel and a smooth experience for both hair salon workers and customers. As for the features, the booking experience is the smoothest and easiest to use. Installing and configuring Amelia takes just a few minutes.

With the Amelia plugin, you can automate the whole process of your online booking portion of the business. Amelia is a feature-rich plugin, all of the features are available in a single license. You can choose one domain, 3 domains, or an unlimited domain license, but in all 3 plans, all the features are included. 

You can make an unlimited number of services, and arrange them into categories. Adding buffer time before and after the booking is available and easy. They have an Extras feature which allows customers to add Extras to the booking, for example, you can offer your customers to add additional service or specific cosmetics for free or for a fee during booking the service.  

Amelia Appointment Dashboard (Backend)

Employees can work on one or on multiple locations and can connect their Google calendars, so no overlapping or interfering with the personal staff they have in their calendar. Choose whether you want to accept payments online or on-site. To mention just a few handy features.

Amelia offers 3 booking forms for appointment booking, all of them are fully customizable, so they fill like a native part of your website and you can choose colors that fit your business branding. The “Step-By-Step Booking Wizard” gives your customers the option to choose everything about the booking in a few steps, or you can use the “Front-end Booking Catalog” view when you want to show your service in the form of a catalog, if you prefer to give your customers the possibility to search for appointments by selecting several filters so that they could find the best time slots and services for their needs, you can go with “Front-end Booking Search” view. 

Frontend Booking Interface

The pricing starts from $59 for a single domain license of the plugin, which includes one year of support and updates.

3. Salon Booking WordPress Plugin

Salon Booking WordPress Plugin offers a complete solution for managing your salon booking system. The fully responsive front-end booking form makes it a lot simpler for the customers to choose their desired service and make the reservation.

You can check out the booking status from the back-end booking calendar. The calendar supports different view periods including daily, weekly, and monthly. Use the advanced booking rules to set up the service availability times and holiday periods. Feel free to customize the booking form by choosing custom colors and providing your own text.

Add the necessary services along with their price, duration, category, timetable rules, etc. The plugin allows you to add an unlimited number of assistants and define their schedule, holiday rules, and assign them to specific services. You can send both email and SMS notifications for various events like new reservations, assistant selection, reminders, follow-ups, etc.

There are different payment options for the customers. You can enable the online payment, and pay later options. While the default payment methods are PayPal and Stripe, it is also possible to use other gateways by getting the add-ons.

The in-depth reports will help you track the reservations, customers, earning, revenue, and so on. Thanks to the built-in sync option, admins can easily sync the reservations with their Google account.

You can get the plugin for $69.

4. JetAppointment

JetAppointment is a feature-rich WordPress plugin designed for salon and spa bookings. It offers a user-friendly interface and customizable booking forms that can be seamlessly integrated into any website. Please note that the plugin works only with the JetEngine plugin to enhance WordPress custom post types, 

The plugin includes advanced features such as email notifications, reminders, and online payment support, making it an efficient tool for managing appointments and enhancing the booking experience for both salon owners and clients. JetAppointment is a comprehensive solution that streamlines salon booking processes and improves customer satisfaction.

Amelia Appointment Dashboard (Backend)

The plugin offers flexible options for configuring appointment durations, availability, and service providers. Salon owners can easily set up their schedules and manage appointments efficiently.

JetAppointment automatically sends email notifications and reminders to salon owners and clients, ensuring everyone stays informed about upcoming appointments. This feature helps reduce no-shows and keeps everyone on track.

Furthermore, the plugin supports online payments, allowing clients to pay for their services through popular payment gateways securely. This feature adds convenience for clients and streamlines the payment process for salon owners.

The pricing starts from $69 for a single domain license of the plugins (JetAppointment, JetEngine) with a year of support and updates.

5. Booknetic

Booknetic is a multi-purpose appointment booking plugin that lets you create a salon booking system in WordPress. It allows salon owners to manage their salon by making an appointment system, customer database, payment system, or even selling products.

It comes with a mobile phone version so customers can book an appointment over there without any hassle. You can define fixed time slots for each appointment, set a group appointment participant limit, and allow or cancel recurring payments.

Admin dashboard displays business performance, personnel activity, the most booked services, most visited locations, and income earned within the specified period. It has a built-in CRM system that stores customer data immediately once they make their first booking.

You can get the plugin along with all future updates and customer supports at $79.

6. WordPress Appointment Booking

The WordPress Appointment Booking plugin developed by the MotoPress team helps you build a salon booking system for any number of custom services and staff members. You are provided with a mobile-friendly booking wizard. The plugin makes it easy to add buffer times before and after appointments, set service capacity, and edit service duration.

Since employees’ timetables are flexible, you can schedule the working hours, including breaks, days off, and vacations. This WordPress Scheduler plugin works for solopreneurs and an establishment in one/multiple locations. Clients can have the ability to make a schedule for a group and add multiple services to the cart during one booking submission.

The settings enable you to provide discounts via coupon codes, accept online and offline payments, and easily manage appointments from the dashboard. Conveniently, employees can have booking data synchronized with the Google Calendar. All the bookings are displayed in a centralized admin calendar.

You can purchase the plugin for $59 to build a single site and for $199 to use it for unlimited sites. Thus, you get a yearly license for support and automatic updates.

7. Salon Booking System

This dedicated salon booking plugin could be an excellent choice for managing the services on hairdresser salon, spa, beauty salon, barbershop, and therapist websites. The plugin offers complete solutions to add the services you offer, add the assistants, and provide a booking form so that the customers can book services easily.

Customers can choose the date, time, their desired services, and select their desired assistant during the booking process. You can configure the plugin settings from the Salon > Settings page of your dashboard.

The settings page offers the available configuration options in different tabs. In the General tab, you can provide basic information about your salon, set up the SMS, email notifications, along with the date and time settings.

The booking and payment options are available in the Booking Rules, Check out, and Payments tabs. You can enable different payment options including online payment, pay later, make a deposit, etc. The plugin supports two payment methods – PayPal and Stripe. The Style tab offers different options to customize the booking form.

Go to Salon > Calendar to check out the booking calendar. You can view the daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly calendar. Feel free to manage the bookings, services, and assistants by going to the respective sub-menus.

8. Bookly Booking Plugin

Bookly Booking Plugin is another highly popular salon booking plugin that helps you automate the whole process. The touch-optimized booking system enables the customers to make the booking from any device. Thanks to the unique group bookings feature, they can book for several persons at once.

Depending on your business, you can add an unlimited number of services and assistants, and group similar services into a category. The flexible schedule options enable you to set up various booking durations, padding time between the bookings, day-off, and individual working schedule for the employees.

The plugin comes with a ready-made form, which will be useful for getting started quickly. It is also possible to use the built-in form builder to edit the form or create a new form.

Bookly Booking supports all the popular payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, 2Cehckout, Authroize.net, and PayU. The 50+ currency support and complete WPML integration will help you cater to your international customers.

Use SMS and email notifications to keep your customers updated about their booking. You can customize the text for various notifications like the new booking, confirmation, cancellation, upcoming booking, etc.

You can get the plugin for $59.

9. Booking Calendar

This flexible plugin enables you to add an online booking service to your salon, spa, beauty, or other relevant websites. Your customers can check out the availability of their desired service and make bookings within a few minutes.

You can manage the plugin settings from the Booking > Settings page of your dashboard. The General section offers basic settings options like the calendar settings, availability options to define the calendar style and set up the regular working days.

Booking Calendar comes with a ready-made booking form. You can customize the form in the Form section. Enable or disable various fields, customize the labels, mark these as required, or remove any field as you see fit. It is also possible to insert new fields into the form.

The Emails section enables you to customize the email notifications for new booking, and various booking status like approved, pending, trash, and deleted. You can enable or disable each notification type, customize the sender name, email address, subject, and the actual email content.

Go to Booking > Bookings to view a calendar of the bookings. You can choose between the monthly, quarterly, and yearly views for the calendar. There is a toggle button to display a list of the scheduled bookings. It is also possible to add a reservation manually by going to the Booking > Add Booking page.


When it comes to managing your salon business, you should use a booking plugin. This plugin will take care of all the booking, payment, and customer management issues, while you can concentrate on improving the service.

Go for Amelia if you are looking for a fast, simple solution. On the other hand, Salon Booking WordPress Plugin will provide you with all the advanced features you need.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase by following any of the affiliate links, I’ll get a small commission without any extra cost to you.


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