7 Best Stripe Payment Plugins for WordPress

Do you want to accept credit card payments on your WordPress site? If your answer is yes, then Stripe is the best solution for you.

Stripe is among the most popular payment processing gateways for WordPress eCommerce websites. It’s a simple gateway that lets you collect payments via credit cards.

There are so many Stripe payment plugins for WordPress out there that choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

We want to take that weight off your shoulders and provide you the best Stripe payment plugin for your WordPress site.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of best Stripe payment plugins for WordPress. I’ve reviewed each plugin in detail to help you pick the right one.

Best Stripe Payment WordPress Plugins

Before we get started, it’s important to note that you’ll need to have a Stripe account before you start accepting credit card payments.

The process to set up your Stripe merchant account is very quick and simple. Also, there are no hidden fees that make Stripe so popular among eCommerce sellers.

You do need to have SSL set up on your website to accept payments using Stripe. So, if you don’t have an SSL set up already, you can first set up SSL on your website.

Let’s now dive into the list of the plugins.

1. WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay is one of the most popular Stripe payment plugins for WordPress. With this plugin, you can accept payments instantly.

The plugin lets you accept one-time payments, recurring payments, or donations without even setting up a shopping cart.

It’s also very simple to set up the plugin and you don’t need to have any coding knowledge to set up WP Simple Pay.

The plugin uses Stripe’s ultra-secure servers to ensure the payments are both secure and fast.

WP Simple Pay WordPress plugin comes with a drag-and-drop payment form builder where you can easily add custom amount entries, a coupon code field, total amount label, and other custom fields.

The form can be displayed in three different types. You can display the payment form as an overlay, embedded form, or Stripe checkout page.

Speaking of the Stripe checkout page, WP Simple Pay allows you to use Stripe’s checkout pages if you need minimal customization on your payment form.

There are different payment options you can choose from. You can accept one-time amounts or let users pay whatever amount they want.

You can even add subscription options to accept payments in a recurring fashion. The plugin also lets you add initial setup fee and trials.

No payment processing plugin is complete without the ability to add coupons. In WP Simple Pay, you can create various coupon codes and select their duration, type, and limits.

Lastly, you can also add Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, and Apple Pay buttons to your payment forms.

Here’s an overview of the features of WP Simple Pay plugin:

  • Drag-and-drop Form Builder
  • 3 Form Display Types
  • Stripe Checkout Pages
  • Custom Amount Payments
  • Subscription Options
  • Coupon Codes
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay Buttons
  • Locale & Currency Settings

That’s all about the features. Let’s take a look at the pricing of this plugin.

The personal plan of WP Simple Pay costs $99 per year and can be used on a single site. This plan doesn’t include all the features.

To get all the features of the plugin, you’d have to purchase the Plus or its above plans. WP Simple Pay provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

All in all, the plugin comes with a lot of features that are beneficial when accepting payments via credit cards. The price is also justified given the vast amount of features the plugin has to offer.

2. Paymattic

Paymattic is a freemium WordPress donation and payment plugin that is developed by WPManageNinja. The plugin lets you accept payments from Stripe, PayPal, and 10 other payment gateways. Paymattic also supports 135+ currencies so you can accept any currency you want.

Setting up the plugin is very simple and quick. With the plugin’s drag-and-drop builder, you can quickly build your payment form. If you prefer to create a payment form from scratch, You can do so by choosing the fields you wish to include in your form. The plugin also provides some well-designed pre-built form templates that you can load up and use without any customization.

In terms of customization, the plugin offers many options in a very simple fashion to let you quickly create your form. You can customize the design, change the currency settings, scheduling settings, and more. Placing the payment form is very simple as well. With just a shortcode, you can place your payment form anywhere on your website.

Paymattic lets you accept different types of payments. You can accept monthly/annual recurring payments or even let users pay any custom amount they want. You can also set tax rates, enable multiple payment options, add quantity input fields, allow file uploads, and more.

Here’s a quick look at the features of this plugin:

  • Easy setup
  • Mobile optimized
  • Form templates
  • Gutenberg style editor
  • Shortcode support
  • Create a form within a minute
  • Prebuilt form template 
  • Input fields and form editor
  • 12 payment methods
  • 14 integrations 
  • Subscription payment
  • Customer dashboard
  • PDF/invoice
  • Currency switcher
  • Email notifications
  • Advance reporting dashboard

Let’s talk about the pricing of this Stripe payment plugin:

Paymattic costs $59 for a single-site license and $119 for 20 sites. You can also get the unlimited sites license that costs $240. The best part is the plugin offers all features at its every pricing plan.

Overall, the plugin is very feature-rich and the pricing is quite affordable when compared to all the features you get in the plugin.

3. WPForms

WPForms is the most popular form builder plugin for WordPress. With this plugin, you can create different types of forms very easily.

The reason to include WPForms in this list of Stripe Payment plugins is that WPForms offers various extensions to help do more with the plugin.

One of those extensions is their Stripe payment processing addon that lets you collect Stripe payments from your website using forms created with WPForms plugin.

WPForms is a drag-and-drop form builder which means you can intuitively create your payment forms without any hassle.

There are pre-built templates that you can use to quickly build your forms.

You can collect different types of payments using WPForms such as one-time payments, recurring payments, and even donations.

There are advanced form building features such as multi-page forms, conditional logic, file uploads, and more to help you take advantage and create the best payment form you could imagine.

Here’s a quick rundown of the features available in this plugin:

  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Responsive
  • Conditional logic
  • Secure payments
  • Form templates
  • Multi-page forms
  • File uploads
  • Spam protection

Here’s the pricing WPForms WordPress plugin:

The plugin costs $39.50 per year for a single-site license but this plan doesn’t include the Stripe addon.

To get the Stripe addon in WPForms, you’ll have to purchase the Pro plan that costs $199.50 per year and lets you use the plugin on 5 websites.

WPForms is a great form builder plugin and a good choice for accepting payments. But since the pricing of this plugin is high as compared to other plugins in this list, I’d recommend you to use this plugin for accepting payments only if you wish to use it for other features as well.

If your only goal is to create forms for payment processing with Stripe, you can look for other plugins featured in this list.

4. WP Full Stripe

WP Full Stripe is a subscription and Stripe payment processing plugin for WordPress. This plugin helps you collect payments via Stripe in no time.

You can accept one-time payments, recurring payments, and donations. A great feature of this plugin is that you can save card information that can allow you to charge your customers later on as well.

The plugin also lets you add payment buttons to your pricing tables to create a completely seamless purchasing experience for your users.

Setting up the payment forms is very quick and can be done in minutes without any coding skills.

You can fully customize the appearance of your forms, choose from different form layouts, use custom fields in forms, and more.

WP Full Stripe also lets you send email notifications such as reminders or payment receipts to customers.

You can create coupon codes, trials, or accept payments in installments to encourage more people to buy your products.

Here’s a quick overview of the different features available in this plugin:

  • Easy setup
  • One-time payments
  • Recurring payments
  • Accept donations
  • Settle invoices
  • Save credit cards
  • Integrate with pricing tables
  • Secure payment
  • Localize messages
  • Form layout options
  • Appearance customization
  • Custom fields
  • Collect billing & shipping address
  • Email notifications

Let’s talk about the pricing of WP Full Stripe WordPress plugin:

The plugin costs $49 for a single-site license and comes with future updates and 6 months of support.

5. Stripe Payments

Stripe Payments is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to accept credit card payments via Stripe.

The plugin provides a shortcode for ‘Buy Now’ buttons that you can place anywhere on your website. The customers are then redirected to the Stripe checkout page.

Customers are provided with their transaction details after purchase. You can also view the payment details directly in your WordPress dashboard.

The plugin is very simple and doesn’t offer the advanced features as we saw in other plugins. Here are the features of Stripe Payments WordPress plugin:

  • Quick installation and setup
  • Shortcode support
  • Create buy buttons for products
  • View purchase orders from WP dashboard
  • Widget support
  • Custom CSS
  • Accept donations
  • Responsive
  • Send notification emails
  • Save card details
  • Collect tax
  • Collect shipping costs
  • Stock control
  • 3D Secure payments compatible
  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Compliant

Stripe Payments is perfect for users who are looking for a free plugin that can help them accept payments through Stripe.

6. WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

If you’re a WooCommerce user, you’ll love this plugin. This plugin provides a Stripe payment gateway to your WooCommerce site and you can accept payments via credit cards, Alipay, and Apple Pay.

You can customize the payment form the way you want with the different options provided by the plugin.

The plugin lets you save cards, restrict cards, enable currency conversion, and more.

You can also monitor and manage the transactions with the help of the transaction dashboard page available in the plugin.

Here’s an overview of the features available in this plugin:

  • Pay using credit cards, Alipay, and Apple Pay
  • Stripe Overview Page
  • Full & partial refunds
  • Save & restrict cards
  • Customize user interface and elements
  • Automatic email receipt
  • Supports WooCommerce subscriptions
  • 3D Secure payment

The plugin is also available for free but also comes with premium plans that cost $59 for a single site. Here are the premium plans of WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway WordPress plugin:

Overall, the plugin is the perfect choice for you if you already use WooCommerce as it integrates very smoothly with it thus enhancing the customers’ buying experience.

7. Stripe Payment Gateway for EDD

Stripe Payment Gateway is an addon by EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) that lets you accept payments through Stripe.

This plugin provides on-site checkout which is SSL encrypted. Moreover, you can accept recurring payments as well as one-time payments.

This EDD extension also allows you to save credit card information of the users to create a seamless purchasing experience for your customers.

There is an option to pre-approve payments which means payments are automatically approved. If disabled, you can manually approve each payment.

Here’s an overview of the different features available in this EDD extension plugin:

  • Easy to setup
  • Integrated refunds
  • SSL encrypted checkout
  • Pre-approve payments
  • Save credit cards
  • Accept subscription payments

Let’s take a look at the pricing of this plugin:

Stripe Payment Gateway for EDD costs $89 for a single-site license and $129 for 2-5 sites. You can also get the unlimited sites license which costs $209.

This extension is great if you’re already using EDD. With this extension, you can accept payments through Stripe easily and without relying on other plugins.


That’s all about the different Stripe Payment plugins for WordPress. If you have any questions or doubts regarding the different plugins mentioned in the list, feel free to ask them in the comments below.


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  1. David Avatar

    Good list of plugins. There are some in here that I didn’t even know existed! Another one you could mention is Gravity Forms. If someone uses this for subscriptions, I recommend they take advantage of the GravityStripe Subscription Management Plugin. This allows subscribers to see their subscriptions and cancel it on their own if they wish. Again, great article. Thanks.

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