Visual Composer: Best Page Builder WordPress Plugin

Let’s get in touch with Visual Composer; one of the best and top rated premium drag and drop plugins, which nowadays has boomed the WordPress market and no doubt  get most of WordPress lovers’ attention, especially those who seeks easy ways for building their websites.

It’s a human nature to try making things easier for themselves at any point of time and always choose a way in which they can achieve goals in specified time frame to get the fruitful results by the end of the hard work.

Visual Composer was launched by WP Bakery, a leading software company. the plugin was created with end-users and developers in mind, hence it became one of the top rated and most powerful premium WordPress plugins, by far it’s the most feature packed content builder plugin out there.

What is Visual Composer

Visual Composer is an awesome plugin where you can build your website by simply drag and drop elements in the content area, the good thing is you actually can build the page from both; the back-end and also the front-end of your website.

Its an easy-to-use plugin, helping you to design different layouts for your WordPress theme in just few clicks without having to code anything by yourself. Visual Composer offers a fluid front-end editing experience without a learning curve. You can quickly create great looking content in responsive layouts.

Get Visual Composer

How does it Work

Initially you need to get Visual Composer plugin installed on your WordPress site. Once you install and activate the plugin, you can enjoy all the lovely features that comes along with it and start building your imaginary website into reality with full control.

To start over, you need to click on the blue Back-end Editor button to fire the Visual Composer.

Once you have hands on Visual Composer, you can add elements, rows or even templates. It sounds so flexible with some valuable options in terms of building your WordPress site.

Start using the Visual Composer

  • Switch between classic and visual mode. So you can modify generated shortcodes manually if you know what you are doing.
  • Add elements, using this button you can drop all shortcodes available . You can drag this button and drop it to a page section, row or a column.
  • Page section is a shortcode which acts as feature rich container, it has huge amount of options such as backgrounds, parallax effects, background videos and many more. You can click edit to explore its options.
  • Templates where you can save a page using this section and use it in other page. It’s handy when you built blocks and columns that you might need them later in other pages.

Visual Composer content builder


Visual Composer Elements

Visual Composer comes with many pre-defined content elements. You add these elements in your WordPress theme as per your suitability and requirement. This is the quickest way to give unique shape to your website without getting into the programming stuff because of the drag and drop interface. You can add, edit, duplicate or remove any of the element up to your choice.

You get built in content elements with Visual Composer, here are only some!

Visual Composer builder elements

Visual Composer Front-End Editor

Visual Composer comes with both, front-end and back end editor. When you are using front-end editor, it is basically “what you see is what you get” i.e you can do editing, addition of images, videos in live preview mode. So it’s a kind of hassle- free and time saving editor.


Get Visual Composer

Visual Composer Back-End Editor

And, when we talk about back-end editor; it is editing your WordPress content without live preview. All you need is to save and see a preview or the page before publishing the final results.


Preview in responsive mode

There is also an option to preview how your page will look in five different sizes of devices. This includes desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It is an essential tool for viewing the page you created on multiple resolutions and checking that it looks good for everyone.


There are few drag and drop page builders that give you the option of styling pages on both the front-end and back-end. This is one reason why Visual Composer is so versatile.

Using Rows

New rows can be added by clicking on the plus symbol in the row header. Next to that is an option to place content into multiple columns.


There are 11 preset column layouts are available, such as 2/3 + 1/3, 1/4 + 1/2 + 1/4, and 5/6 + 1/6. If you prefer, you can create your own custom layout. Once you have added columns, you can freely move content elements from other rows and columns into the new columns you created.

The row automatically breaks into columns according to the layout you choose.

Visual Composer Templates

Templates allows you to save predefined sets of elements as a template and then reuse it when you’ll need it next time. By using templates you will be able to save tons of time in case you need to create specific layout on and on. All you have to do is create your layout and save it, after that you will be able to reuse it whenever you need it.


The default templates, which are included in Visual Composer plugin are a great starting point of creating pages such as front pages, home pages and even landing pages.

Visual Composer Add-ons


Visual Composer have been making huge waves as a feature rich plugin where add-ons are no exception. They have been springing up by the dozen and are really improving how anyone can use this drag and drop plugin. Adding add-ons will add an extra power to the Visual Composer and more functionality to your website.

Learn more about Visual Composer add-ons on Envato marketplace by clicking on the button below…

Visual Composer Add-ons

Visual Composer Key Features

  • Light and easy-to-use interface.
  • Frontend and Backend editor.
  • Multilingual ready.
  • You can save templates for later use.
  • Included content elements.
  • Object oriented code.
  • Fully Responsive.
  • Support and Updates

The Bottom Line

After revealing the truth about the Visual Composer page builder, If you know very little code (or you don’t know anything about coding) and want to create cool landing pages, go for it.

Just keep in mind the learning curve, and know you will need to spend a good amount of time learning the plugin and developing your workflow. Once you “get it the idea”, after building some nice layouts you can save them as templates and greatly speed up the page design process for future pages.

Enjoy using Visual Composer..!!

2 thoughts on “Visual Composer: Best Page Builder WordPress Plugin

  1. By far, this is the best content builder plugin I’ve ever used, it’s my first choose for client sites!

    I love the way it was built, especially that it’s extensible, means developers can extend the plugin functionality via developing simple add-ons, and integrate the visual builder into Themes.

    Highly recommended!

  2. This looks like a great plugin for quickly building a good looking sales page. The interface for designing pages looks very user friendly and easy. To be honest, a lot of the themes these days comes with an inbuilt page builder. It’s just drag and drop from there. It’s pretty simple actually.

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