Genesis Framework: The Most Well Structured Theme for WordPress

No matter what the goal for your website may be, if you are a hobby blogger, displaying the products you sell at your store front or online marketer, great website design is a must. Keep reading on our Genesis Framework Review.

It is easy to get lost in sea of great WordPress themes but one thing some forget is that your theme isn’t all about cute colors, but functionality and possibility to customize it as well.

If you want all the great features a theme can have, you can not go wrong with Genesis Framework. Genesis isn’t even just a theme, it is a framework that will power your blog and allow you to create a great design while keeping the functionality.

Whether you’re a novice or advanced developer, Genesis provides the secure and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought it could go.

Genesis Framework gives you a very clean looking design right out of the box. Even with no customization, you can use it on a variety of blogs and it would give them a professional look.

However, this is just the beginning. StudioPress has a large gallery of child themes for any type of blog. Along with several very nice free child themes, they have a gallery of their own and third party child themes. With so many different looks, you may not need any other customizations on your blog.

As a StudioPress customer, you will also have discounts available every time you purchase a new theme.

Ease of use

The thing that cost Genesis framework half of a review star is the way you need to customize the looks of your site… You have to go to the Editor and directly edit the CSS file and this can be scary to those who have no clue about CSS coding.

The good things is that StudioPress addressed this issue by publishing a very good looking child theme – Prose – which has an editing dashboard in which you can edit your blog’s look without messing with the code.

So what ever fault you find with the framework or child themes, the developer team makes sure to address it in the upcoming releases.


The framework covers your SEO needs and integrates great with most of the popular and trusted SEO plugins (if you must use one). Some people prefer to use the built -in SEO features, others choose to use a plugin for that (example: WordPress SEO plugin) probably to add more functionality and control over their sites. So, if you are using Genesis, it’s totally up to you to decide.

Design and layout

Genesis framework and majority of themes have six different layouts and not only you can use them on the entire blog, but you can pick any one you want on page by page and post by post basis.

Mobile responsive

The Genesis Framework and some of the themes available (including every new one that gets updated or a brand new design) are actually mobile responsive, which means you won’t need any Apps, plugins, or additional custom coding to make your themes look good on mobile devices.

Here is how Genesis look on large screens or desk-tops:

Genesis in browser
Genesis in a browser

And, here is how it should look on smaller screens, and mobile devices:

Genesis in a narrowed browser
Genesis in a narrowed browser


Custom features

The theme allows for easy integration of one or two menus, custom header and custom background as well as inserting scripts in the header and after body sections (tracking scripts for example).

Custom Home page

Some of the themes already have these widgets added but even if yours doesn’t, there are codes provided by StudioPress to implement the features. You can create a custom home page by simply putting content into home widgets.

Perfect for creating great looking landing pages to welcome your visitors and convert them to subscribers before they dig into your blog content.


Apart from the design of the framework and themes, one very important thing when it comes to StudioPress is the top notch support in the Forums as well as the possibility to submit a ticket to the support team.

8 thoughts on “Genesis Framework: The Most Well Structured Theme for WordPress”

  1. I guess this is the best Framework till date. Its great for a blog as well as any website. Recommend it to all bloggers. 🙂

  2. I started using Genesis Framework since the beginning of my blogging journey, more than 5 years ago.
    I like the flexibility and customization settings available.
    I’ve a few different child themes, installed on my sites.

    I’m a big fan of Studiopress!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m using Genesis framework for my blog and web design. As far as I’m concerned they have top-notch support and community which is very helpful.

    OK I agree we can discuss about the initial look of their themes but just like Bob mentioned it’s a matter of CSS and real desire.

    The good sign of their quality is that I don’t remember if someone asked a refund after a purchase. I’m also their affiliate and I’m talking from my experience.

    Definitely my recommendation for your blog but also as business website.

    ~ Dragan

  4. I used Genesis as a beta user and once child themes came into play, I dedicated our design firm to Genesis. I love it and love the quality of code it offers. I cannot imagine using anything else.

  5. Genesis Framework is my first choice when designing WordPress themes. Ok, to be more precise Genesis is my ONLY choice when designing WordPress powered sites and I hardly use other frameworks or paid themes.
    StudioPress has came out with a framework easy to use and SEO perfect for both, the beginner blogger and the web developer. To speak about Genesis Framework, community and child themes will take probably few article every day for a month but to summarize I can say what I like and what I like less at this WordPress framework. So…

    -Flexible and easy to use framework out of the box. Yes, I know, you see on the web the word “flexible” a lot. Your cat is FLEXIBLE (truth). For Genesis Framework flexible means that you can easily show/hide/modify/translate almost anything on the WordPress site with almost no trouble at all. Want to hide/modify/hide the article meta? You can do that very easy. That means flexibility (your cat is still flexible, don’t worry).
    -Suitable for the beginner blogger as well as for the experienced developer.
    -Code is SEO optimized and Genesis Framework adhere to all “on-page-SEO” requirements of the modern web. Check a website built on Genesis with SEO Browser and you’ll see the results. Also check the site built on Gensis Framework with a broswer extension such us SEOQuake(Chrome) or SEO Doctor(Firefox) and see how the H1 and h2 title tags are handled. Enough said!
    -Great community behind this WordPress framework. Not just the StudioPress community and support staff out there but on the web. Genesis Framework community is growing and there is a very active Community on Google+ as well
    -Great choice of child themes from various developers.
    -Looks like StudioPress (the developer of Genesis) is a growing company so you can rest assured there is going to be more to come.
    -The price. Yes, Genesis Framework+Child Themes (all of them) is priced today at $349.95 and this is a very small price to pay for it. Yeah, I know, you’re smiling now but if you consider getting lifetime membership and a portfolio of 40+ child themes to play with than you can say you did an excellent deal because you are paying a merely $8.35 for a child theme plus the framework and that IS cheap (yes, I’m smiling now). Each time they release a theme you get a bigger smile on your face because it’s a new option for you to use on a website you design…
    -Best Business and Corporate like themes on the market.
    -Intuitive set-up.
    -Genesis tailored plugins than makes your life easier when designing a site.
    -Third party solutions to do almost anything with your page layout, fonts, etc.

    -Genesis Framework is quite aesthetically simple framework and you might need assistance from a designer to bring your idea to life. At least you might need some knowledge of how to change the CSS on your site to change some stuff. For me I’d put that into the above category as learning CSS is good for yourself.
    -Lack of Magazine like themes.
    -Can’t think of any other point here…

    Overall, the Genesis Framework is a delight for the people passionate about WordPress out there. Probably this is the reason it became so popular nowadays when there are more WordPress themes on the planet than cars.

  6. I have the Genesis framework as I do others. It’s a quality product, not doubt. I find that once one is adapt at one framework one sticks with it. I use solostream for most of my sites, but Genesis is becoming a greater part of my workflow, though it’s slow going.

  7. I had great experience with Genesis, and looking forward to put my hands on the new Genesis 2.0 version that hopefully will be released soon.

    What I like most about Genesis framework is their quality & clean code, and amazing support team.

    Genesis proven to be one of the top theme frameworks that help you develop very solid websites.


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