Prose: Easy to Customize Child Theme by StudioPress

The main quality of Prose theme is definitely the ease of use, especially when it comes to editing the look of your theme.

Prose has a very clean, but somewhat plain look which may not make it popular with people who have the artistic side, however, once you realize how much easier it is to customize it, compared to a few other themes, you may change your mind.

The clean look and simplicity make it perfect right out of the box for most tech and marketing blogs, and considering it has a custom background and custom header feature, with one or two image uploads, you will have a unique site with all the functionality you will need.

Easy to Customize

The biggest concern of some Genesis Framework users is how difficult sometimes it is to customize the appearance of the theme, considering many don’t know much about CSS code and this theme addresses that issue better than I had hoped for.

Prose theme Design Settings

As you can see, the theme features an option to simply point and click to change colors and layout of the theme. Easy to use tool anyone can use without worrying about getting into the code itself.

Another great tab that will show up in your dashboard along with these Design Settings is Custom Code. It contains two boxes where you can enter your CSS and PHP code without ever changing anything in your original files, so it may save you some headaches if you tend to “break” your blog often.

Prose Theme Custom Code

Prose has two menus with drop down submenus, as well as the option to use only one of them, or none.

The theme has 6 layouts, allowing for full width layout, a single sidebar layout as well as layout with two sidebars. Both sidebars are widgetized, so you can add any type of content to them.

The header contains a widget where you can put any type of content in, in the demo, you will see a prominent search box. You can use this widget to display the most important calls to action, subscribe box, social icons and so on.

Prose Theme from StudioPress

The theme is mobile responsive, which means it will display correctly on any computer or device, and I absolutely love how it rearranges the objects as you make your browser narrower. The functionality is always there and you will not have to use any plugins to make your blog mobile-friendly.

Prose theme has 4 templates: Archive Page, Blog Page, Columns Page and Landing Page, and they will probably fulfill your need for displaying any kind of content you plan to publish on your site.

Another great feature this theme has, and saves you the time and trouble of coding it is . You can add content to footer in three different widgets making it look like a three column footer.

Prose theme Footer

Last feature I want to emphasize here is the After post widget, which allows you do easily add content at the end of your posts. A lot of people use their opt in boxes in this spot, or promote products they recommend, and that is one of the most wanted features but majority of users just don’t know how to code this widget. Well, it is already included in this theme, all you have to do is drag a widget to it.

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