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Volatyl Framework
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Looking for WordPress frameworks can really be a complicated tasks. There are so many of them out there and being a non-tech savvy guy like me, often times I like to use frameworks that does not require too much of my brain cells to understand how it works.

Having the chance of taking the Volatyl framework for a spin was quite an interesting experience and while simple, it does have some great features. There is actually one in particular that I really liked, and mind you, it is a featured that I have not yet seen in most frameworks that I have worked with. Want to know what it is? Read on…

OK, before actually going to the specifics of what I loved most about the Volatyl framework, let’s dive in a bit to some of its neat features.

Fully Responsive

(see image – left full desktop and right mobile simulation)

volatyl responsive wordpress framework

Extremely Flexible and Supports child themes

The Volatyl framework comes out of the box with 7 different types of layouts. In addition, you can define on a post or page level, the type of layout you want to use, including a “landing” and “squeeze” page built-in, cool!

That is quite flexible is you ask me, and with the child themes, any customization you do will always be there, regardless if the framework is updated.

What else? Built in hooks with total control on where to use it, content customization and pagination, etc.

customization options

Massive Documentation

Don’t know about you but one of the things that really annoy me is when there is not enough (in some cases none at all) documentation to walk me through the learning process. Support, forums , etc. are OK, but why do I have to go there first? Well, you will be amazed with the documentation that Volatyl has. It is nothing short of being “massive”. Everything is there:

volatyl framework documentation

No Developer of Multi-License kind of thing

Yeah, once you are a proud owner of the framework, that’s it. You can use it wherever you want. It has a 100% GPL license and you get updates for life. That’s good, right?

And, my favorite feature (one that I really liked)…

You can define two widget areas for each and every post. This means that for a specific post, you can create a whole set of widgets just for that one particular post. The “general” widget is turned off and display only the widget you created for that posts. Confused? Yeah, me too 🙂

Watch the video below to understand what I am talking about and also see how it actually works on the back end. I tried to make the video as shot as possible and I may have missed something out. Nonetheless, the golden nuggets have definitely been covered.

That’s it! Volatyl is quite an impressive framework and good out of the box. For the investment the developer requires, I’d say that it is very affordable. It comes with one free child starter theme, and other child themes can be purchased separately for a minor investment. I believe that the only thing missing here is the ability to have some sort of control over the fonts and colors. That I did not see, but if I am mistaken, please do let me know.

Rated 4.86 stars
4.86 / 5 (7 )


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on 2013-08-13 08:36:48

Love this thing

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