18 Best WordPress Themes For Selling Digital Products

Are you planning to sell digital products in WordPress site?

If yes, you are in luck. There are a good number of WordPress themes available for selling digital products.

But don’t sweat yet, because I won’t let you go and search among the hundred of themes to choose one that suits your taste and need. To make things easier for you, I’ve compiled a list a top 18 themes to use to sell your digital products on WordPress.

There are different options that you can choose depending on your business needs. Check the ones that suit you and then compare them to find the one that works best for you.

This is absolutely 10x easier than checking the hundreds of themes available which are lower quality or doesn’t offer the best value.

Without further ado, let’s start with the first one.

1. Olam

Choose this theme if you are looking for a theme that supports both WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

Olam is a premium theme available on ThemeForest marketplace, with a 4.77-star rating. This indicates how much it is loved by its customers.

There are many plugins to help you sell your digital products. The two most popular are Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) and WooCommerce.

This theme works perfectly with these 2, but it takes the pride in being one of the top themes to support every extension for EDD to modify your store as you need.

With the use of Easy Digital Downloads, you can easily sell anything that is created digitally like audio files, video files, stock images, software, icons and fonts, and prepackaged services. You could also easily build a marketplace to be the biggest known source when it comes to selling the type of product you are selling.

By default, it supports single vendor digital stores, but if you plan on having multiple vendors, then don’t worry because I told you they support the extensions related to Easy Digital Downloads. One of those is EDD Front End Submission which helps you to make a marketplace easily where anyone could submit their products to be sold on your site.


  • Pre-installed Unyson Page Builder.
  • Dark Theme Mode.
  • 3 Listing Styles.
  • Changing The Column Numbers.
  • Slider To Display Featured or Latest Products.
  • Sticky Header.
  • Custom Built Product Search Bar.
  • Video & Audio Previews.
  • Alternate Heading for Blog Posts, Pages, & Downlaods.
  • And much more.

You are literally getting a beast if you plan to use Easy Digital Downloads to create your digital store, whether it’s for a single vendor or for multiple ones. And for only $54, it is a no-brainer, considering the fact that you get future updates and 6 months of support.

2. Marketify

Choose this theme if you want to create a digital marketplace with Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

Marketify was created to be mainly a digital marketplace to help you get buyers and sellers in one place to get or sell their products.

It is sold on the ThemeForest marketplace, and it has an average rating of 4.2 stars. Not to mention that it was sold 4400 times, so it is safe to say that it’s good choice.

You can use it to sell any type of products like photographs, fonts, audio and video files.

And it is EDD supported, which means you can add their different extensions to create your powerful marketplace. You can also use it as a single vendor site.


  • Responsive Design.
  • Tons of Pre-Designed Templates.
  • Pages Built On Widgets. (No need to use a page builder)
  • Extensive Theme Documentation.

It is created by a power elite author, and you can get it for $69, which includes 6 months support and future updates.

3. Stocky

Choose this theme if you are going to create a stock photography marketplace.

Stocky is a premium theme to help you create a stock photography marketplace theme.

It is sold on ThemeForest and has an average rating of 4.47 stars and has over 1400 sales.

It is built on Easy Digital Downloads which you can easily get for free. This means you could also use the premium extensions to get more out of your marketplace, like allowing other users to post their stock images and so on.

You can also demo the admin page before purchasing to know how things will look like for you, the administrator.


  • Converting Adobe Lightroom Keywords to WordPress Tags.
  • Dedicated Pages for Home, Vendor Profile, Login/Register, & Contact.
  • Selling Multiple Images in one time.
  • Gravity Forms Styled and many more.

It is a great theme if you plan on creating a stock photos marketplace. And with the power of Easy Digital Downloads, it is easy to create a powerful marketplace without much technical info from you. You can get it for $62 with 6 months support and future updates.

4. Publisher

Choose this theme if you are going to sell eBooks.

Created by the team at Templatic, this theme is created for the people in the writing industry — from writers to publishers — to help them sell their books easily online.

Since it focuses on one niche, it provides you with the best possible solution if you are a writer or a publisher. Not only does it help you showcase your work, but it makes it easy for your to sell your ebooks online.

With the power of their Templatic Digital Downloads and Tevolution plugins, you can easily handle the process of receiving money and selling your products. You can also use the popular WooCommerce plugin, which comes with the theme.

Oh, and did I mention that they already come with your purchase, so no need to purchase anything extra as with the above themes. You can also sell using Amazon, if you want to.


  • Custom Registration Page.
  • Users Comments & Reviews.
  • Color Customization.
  • Blog Section.
  • Coupons & Promotion Setups.
  • Order Management System.

This theme is a beast for authors. It covers all their needs, making it easy to get your site up and running and selling your eBooks even if you don’t have much of a technology background.

You can get the 1-site licence for $59, the 5-site licence for $99, and for $299 you get access to all 99+ themes created by Templatic, which is not necessary unless you have other blogs to play with.

5. vApp

Choose this theme if you are going to sell Apps.

Sold on ThemeForest, vApp has a rating of perfect 5-stars.

It is created specifically to help you sell your app, with 29 pre-built pages already available and different styles to choose from.

You can also customize it even more using the built-in Elementor Plugin that helps you optimize your landing page with the easy to use drag and drop feature + the unlimited customizable options. You also get access to 39 custom Elementor add-ons that fit this theme, so you get a completely flexible theme.

It also integrates with WooCommerce to sell your products.

You can update everything in the Elementor plugin, including the header, and the edits will be live in minutes.

Not to mention how fast it loads, with 98 speed rating on Pingdom.

You also get support from their experts with a 24-hour response time.


  • MailChimp Integration.
  • Integration with Contact Form 7.
  • 15 Different Demos.
  • 14 Different Inner Page Designs.
  • 3 Blog Layout Styles.
  • 2 FAQ Options.
  • 3 Slider Variations to show your testimonial.
  • And much more

And it sells for $49, and includes 6 months support and future updates.

6. Scorilo

Choose this theme if you are going to use EDD with Elementor.

Scorilo is a theme created by the team at Wow Themes. It is an easy digital downloads theme that helps you sell your products. It also fully integrates with Elementor page builder, my favorite front page editor, with the easy drag and drop feature.


  • Easy Color Customization.
  • Different Element for Easy Customization.
  • Different Page Templates.
  • Slider.
  • Built-in Contact Form.

Having Easy Digital Downloads with Elementor is the ultimate option to customize the front end and the back end, so you can easily customize how your site displays, how you sell your products, how to accept payments, and so on.

And with the extra features you get from the paid add-ons on Easy Digital Downloads, you have a lot of customization options to create a full-fledged store or a marketplace.

You can get the theme for a one-time payment of $49.

7. Mayosis

Choose this theme if you are going to create a digital marketplace with EDD.

Created recently in 2018, this theme already has a 5-star average rating and over 160 sales. It is available on the Themeforest marketplace.

With Mayosis, you can easily create a store to sell anything from art, templates, music, fonts, courses, graphics, software, services and other kinds of digital products.

It is a Easy Digital Downloads supported theme, which means they integrate easily with their free or paid extensions.


  • WPBakery Page Builder.
  • Support for Contact Form 7.
  • Front End Submission Support.
  • One Click Demo Installation.
  • Live Cart Functionality.
  • Stats & Counter for Downloads.
  • Sticky Header
  • And many more.

This theme is a great one to check at $59, and includes 6 months of support and future updates.

8. DGWork

Choose this theme if you are looking for a theme with EDD and Visual Composer support.

DG Work is another powerful theme that is available on the Themeforest marketplace. It has a rating of 4.56 stars.

It is a perfect solution to help you sell your digital products like videos, audios, photography, graphic designs and more.

It deeply integrates with the Easy Digital Downloads theme, which means you can add any of the integration that’s available for free or for a fee to help you run a full-fledged marketplace.


  • Product Page Customization with Visual Composer.
  • Product Templates.
  • Support Subscription Based Business.
  • One Click Demo Import.
  • Detailed Documentation.

You get access to all of this for $56.

9. Edigital

Choose this theme if you are looking for a freemium theme that supports EDD.

Edigital is a theme created by the team at Mystery Themes to help you create your digital store.

The best part about this theme is, they have a free option to try it, and a premium option that comes with extra features. But I got to say that I am impressed with the quality they give in the free theme. You really need to check it out as they over delivered here.

It is Easy Digital Downloads compatible, and that means you can use the plugin to sell your products easily and even use the extensions to create your full-fledged store.

You have different skin color options to choose from and color palette to suit your taste. You can customize it even more if you want to.

You get access to the WooCommerce plugin, edit top header section, change the header or footer layouts, have sticky header feature and much more with the pro version. You get access to it for $55.

10. Digital Products

Choose this theme if you are looking for a free theme.

Digital products is a free theme that is available on the WordPress theme directory. It is created by the team at WP Digi Pro.

It already has 200+ installs, and is used on many sites to create their digital product store.

It can help you sell your software, graphics, PDFs, or other product types. You can even create your membership for people to get your product.

It comes with the SiteOrigin drag and drop page builder to customize your site. You can easily sell your products using their premium WP Digi Pro plugin or even use the Easy Digital Downloads, but it is not deeply integrated.

It has a detailed documentation to check out.

Great option, but if you want more options, then check other themes available.

11. Digital Downloads Theme

Choose this theme if you are going to sell unlimited digital items.

Created by the team at Premium Press, WordPress Digital Downloads theme enables you to create your digital downloads site today with their responsive design.


  • You can easily have free or paid products to download.
  • You can easily have the option for people to share to download your product.
  • Easily sell unlimited software items, with unlimited categories
  • There is also member profile already available.
  • You could also show your users their order history & invoices.

It offers different options from other themes that integrates with EDD, but it’s still not a full-fledged theme like others, IMO. It may save you some money on some of the features that are available on paid integration in Easy Digital Downloads, but in the end, there are more features you desire to add but can’t.

You can get it for $79.

12. SaleJunction

Choose this theme if you are looking for a theme that supports both eCommerce and Digital Items.

Created by the team at Ink Themes, Sales Junction is a theme you could use to not only sell your digital items, but also all your e-commerce products.

You can easily add products into the specified page just like adding a new post.

You get access to other features like:

  • A contact form is available for easy reach to you and so you don’t lose any customer.
  • 7 color schemes to choose from depending on the brand you are creating
  • a slider available to use to display your product
  • Can add custom templates
  • 24/7 support available

This is a full-fledged plugin where you don’t need the Easy Digital Downloads extension, but it comes with a hefty price of $97. Check it out. It offers different solution, and it may just be what you need.

13. Marketica

Choose this theme if you are looking for a multi-purpose eCommerce theme.

Marketica is a theme that is available on the Theme Forest marketplace, but it is not focused on digital products. It can help you sell digital products and create a marketplace or e-commerce site.

It integrates with many plugins like:

  • WooCommerce to create a standard shop
  • WC Vendors to create a marketplace
  • Dokan to create a multi-vendor e-commerce site. You can use either the lite or the pro version depending on the features you need
  • WooThemes Product Vendors to create a marketplace using the WooCommerce product vendors plugin

And there is a demo for each one of these that you could check out on the sales page.

Not to mention that it supports other plugins like:

  • Visual composer which is included
  • Revolution slider which is included
  • Ubermenu which needs to be purchased
  • WPML which needs to be purchased

It is a great theme that is updated frequently. It currently sells at $47, and includes 6 months of support and future updates.

14. ShopKeeper

Choose this theme if you are looking for a full-pledge eCommerce theme.

ShopKeeper is an e-commerce theme created for WooCommerce that is available on the Theme Forest marketplace and has an average rating of 4.63 stars and a staggering 25k+ sales.

ShopKeeper is a great theme that helps you create your online store beautifully and hassle-free. It also doesn’t take time to set up with the amount of customization options available.

Not to mention that it is created by an Envato power elite author.

You have access to features like:

  • The WP Bakery Drag and drop page builder
  • Unlimited header styles
  • Flexible shop layout
  • Custom header images for categories
  • Easy toggle on and off the WordPress catalog mode, when you can just make the site as a catalog. Turn on to start selling.
  • A beautiful blog is already available.
  • You can also use it as a portfolio.
  • A highly detailed theme documentation
  • Customize the shop as you want by adjusting number of products per row or per page with many other features.
  • And many others

It is a flexible theme that can help you have a full-fledged online store to sell your e-commerce products. You can also make it to sell digital products, if you want to.

It costs $69, but the amount of happy users justify why it costs that much.

15. The Hanger

Choose this theme if you are looking for a WooCommerce theme.

Created in 2018 by a power Envato elite author, the hanger is a fast-selling theme. It is available on the Theme Forest marketplace with a rating of 4.5 stars

It is a classic e-commerce theme with a modern touch. It is beautifully designed.

You get access to features like:

  • Create options easily on the product page to improve conversion rates
  • Use the mage menus that is already built-in to make your products easy to be discovered
  • Integrates with WooCommerce plugin so you have all options like no limits or fees, easy sort products and filter it, reporting, coupons, payment gateways, one click refunds and much more
  • Easily add a blog
  • The WP Bakery’s page builder plugin to customize your page with their drag and drop feature.
  • And much more

It sells for $59 and it offers huge value.

16. TheGem

Choose this theme if you are looking for a multi-purpose theme.

TheGem is a multi-purpose high quality theme that is available on the Theme Forest marketplace. With over 28K sales (and growing each day) and a 4.8 star rating after all these sales, it means that it is one to definitely check out.

It is a multi-purpose theme with over 70 demos for any purpose blog. You could use it for creatives & agencies, business and finance, photography and portfolios, blogs and landing pages, and of course online shops with many other options.

It already integrates with WooCommerce plugin, and you get access to the visual composer and the easy drag and drop feature, the slider revolution and layer slider 5 to create beautiful premium sliders.

It is also compatible with Contact Form 7, Yoast, MailChimp and more plugins.

And high quality support in 3 languages, English, German and Russian. They have been doing it for 5 years already.

Not to mention the ability to easily import any of the 70+ themes already available with just one click.

And there’s so much more. We are just scratching the surface here.

This theme is perfect if you plan to use it for different purposes, or you don’t want to create a full-fledged store, which you could do, but it won’t be other sites. If you want a simple one and have a high-quality theme, then check it out.

You can get it for $59, with access to support for 6 months and future updates.

17. Intact

Choose this theme if you are looking for a multi-purpose theme.

Intact is another multi-purpose theme that is available on the Theme Forest marketplace. It already has a rating of 4.62 stars and over 1.2K sales.

It comes with 12 built-in demos for different business models. One of these is a shop option.

And you can easily 1-click install any of these demos to your site.

You get access to the WPBakery page builder, the Revolution slider, Templatera for VC, and Icons Mind, saving you a whopping $141.

You get access to features like:

  • A powerful admin panel to customize almost anything in the website appearance with just a few clicks
  • Support center with 100% customer satisfaction… 5 days a week
  • Lightbox gallery
  • Compatible with Contact Form 7
  • use the coming soon template to create a coming soon page easily
  • and much moreA

It is a great theme to check out. It’s less flexible than TheGem theme, but it is powerful and will suit different needs. You can get it for $49 on the Theme Forest marketplace.

18. Walleto

Choose this theme if you are looking for a theme that doesn’t require Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce.

Walleto is a WP theme that is created by the team at Site Smile.

It is created to help you easily build your e-commerce store and even help you create a marketplace. It also gives you the options to sell your products and services on your website.

It is a simple and clean theme, but don’t mistakenly think that it is of low quality.

Here are some of the features you get:

  • Support payment options like PayPal, Skrill, Authorize.net, Google Wallet and others
  • Allow users to create their store and sell their own products
  • Easy to use UI
  • Has its own shopping cart, no need to integrate with other plugins
  • Users can login with their social account
  • The ability of the buyer and sellers to communicate via private messages
  • And much more

It is a full-fledged theme that doesn’t need to integrate with Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce like most of the themes already available.

It is a great theme to check.


Having your digital downloads store doesn’t need to be a tricky process anymore. Don’t worry about the tech and just focus on providing high quality products to your customers.

And you now have the top 18 themes to use to help you do different things on your store. Check the ones that best suit you.

Make sure to tell us in the comments which one you choose and why, as well as if there is any better solution we failed to mention. 🙂

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