Directorist Review- Why It Is The Best WordPress Directory Plugin in Directory Niche?

In the old days, we heard about the Yellow Pages, and today they have turned into online directory websites packed with numerous listings. What’s fascinating is that these websites have evolved into an excellent source of passive income, allowing you to earn even while you sleep in the comfort of your home. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that only lucrative directory websites guarantee fruitful results. 

Now, you might wonder how to make your directory website lucrative and stand high. If you host your website on WordPress, then a quality directory plugin can do the rest. In this case, you can choose Directorist-the most complete WordPress directory plugin in the directory niche. Its exclusive features will give your directory website a name that can easily create noise out of the box. Want to know more about Directorist? Let’s dive in.  

A Bit About Directorist     

Directorist by wpWax is the epitome of excellence in WordPress business directory solutions. It embraces the perfect harmony of versatility and optimization, enabling the creation of cutting-edge directory websites. 

Whether you’re building a restaurant guide or a sprawling medical directory with abundant listings, Directorist caters to your every need. This powerful platform empowers administrators and listing owners, providing them with a seamless front-end experience for effortlessly listing their businesses and orchestrating their online presence. 

What’s more, Directorist’s advanced functionalities, like the multi-directory facility, advanced form builder, and unlimited custom fields, are designed to catapult your business to unprecedented heights and attract many users. 

But that’s not all – Directorist opens doors to abundant revenue streams, allowing admins and business owners to maximize earnings with minimal effort. Moreover, it paves the way for a frictionless journey, ensuring a remarkable experience. 

A Host of Exclusive Features That Make Directorist Stand Out of The Box 

Directorist is a powerful directory plugin for WordPress that offers a wide range of exclusive features, making it stand out from other directory solutions. Here are some of the key features that make Directorist unique. 

i. Multi directory facility 

Directorist empowers users to expand their directories by utilizing the structured multi-directory feature, enabling them to organize their directories optimally. With Directorist, users can create new directory types that align precisely with their needs. Additionally, the platform offers a convenient multi-directory management system, streamlining the process of overseeing multiple directories.   

ii. Unlimited custom fields

Directorist allows users to incorporate endless custom fields into their listing forms, catering to specific requirements. Furthermore, it empowers users to utilize custom fields as search filters, ensuring optimal outcomes. 

As a user, you can create custom fields by selecting from a diverse range of 9 field types. Moreover, you can leverage custom fields for precise search results, enhancing the accuracy of your searches. 

iii. Advanced form builder

Directorist can boast of an incredibly user-friendly feature called Advanced Form Builder, designed to enhance the directory listing experiences of its users. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, this form builder allows users to organize their directory websites effortlessly. They can choose between the Single Page Layout and the Listings Card Layout, which offer seamless navigation. 

Additionally, Directorist’s advanced search system provides users extensive customization options, allowing them to tailor their directory websites to their specifications.

iv. Powerful search & advanced filters

The Directorist advanced filter elevates your users’ search experience to new heights by providing an extensive range of criteria. This powerful feature enables users to search listings using custom fields, tags, price ranges, and more. In addition to the default text field, category, and location fields, the advanced filter empowers users to refine their searches precisely and efficiently. 

v. WooCommerce multivendor plugin compatibility

One of the impressive features of Directorist is its compatibility with well-known multivendor plugins such as Dokan, WC Vendors, WC Marketplace, WCFM, and YITH WooCommerce Multivendor. This means that by utilizing Directorist, you can effortlessly enjoy the benefits of WooCommerce with enhanced convenience.       

vi. Mobile app

Directorist introduces a mobile application that seamlessly works on Android and iOS platforms. This innovative app enables users to effortlessly add new listings, modify existing ones, and conveniently access the directory in a mobile-friendly layout. This advanced feature makes maintaining an up-to-date directory effortless, allowing potential customers from anywhere worldwide to access and explore its contents easily. 

vii. Private directory

A private directory is an exclusive online directory not accessible to the general public. Businesses commonly use private directories to showcase their offerings to a specific audience.

Within Directorist, a remarkable feature is the private directory functionality. This feature empowers users to exhibit handpicked items and sections of the theme exclusively to their esteemed visitors. As a result, they gain a competitive advantage over their competitors and rivals, creating a distinct edge in their industry. 

viii. Frontend listing submission & management​

Directorist empowers your users to effortlessly submit and oversee listings directly from the front end of your directory website, eliminating the need to log in to the admin panel. In addition, Directorist enables users to renew or modify their plans from the front end conveniently. Furthermore, the user-friendly dashboard provides an intuitive interface for efficiently managing listings with ease.

ix. Pricing

The basic edition of Directorist is free, allowing you to create directory websites without any financial commitment. This means you can get started without spending a dime. However, if you want to enhance your business opportunities and generate revenue, you can opt for Directorist’s premium features. These premium options are available at a starting price of $55.

x. Payment gateways

A payment gateway is a convenient service that enables your website to accept payments from customers. Whether through debit or credit cards, PayPal, or other payment processors, the payment gateway facilitates the transaction.

When a customer purchases on your website, the payment gateway processes the payment and transfers the funds to you. Typically, this process happens swiftly, often within minutes, and you can easily track the payment in your account settings.

Fortunately, Directorist offers a comprehensive checkout system with offline and online payment methods. You can provide payment options like PayPal, Stripe, Bank Transfer, and more as an administrator. By leveraging Directorist, you empower listing owners to accept payments from their users, offering them a range of payment choices. 

xi. Integrations with popular plugins

Directorist now offers seamless integrations with some of the most popular WordPress plugins, including WPML, Gamipress, Oxygen Builder, MailChimp, BuddyPress, BuddyBoss, Elementor Page Builder,, and WooCommerce Subscriptions. This integration allows users to enhance their Directorist experience by leveraging the features and functionalities of these favorite plugins within the Directorist framework. 

So, whether you’re looking to expand multilingual capabilities, gamify your directory, customize your directory layout, integrate with email marketing tools, enhance community interactions, optimize directory search and filtering, or manage subscriptions seamlessly, Directorist has got you covered. With these integrations, users can unlock a new level of flexibility, customization, and functionality for their Directorist-powered directory websites.

xii. Extensions

Directorist comes fully equipped with a comprehensive set of 29 extensions, one of which is free. These premium and complimentary extensions offer a wide array of features that will assist you in creating your ideal directory website, catering to various needs and preferences. 

Excitingly, the Directorist team has recently announced that they are actively developing additional extensions that will be released shortly, adding even more value to their already impressive lineup.  

xiii. Announcement feature

The inclusion of announcement feature in the Directorist framework can greatly enhance website traffic and engagement. Furthermore, incorporating this feature into a directory website allows you to seamlessly insert and manage a wide range of business-related announcements that users wish to publish on their respective directory websites.  

xiv. Rank featured listings

A rank-featured listing on a directory website enjoys a superior position compared to other listings within the same category. Typically, these featured listings are placed at the top of the page, giving them increased visibility and prominence. The higher position of rank featured listings is attained by providing additional information about the listing, including a comprehensive description, captivating photos, and relevant keywords. 

In the context of Directorist, Rank Featured Listings represents a premium feature that empowers you to prioritize and enhance the visibility of your featured listing items on your directory website.

xv. Free & premium themes

Undoubtedly, directory websites are an excellent means of showcasing companies and products to the audience. Furthermore, they provide an exceptional platform for connecting customers with listing owners. When creating an appealing directory platform, consider employing visually striking themes that exude quality. Fortunately, Directorist offers free and premium themes catering to various directory websites.

xvi. Auto-login after registration

As the site owner, you can personalize the email templates effortlessly whenever necessary. Directorist empowers you to incorporate dynamic information, ensuring that directory users receive relevant and informative messages. Although seemingly insignificant, this feature holds substantial value in enhancing user experience and overall satisfaction.

xvii. Customizable email notification

You can personalize the email templates per your requirements as the site owner. Directorist provides a convenient method to incorporate dynamic information, ensuring that the directory users receive relevant and informative messages. Although seemingly insignificant, this feature holds substantial significance in enhancing user experience.

xviii. Other features 

In addition to the features mentioned above, Directorist boasts an array of functionalities that set it apart. These encompass a CSV bulk importer for effortless data migration, developer-friendly attributes, support for multiple mapping sources, tax readiness, schema readiness, seamless social media sharing, an events manager, robust spam protection, easy translation capabilities, right-to-left (RTL) language support, a built-in SEO solution, a comprehensive rating and review system, guest submission functionality, and a modernized and enhanced design.

Start Making Money with Directorist 

Directorist is a WordPress directory plugin allowing you to create a website. While the plugin does not directly provide methods to make money, it offers several features you can leverage to generate revenue. Here are some ways you can start making money with Directorist. 

Directory listings

Offer paid directory listings to businesses or individuals who want to promote their products or services on your directory website. You can create different pricing plans and packages to accommodate various needs and budgets. Consider offering additional features or premium placement options to attract more customers.

Featured listings

Highlight certain directory listings by offering a “Featured” option. This will allow businesses to pay for increased visibility on your website, ensuring their listings appear prominently in search results or at the top of relevant categories.

Advertising and sponsorships

Utilize advertising banners or sponsored listings to monetize your directory website. You can display targeted ads from advertising networks or negotiate sponsorships with relevant businesses. This strategy can be particularly effective if your directory receives high traffic and has a specific niche audience.


Create a membership or subscription model that offers exclusive benefits to users. For example, you can provide access to premium content, advanced search filters, or discounts on directory listings. With Directorist, you can integrate with popular membership plugins for WordPress to manage subscriptions and access levels.

Lead generation

Collect leads from your directory website and sell them to businesses within your industry. This can be done by offering a lead generation service where businesses can purchase contact information or qualified leads related to their target market.

Affiliate marketing

Partner with relevant businesses or affiliate networks and promote their products or services on your directory website. You can earn a commission for each referral or successful sale made through your affiliate links.

Claim a listing

With Directorist, you have the chance to earn money by providing listing owners with the opportunity to claim and verify their listings, leading to potential financial gains.

Pay per submit

Charging users a fee to create a listing on your directory website presents an incredible opportunity to generate revenue from your website. It can be a highly effective income-generating strategy, contingent upon receiving substantial traffic to your directory site.

Can I Build a Classified Website with Directorist? 

Yes, you can create a classified website using Directorist. Directorist is a powerful WordPress directory plugin that allows you to build various types of directories, including classified websites.

Directorist provides a range of features and functionalities designed explicitly for creating classified directories. It offers customizable directory templates, listing submission forms, advanced search options, monetization options, user registration and login systems, and more. With these features, you can create a platform where users can post classified ads and search for listings based on categories, locations, and other criteria.

To get started, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website. You can install and activate the Directorist plugin from the WordPress repository. Once activated, you can customize the plugin settings, create categories for your classified ads, set up pricing plans if you want to charge users for listing submissions and configure other options according to your requirements.

You can also customize the appearance of your classified website using Directorist’s built-in templates or compatible WordPress themes. Additionally, you can extend the functionality of Directorist through add-ons that are compatible with the plugin. Add to that, Directorist provides a user-friendly interface and extensive documentation to help you efficiently set up and manage your classified website. 

Long Story Short 

Finally, Directorist is undeniably the best WordPress plugin in the directory niche. Its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and customizable options set it apart from other plugins. 

With Directorist, you can effortlessly create a powerful and visually appealing directory website tailored to your needs. Its compatibility with WordPress themes and plugins and dedicated support further solidifies its position as the top choice for anyone seeking to build a successful directory website. 

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