HelpGent Review- How It Revolutionizes Your Businesses?

Effective customer support communication is just like a two-way street, allowing your customers to share their feedback, suggestions, and concerns. These can help you know your products & services and improve them accordingly. Thus, you can boost your business conversion with revolutionary products and services.

Now, you might wonder how to establish a reliable customer communication channel. That’s where HelpGent comes in—the ultimate asynchronous communication tool. HelpGent enables you to engage in video messaging, screen recording, audio, and text messaging at your convenience, ensuring effective customer communication.

Plus, the tool comes up with many unique features that make your customer support communication more than just resolving problems, understanding customer needs, and delivering personalized solutions. Burning with curiosity to know how HelpGent revolutionizes your businesses? Let’s explore its remarkable capabilities.

A Brief Overview of HelpGent 

HelpGent, the extraordinary brainchild of wpWax, is an innovative tool that revolutionizes communication, catering to the longing for asynchronous interactions like never before. With its captivating blend of video messaging, screen sharing, audio, and text messaging capabilities, HelpGent opens a gateway for customers to effortlessly connect with businesses and receive responses at their convenience, transcending the limitations of traditional customer service channels.

Unlike the constraints of synchronous methods like phone calls or in-person support, which demand both parties to be available simultaneously, HelpGent liberates customers from the shackles of time and space. Customers can dispatch their queries anytime, anywhere, knowing that a thoughtful response awaits them when the business finds the perfect moment to engage.

Moreover, embracing HelpGent empowers customers with unparalleled flexibility and convenience, eradicating the tiresome wait on hold or the meticulous need to schedule appointments for support. The impeccable harmony of freedom and responsiveness paves the way for an elevated customer experience, making every interaction a delightful journey.

Adding to that, embodying an oasis of efficiency and effectiveness, HelpGent’s asynchronous communication model reshapes the landscape of business-customer connections. Businesses now possess the key to unlocking unparalleled support and engagement with their cherished customers, empowering them to deliver nothing short of a sublime customer experience.  

Let’s Have a Closer Look at The Core Features of HelpGent 

  • Attractive builder with customization
  • Two theme forms support the home screen
  • Customization ability for Color font size
  • Search & sorting by text videos and voice
  • Excellent filtering system by tag
  • Search conversations by name & email
  • Keep messages unread for the future reply
  • Quick name edit

The Exclusive Features of HelpGent & How They Revolutionize Your Businesses 

With its exclusive features, HelpGent serves as a powerful communication tool that has the potential to boost your business revenue in various ways. Let’s delve into these exceptional features and uncover how they can positively impact your bottom line. 

i. Video messaging asynchronously 

HelpGent revolutionizes communication by introducing asynchronous video messaging. With this innovative feature, businesses can send their customers video messages at their convenience and vice versa, eliminating the need for real-time conversations. HelpGent empowers both parties to express themselves authentically through asynchronous video communication, whether for pre-sale questions, product issues, or any query. 

ii. Voice recording & transforming 

HelpGent boasts another remarkable feature—a cutting-edge voice recording system that facilitates seamless communication between two parties when discussing issues and solutions. The authentic charm lies in its asynchronous functionality, allowing both parties to engage in voice exchanges conveniently.  

iii. Screen recording & sharing 

The inclusion of screen recording functionality empowers your customers to capture and share visual representations of their concerns, enabling you to understand their issues better and efficiently address them. Likewise, you can utilize screen recording to showcase the solution and promptly send it back to your customers. This seamless exchange of recorded screens facilitates effective communication and swift resolution.  

iv. Text messaging 

There’s no doubt that text messaging is a common phenomenon in communication tools. However, what sets HelpGent apart from other tools is its ability to facilitate the exchange of messages asynchronously, meaning that both parties can reply at their convenience.

v. Offloading media to Google Drive

When faced with a large number of request files, you have the option to transfer those requests to Google Drive. By doing so, you can alleviate your workload and set aside those tasks, reducing the pressure of your work.  

vi. HelpGent-Directorist integration 

With this integration, you can experience the full potential of Directorist, empowering you to create and oversee your directory listings effortlessly. Meanwhile, HelpGent presents an all-in-one communication hub, enabling asynchronous video, audio, and text messaging and screen-sharing functionalities. When these two dynamic platforms unite, you unlock unparalleled benefits: an elevated user experience, heightened engagement, and amplified website traffic.  

vii. Google Drive integration

This integration allows users to conveniently store their attachments in Google Drive, such as daily conversations, videos, audio files, and messages. HelpGent has implemented this integration to enhance the user experience, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process. 

viii. Collecting leads for businesses 

HelpGent makes lead collection effortless. Utilizing its contact form feature, you can effortlessly obtain valuable information about potential leads. With this data, you can skillfully entice them to become loyal customers.  

Benefits of HelpGent for Small and Medium Businesses  

HelpGent provides a plethora of advantages specifically tailored for small and medium-sized businesses, such as. 

Lead generation

HelpGent simplifies lead generation by providing customizable contact forms and lead capture tools. This enables businesses to collect valuable information from potential customers and build a database of leads for future marketing efforts.

Customer relationship management

With HelpGent, businesses can effectively manage their customer relationships. The platform provides features for organizing and tracking customer interactions, including communication history, notes, and customer profiles. This helps businesses provide personalized and targeted customer support, improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Improved communication

The platform facilitates seamless communication between businesses and their customers. HelpGent offers asynchronous video, audio, text, email integration, and ticketing systems, ensuring prompt and effective communication. This leads to enhanced customer engagement, quicker issue resolution, and increased customer loyalty. 

Analytics and reporting

HelpGent provides robust analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights into customer interactions and support performance. This data-driven approach helps identify trends, measure key metrics, and make informed decisions to optimize business operations and improve customer service.   

Scalability and customization

HelpGent accommodates small and medium businesses’ growth and evolving needs. It offers scalable plans and customizable features, allowing businesses to tailor the platform to their specific requirements and scale their customer support as they expand.

What about The Pricing Option for HelpGent? 

HelpGent is a free tool with introductory features in the WordPress repository. However, for enhanced functionality, there is a pro plan option. The pricing plans are categorized into two options: Yearly and Lifetime. Presently, the Yearly plan starts at $69, whereas the Lifetime plan begins at $199.

Before You Leave

In conclusion, HelpGent is not just an ordinary WordPress plugin; it is a game-changing communication solution that revolutionizes how businesses connect with their customers asynchronously. By seamlessly integrating with WordPress websites, HelpGent empowers businesses to offer efficient and practical support, even when there are time zone differences or delays in response.

The plugin’s asynchronous nature also benefits businesses by allowing them to streamline their internal operations. HelpGent’s ticketing system organizes customer inquiries, assigns them to appropriate team members, and tracks their progress. This ensures that customer issues are handled promptly and efficiently, enabling businesses to deliver exceptional service and resolve problems promptly.   


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