ONE by TemplateMonster: Is It The Only Subscription You Need?

When it comes to building websites, we need different types of themes, plugins, graphics, templates, etc. And often, we find it difficult to predict which products we actually need.

As a result, we end up buying unnecessary products.

But what if there’s a place where you can get all the products you need with just one subscription?

If you’ve ever dreamed something like this, here’s a piece of GREAT news for you.

TemplateMonster, the marketplace of thousands of themes, plugins, graphics, and others, has introduced “ONE” subscription.

Yes, you can get access to 8,500+ items for just a price of one.

Without further ado, let’s dive into One by TemplateMonster.

What Actually Is ONE by TemplateMonster?

ONE by TemplateMonster is a completely new subscription service, where you can get the best products of TemplateMonster within one subscription.

And the great part is, you will get a 24/7 support for items provided in this subscription.

Here are two things you need to know about ONE.

High-Quality Products:  The ONE subscription provides only high-quality products. From WordPress themes to CMS templates, it includes everything you need for building websites.

You might have already heard some of the products which are included in ONE subscription.

  • Monstroid2 WordPress Theme
  • WooStroid2 WooCommerce Theme
  • Intense HTML Theme
  • Eveprest PrestaShop Theme
  • Multifly Shopify Theme
  • Magetique Magento Theme
  • StorePlex OneCart Theme and many more.

And if you are an Elementor fan, here’s another good news for you. ONE provides templates for Elementor and the famous Jet Plugins.

Clear Licensing: Purchasing ONE by TemplateMonster, you obtain almost everything that you or your client want for creating an excellent website. An Unlimited Yearly license allows you to enjoy already purchasing items and use them on unlimited domains for one year so that you don’t need to purchase these products all over again.

Furthermore, the site will keep on working even after the end of the year of unlimited usage. Also, of course, you will get the latest updates to make the performance of plugins superior. You only need to download the products you like as many times as you want and apply them for your projects. It couldn’t be any easier.

5 Reasons To Join ONE by TemplateMonster

You may say there are a great number of such subscription services, and why is ONE by TemplateMonster so special? What is the cause to choose this one? Let me show 5 reasons which will encourage you to decide if it is good for you.

1. 24/7 Support Adds To Your Confidence

The ONE subscription is a real thing for beginners in web-development. All the items from the subscription will have 24/7 support to make you more confident. There are no doubts the proficient support team will give help quickly and settle the query whether it is a day or night.

2. Powerful Services Will Get You Covered

For great success, things like Server maintenance, SEO improvement are significant and ONE by TemplateMonster will provide you with it. Even if you have already built a website the ONE has many reliable services which can offer you from template installation to customization and speed optimization. Be sure that you will be always covered with ONE by TemplateMonster.   

3. More Updates & New Items To Come

The ONE takes charge of constant updates all the time. Also, the rage of the items is growing every month, so you can find something new at any time and keep up with life.  

4. Stay Perfectly Safe & Secure

Joining the ONE by TemplateMonster you are able to download the included products as many times as you need during one year. Though, if you haven’t found the items you require within the ONE you can cancel the subscription in 14 days from the date of purchasing, so you won’t have to pay for the services.  

5. 30% Discount For Early Birds

Before long, ONE by TemplateMonster will be opened for pre-purchase with a 30% discount. Thereby, acquiring the ONE subscription with pre-order, you can surely save your money.

Is One by TemplateMonster the Only Subscription You Need?

The answer is a solid “YES” if you don’t want to purchase each product separately for every new project.

Now you won’t worry about whether the item you got is fit or not, because there are various themes to any taste, so you will exactly find something for your project.   

Let’s count! Using the ONE subscription, you get one year of unlimited items within its library and 24/7 support. Purchasing the templates separately you have to pay about 75$ for the one-use theme and also you can take an extended license for around 145$. So, the ONE by TemplateMonster license is more profitable and will definitely save a lot.

And the great thing is, it offers 14 days money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose. If you don’t like the service, you cancel the subscription anytime.

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