10+ Best Divi Plugins & Extensions for WordPress (2022)

Divi is one of the most popular and powerful page builders for WordPress. This drag-and-drop builder essentially helped users ditch using themes and design their pages using a page builder. 

While Divi in itself is perfect for building beautiful and responsive pages, some power users still feel the need to do more with the page builder. 

For that very reason, many developers have built their own third-party Divi plugins and extensions that extend the functionality of Divi Builder even further. 

In this article, I’ll be going through some of the best Divi plugins & extensions that you can use to add more power and features to your Divi builder. 

These plugins will help you go beyond what’s possible with Divi and build even better and far more complex pages. 

Let’s dive into the details of these plugins.

1. Divi Supreme Pro 

Divi Supreme Pro is a Divi plugin that comes with additional modules and extensions for the Divi page builder. 

The plugin adds over 40 new and innovative modules to the Divi builder that will help you create even more advanced designs. Some of these modules are Gradient Text, Flipbox, Text Divider, Typing Effect, Like Button, Glitch Text, Icon Divider, Star Rating, and more. 

All the 40+ modules in Divi Supreme Pro are highly customizable giving you enough flexibility to customize them according to your needs. 

Besides modules, this Divi plugin also comes with beautiful and responsive pre-designed layouts that you can import with a single click. 

You can find layouts for different kinds of websites such as freelancer landing pages, yoga landing pages, travel landing pages, SaaS landing pages, and more. 

Lastly, Divi Supreme Pro also comes with advanced extensions that add new features to the already powerful Divi Builder. 

The extensions include a popup creator, scheduled element, responsive viewer, library shortcode, and more. 

Here’s an overview of the features available in this plugin: 

  • 40+ Modules
  • 7+ Premium Extensions
  • Pre-made Divi Layouts
  • Fully Responsive
  • Clean Code
  • Easy to Use
  • Regular Updates 

The plugin costs a one-time fee of $79 and lets you use the plugin on unlimited websites. You get updates and support for one year with this plugin. 

If you’re looking for a Divi plugin that adds extra modules and extensions to the builder, then this plugin is a perfect choice for you. 

2. DiviFlash

DiviFlash is a popular Divi plugin among Divi users for its diversification power. Its many modules, layouts, and extensions make it easier to enhance design credibility and creativity. Therefore using DiviFlash will help you present your website with a professional look.

This plugin provides around 40+ powerful Divi modules with robust customizing features to expand design capabilities. In addition, it brings a wide range of stylish carousel, gallery, animated, dynamic, and third-party plugin styler modules. Yet, more to come soon with continuous updates.

It also comes with 7+ pre-made layout packs and 220+ ready-to-use section layouts. All of them are designed using proper white space, UI, and UX best practices.

They are not limited to modules and extensions. It also brings many useful extensions like Divi shortcodes, menu customizer, file format (SVG & JSON) support, and ACF field support to eliminate Divi and WordPress limitations.

Key Features:

  • 40+ Powerful Modules
  • 7+ Pre-made Layout Packs
  • 220+ Section Layouts
  • Useful Extensions
  • Complete Divi Carousel & Gallery Module pack
  • Ultimate CPT & WooCommerce Solution
  • Performance Optimized

A single website costs $39 per year, while an unlimited website costs $89 per year. And for a lifetime deal with unlimited websites, you have to pay a one-time $299. All plans come with regular updates & support until the subscription ends.

If you want to build a conversion-focused Divi website with the latest design trends, then DiviFlash is the right pick compared to other Divi plugins.

Want to create a beautiful and responsive carousel in Divi builder? Then you should check out this plugin. 

Divi Carousel Module adds one but a very powerful module that can help you create carousels. You can create unlimited carousels with different layouts and design variations. 

With Divi Carousel Module, you can an image carousel, logo carousel, testimonial carousel, team carousel, regular content carousel, and more. 

The plugin lets you add an image, button, and background to your carousels. The carousel module is highly customizable with options to change the scroll effect, carousel width, autoplay, and more. 

It also comes with a cover flow effect that lets you create stunning 3D looking carousels like this: 

Here is an overview of the features available in this plugin: 

  • Image Carousel 
  • Regular Content Carousel 
  • Logo Carousel 
  • Testimonial Carousel 
  • Coverflow Effect
  • Highly Customizable
  • Responsive 

The plugin costs $29 for unlimited site usage and comes with 1 year of updates and support. 

If you’re specifically looking to create an advanced carousel in Divi Builder, this plugin can be of great help as it comes with all the features you might need to create beautiful and responsive carousels. 

4. Divi Headers Pack 

Divi Headers Pack is an awesome Divi extension plugin that comes with over 940 headers that you can use on your website. 

If you don’t want to create headers yourself, this plugin is here to save the day. The plugin is very beginner-friendly so you’ll have no issues importing headers from this plugin. 

The menus come in different varieties and functionality such as drop-down menus, off-canvas menus, WooCommerce headers, etc. 

All the headers in the Divi Headers Pack plugin are fully responsive and highly customizable. 

Here are the features of this Divi plugin: 

  • 940+ Total Headers
  • Off-canvas Menu 
  • Fully Responsive
  • 30+ Menu Dropdown Effects
  • 4 custom menu animations
  • Highly customizable 

Divi Headers Pack plugin costs $19 for unlimited site usage and comes with a year of updates and support. 

This Divi plugin is perfect for anyone who wants ready-made headers with all the customization features. 

5. Divi Events Calendar 

The Divi Events Calendar plugin adds additional event calendar modules to the Divi Builder. With this plugin, you can showcase your events with more flexibility and customization. 

There are over 250 custom content and design features in this plugin giving you full control over how you showcase events on your website. 

The 5 different custom modules that come with this plugin are Events Feed, Events Calendar, Events Carousel, Events Page, and Events Ticket. 

Each module is loaded with customization features giving you full freedom over your events. 

Here are the features of this plugin: 

  • 5 Custom Modules
  • 250+ Design & Content Customization Options
  • Fully Responsive

The plugin costs $35 for a lifetime license that lets you use the plugin on unlimited websites. 

Divi Events Calendar is a great extension for anyone who wants to display events on their website. 

6. Table Maker 

Want to create responsive and beautiful tables in Divi? Well, Table Maker is all you need. 

This Divi extension plugin lets you create tables with as many columns and rows as you want. Not only this, the tables are highly customizable giving you full control to display your data.

You can create headers and footers for your table, adjust the table width, table scrolling, and more. 

The plugin lets you insert text, images, icons, buttons as content for the table. Each element is fully customizable as well. 

Besides this, there are a lot of design options available allowing you to change the table colors, spanning, column, gaps, and more. 

Here is an overview of the features available in this plugin: 

  • Fully Responsive
  • Highly Customizable 
  • Different Content Types can be added
  • Table Headers & Footers
  • Accordion View for Mobile
  • Scrolling With Sticky Headers 

The plugin is priced at $35 for a lifetime license to use on unlimited sites and comes with 1 year of updates and support. 

For someone who wants to create beautiful tables right inside the Divi Builder, this is the perfect plugin you can go for. 

7. Divi Plus 

Divi Plus is a Divi add-on plugin loaded with features that will turn your simple Divi site into a powerhouse. 

The plugin comes with 50+ modules and 4+ extensions for the page builder. Along with that, it also comes with 6 pre-built websites and 50+ starter templates that you can import in a blink of an eye. 

The modules available in this plugin can be used for multiple purposes. Some of these modules include a content toggle, timeline, Lottie animations, image mask, text highlighter, schema rating, text animator, bar counter, and more. 

The templates available in the plugin have different use cases such as agency, photography, construction, etc. 

When it comes to extensions, Divi Plus offers a scheduler extension, visibility manager, background particles, and Divi library shortcode extension. 

Here are the key features of the plugin: 

  • 50+ Modules
  • 4+ Extensions
  • 6 Ready-made Websites
  • 50+ Starter Templates
  • Free Child Themes
  • 250+ Sections
  • Fully Responsive 

The plugin costs $79 for unlimited site usage and comes with 1 year of support and updates. 

Overall, it’s a complete package of modules and features that can help you design much better websites using the Divi Builder. 

8. Divi Essential 

Just like Divi Plus, Divi Essential is another great Divi builder plugin that brings all the essential design features you’d need in Divi. 

The plugin comes with 60+ modules and 55+ website demos to cover all your needs. And if that’s not enough, they also offer a whopping 500+ premade layouts ready to use instantly. 

Some of the modules included in the plugin are text animation, flip box, review, carousel, dual-button, rating, divider, multi-heading, glitch text, and more. 

Each module in the plugin comes with all the essential customization options you’ll need to customize the module according to your needs. 

Here are the key features of this plugin: 

  • 50+ Modules
  • 55+ Website Demos
  • 500+ Pre-made Layouts
  • Fully Responsive
  • Dynamic Content Features
  • Easy to Use

The plugin costs $79 and comes with 1 year of updates and support with a license to use it on unlimited sites. 

If you need more pre-made layouts and modules, then Divi Essential is a plugin you should definitely check out. 

9. Divi Toolbox

The next Divi plugin we have on our list is Divi Toolbox. This plugin comes with powerful tools to help you customize your website using the Divi Builder. 

You can make changes to your website instantly using the options that come with this plugin. For instance, you can quickly change your site logo or header.

You can even fine-tune your menu on mobile devices, customize the layout of your blog pages, and make your footer look much better. 

What’s great about this Divi extension is that it doesn’t add any extra modules to the builder but adds extra functionality to the existing options and settings to Divi Builder. 

Here is an overview of the features available in the Divi Toolbox WordPress plugin: 

  • Customize Login Page
  • Allow SVG Uploads
  • Upload Custom Font Files
  • Add Popups
  • Enable Sticky Elements
  • Customize Footer Widgets
  • Change Logo on Mobile
  • Customize Sidebar

The list goes on as the plugin adds so many great useful features in the builder.

Currently, Divi Toolbox is priced at $89 and lets you use the plugin on unlimited websites. And just like the other plugins, you get 1 year of updates and support. 

If having extra modules isn’t important to you, then you should definitely consider giving this plugin a shot as it makes the existing features of the builder more advanced and useful. 

10. Divi Blog Extras 

Divi Blog Extras is an awesome Divi plugin that adds more life to your blog page. The plugin comes with modules that will help you create 8 different types of layouts for your blog page. 

Moreover, these layouts are highly customizable with options to display different types of content such as date, categories, tags, author name, etc. 

The different blog layouts that you can create using this plugin include box, grid, masonry, classic, full-width, and more. 

Here are the key features of this plugin: 

  • 8+ Blog Layouts
  • 4 Slider Layout Variations 
  • 4 Slider Layout Effects
  • Autoplay Slides
  • AJAX Pagination
  • Post-Read Time
  • Template Override Support
  • User Friendly

The plugin is priced at $49 for unlimited site usage along with 1 year of support and updates. 

Want to customize your Divi Footer? Then, Divi Footer Editor is the plugin you need. 

This plugin will help you customize your footer area easily. With their footer editor, you can create and style your footer to leave a lasting impression on your website users. 

Here are the key features of the plugin: 

  • Easy to Use
  • Fully Responsive
  • Apply the Footer Sitewide

Let’s take a look at the pricing of this plugin: 

The plugin costs $10 for a single site license and $39 for an unlimited sites license. You can also get an annual membership of the plugin for $199/year. 

12. Divi Switch

The last plugin on our list is Divi Switch. It’s a very simple yet powerful plugin that lets you control your website’s layout and design with a single click. 

The plugin comes with 50+ switches that allow you to apply, remove, or customize any styling options on your website. 

For instance, with a single click, you can enable an option to open all social links in a new tab. Similarly, you can choose what logo to show on specific pages. 

Here are the key features of the plugin: 

  • Easy to Use
  • 50+ Switches
  • Highly Configurable
  • Theme Customizer
  • Create 404 Pages

Let’s take a look at the pricing of this plugin: 

The plugin costs $29 for a single site license and $49 for an unlimited site license. You can also get a 3-site or an annual membership of the plugin. 


So, these are all the best Divi plugins & extensions you can use to enhance the experience of your website. 

These Divi plugins are powerful enough to take your website to the next level both in terms of design and functionality. 

If you have any questions regarding the plugins shared in our list, feel free to comment below. 


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