7 Best “Click To Tweet” WordPress Plugins

We all create content to get more people to read our posts. A great way to do this is to encourage readers to share your content.

But it’s not easy as it sounds.

You need to be a bit creative to encourage people to share your content. And one of the great ways is adding tweetable content to your posts.

Yes, I am talking about those ‘Click to Tweet‘ links and buttons.

And the great part is, that it’s insanely easy to add a ‘Click to Tweet’ link on your WordPress post/page.

There are some ‘Click to Tweet’ WordPress plugins out there. Here I’ll be sharing some of the best plugins to help you to decide on the right one for you.


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Let’s get started.

1. Better Click to Tweet

Better Click to Tweet is the most popular click to tweet plugin for WordPress. It is a free plugin created by Ben Meredith, and it is available in the WordPress plugins directory.

It can be used as a shortcode or as a block in the Gutenberg editor.

Here are some of the features of this plugin:

This plugin was intended to get you up and running in a few minutes. If you want the extra features, you could do with the extra shortcodes to add in your tweet section to make it as you want.

Here is an example of how it appears in the middle of a post

Things To Know Before Choosing This Plugin

  • It is a simple plugin that gives you options to do everything. If you want more premium styles to choose from because you don’t like the main one, you can purchase the premium styles from the official website.
  • The license is paid for yearly. For a single site license, it costs $30. For a five-site license, it’s $50. A fifteen-site license costs $130.
  • You don’t need it unless you want more styles to choose from, but all the functionality is available for free.

2. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a free plugin created to add different blocks to the Gutenberg editor to give you more control over how your page looks.

And as you guessed, there is a block to add a Click to Tweet section in your post. But there are 18 other blocks that give you access to cool features like buttons, call to action, accordions, and much more.

It is very easy to add the block in the Gutenberg editor once you install the plugin. And you have control over 4 settings:

  • Font Size
  • Color of the Tweet
  • Color of the Border around the Box
  • Twitter Username to add at the end of the tweet

Here is an example of how the box will look like:

Use These “Click to Tweet” WordPress Plugins To Get More Tweets.

Obviously, the color of the tweet here was blue. The font size was 20px and the border was a lighter blue.

Things To Know Before Choosing This Plugin

  • Ultimate Blocks is a free plugin that is intended to help you not only add powerful click to tweet boxes in your posts but more than that.
  • It makes Gutenberg editor more powerful for you without playing with too many plugins and making it a mess at the end.
  • It is simple to use, but it is really powerful. So, choose it if you want to have this block + 18 more.

3. Social Snap

Social Snap is a premium plugin created to help you with everything related to driving more traffic from social media and increasing your engagement.

That means everything from:

  • Helping your visitors share your posts more to increase traffic,
  • A social auto poster to automatically post on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter when you publish new content,
  • Displaying your social links while displaying followers counts for extra credibility,
  • Advanced analytics to know what is shared by your audience,
  • The ability to boost old posts by automatically sharing them without much work from you,
  • And of course, a beautiful click to tweet box that drives more tweets and shares to your site.

And their click to tweet box is a powerful one.

You can start by playing with the default settings to make them suit your needs. That means choosing the style, choosing whether to include “via@username” or not, including page link or not, hiding on mobile or not, and related accounts to add… up to 2 can be added.

You can use their block to the Gutenberg editor to add a click to tweet box.

Did I forget to mention that you could create your custom appearance by playing with the additional CSS section and changing the CSS to match your needs? Just change the color code, and you have your new style.

Here are the styles already available that you could choose from. This is how the click to tweet boxes could appear on your site.

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 5.14.49 PM

Things To Know Before Choosing This Plugin

  • Obviously, this is a very powerful tool and it comes at a cost. You don’t need to have it when you are just starting out and don’t have much shares because it won’t add much to the end result.
  • But once you have a good amount of visitors coming to your site, you could use it to increase that number and get the most out of social media. And that means using their click to tweet boxes and other tools as well.
  • It has 3 pricing plans. The plus plan costs $39 per year for one site. The pro plan costs $99 per year for 3 sites. And the agency plan costs $299 per 15 sites.

4. Grow Social

Grow Social is a freemium plugin created by Mihai Iova from Dev Pups. It is available on the WordPress plugins directory as well.

It was created to help you have good-looking social sharing buttons that are highly customizable depending to fit your needs.

You can show social share count, customize their locations, customize their look, create floating social share buttons, and much more.

You can also create click to tweet boxes as well. It is a good nice side benefit of using this plugin, but that is not the main intent of this plugin.

Things To Know Before Choosing This Plugin

  • The intent of this plugin is to help you with having social media buttons that make it easy to share your content on different platforms.
  • They also have the ability to add click to tweet boxes to increase your shares as well.
  • It might be a good option if you don’t want to install different plugins for social share buttons. You have the 2 with just 1 plugin.
  • They offer a lot of customization features in the free version, but you could get even more with their premium license. There are 3 plans depending on the number of sites you intend to use this plugin only.
  • The prices reflect 1 year of support and updates. You can renew your license after the year is finished.

5. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is one of the popular social sharing plugins that is intended to help you with getting more shares to your website. It is a freemium plugin. You can get the free version of the plugin on the WordPress plugins directory.

It gives you access to a lot of customization options and features like:

  • Social Proofs for showing the number of shares.
  • Popular Posts Widget to show popular posts based on the number of shares.
  • A shortcode to place the social share buttons anywhere on any page
  •  And of course, the click to tweet boxes.

You can easily create the click to tweet box by clicking their button, add your tweet content, and you are good to go.

Here is an example of how it looks:


You also have extra features in the pro version like having sharing buttons for platforms like WhatsApp, Reddit, Pocket, Buffer, Email, and more. You get more customization options, custom design & placement, and more.

Things To Know Before Choosing This Plugin

  • It is a great social sharing tool that you could use besides, of course, their click to tweet box.
  • The pro version is not necessary until you want to add the extra social sharing buttons, which I don’t think is necessary, or want to access their extra customization features which aren’t for everyone as well.
  • It costs $29 for a single site license, $89 for use to up to 5 sites, $139 for up to 10 sites, $349 to be used on unlimited sites.

6. Elementor

Elementor is a powerful page builder. It has grown rapidly in 2016 to get a lot of downloads to its free WordPress plugin that is available in the WordPress plugins directory. A pro version is available as well if you want more features.

Either way, you get access to the ability to add Click to tweet quote boxes in your content with ease.

And since you are adding anything using this tool, then you already know that you got access to powerful editing customization options to make sure that the box appears exactly as you want.

Want to see examples of how your click to tweet boxes could be at the end. Here are a few options.


Just so you know, the options are limitless with the ability to customize everything.

Things To Know Before Choosing This Plugin

  • It is not just a powerful click to tweet box creator. It is much much more than that. You can add a lot of other items to your content, and customize your content so that it looks powerful.
  • And their editor gives you customization options to everything you dream of.
  • You could benefit from all the editing options in the free version.
  • The pro version could be bought if you want more marketing features, access to more templates. If not, then enjoy their powerful free plugin.

7. Click to Tweet  

Click to Tweet is a free plugin created by the team at Coschedule, the popular content calendar plugin. While their plugin is available at premium prices, this plugin is available for free on the WordPress plugins directory.

And this plugin is very very simple to use. Just click on the icon of the plugin, enter the tweet and click OK as shown in the image below.

And you are good to go.

Here is an example of how it looks in the end:

Things To Know Before Choosing This Plugin

  • Until now, this plugin can’t be used with the Gutenberg editor, so you won’t be able to use it if you have version 5.0 or more, and you intend to use the Gutenberg editor. If that is the case, Ultimate Blocks may be an alternative for you.
  • If you use the classic editor, this plugin is a great one to consider. Other than that, don’t consider it.

Conclusion: Which Plugin to Go For?

Now, you have access to my top 7 plugins to help you create that powerful click to tweet boxes in your content with ease.

If you are 100% serious with content marketing and want to get the maximum results from social media, then Social snap is a good tool to consider with all its other features with it.

If you already have Elementor, then don’t bother with adding other tools. You already have the most powerful page builder. If you want complete access to every editing option or want to make your whole post or page look even better, then this is your tool as well.

If you use the Gutenberg editor, then you need to choose Ultimate Blocks and benefit from the 16 blocks already available.

If you want social sharing buttons as well, then check out Social Warfare and Social Pug.

Whatever you choose, it is going to help you create the click to tweet boxes and help you increase your tweets and get more traffic, and that is the most important thing.

After you choose your tool, tell us below, which one you went with and why. And if you want help with plugins to choose for doing certain things, tell me below, and I’ll try to create a post for it.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase by following any of the affiliate links, I’ll get a small commission without any extra cost to you.


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    This is the best list of click to tweet plugins, I use better click to tweet plugin on my blog to grow more social shares.
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