Media Temple: One of the Most Powerful Web Hosting Companies

Media Temple is where I decided to host WPLeaders. As we just started with this project, at the same time, we wanted this site to have its own web hosting account, secure it, and keep it available, up and running as much as possible. I decided to go with Media Temple (gs) Grid-Service, and everything is going good so far.

I’ve been hosting my sites on shared hosting, everything was great till my sites got big increase in web traffic, and problems started to show up. Shared hosting is a great idea for starting a blog or a website, but this won’t last for so long if you are lucky!

Now that I think more about the future of my business websites, also I love to use the latest technology whenever I can, Media Temple brought it all to me. I would actually go for -what you think from the first look is- expensive web hosting plan, I can see clearly why their cost is higher than the traditional shared hosting plans provided by other companies, and how valuable this service is.

Media Temple (gs) Grid-Service

The (gs) Grid-Service was my choice, simply for its cool features:

  • Dynamic Burstability: Unlike traditional shared hosting, the (gs) easily handles traffic spikes with the power of hundreds of servers behind your site.
  • Scalable MySQL System: MySQL SmartPool with dedicated resources for traffic bursts and GridContainers for sustained power and control.
  • 1-Click Software Installs: Easy to use, optimized auto-installers for WordPress, Drupal & ZenCart.
  • TrueSite™ Multi-Domain Hosting: Multi-site hosting supports unique email addresses and sub-FTP users for every domain.

Here is how the simple and clean control panel looks like:

Media Temple Grid contro panel

They say Media Temple: The last thing you should worry about is your site getting shut off.

I have’t had any problems since the last 5 months, since I started to work on Media Temple servers.

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  1. I had many problems and hard times with my web hosting company recently. But since I moved my sites to Mediatemple and all is good. Really great support.

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