The 9 Best Real Estate WordPress Plugins For Realtors

WordPress is so versatile that you could use it for any purposes.

And with the power of plugins, you are guaranteed to have a plugin that does what you need, whatever niche you are doing.

And that includes the real estate market as well. You probably bet you won’t find the perfect plugin that will help you get clients and get sales more easily. Isn’t that right? Think again.

As I said, there are plugins for every WordPress requirement you could dream of, and building real estate market site is no different. Read along to save yourself from wasting time finding the perfect plugin for you and your business.

Now let’s dive into the details of these plugins.

1. Estatik Real Estate Plugin

If you are dreaming about creating a real estate site where you show different houses or properties that you want to sell without hiring a developer that cost you thousand dollars or more, then this plugin is here to save you money.

With a clean design that enables you to customize fields as you want and responsive layout, the design element of this plugin is top-notch.

Not to mention that there is a free version available on the WordPress Plugins directory.

Here are a few of the features of the plugin:

  • Search the properties available with the auto-complete feature.
  • Add fields in the form to add as much info as you want like number, text, area, and so on.
  • Use the “add to favorite” feature to save homes and not waste time finding a house they liked.
  • Sort by price, date or popularity.
  • Customize labels (adding labels like hot, featured and so on).
  • Making it easy for visitors to share the hose with the easy social sharing options available.
  • Add a photo gallery, a video tour, a slideshow widget to show your house or property and easily convince them to purchase it.
  • Multiple layouts to choose the one that you want.

And there are some pro features like:

  • Generating PDF files.
  • The ability to support agents.
  • CSV import.
  • Ability to white-label.

The plugin is packed with features that are perfect for real estate site owners. But if you really need to get the most out of the plugin then you need to get the pro version.

It costs $89 to get it to use it on unlimited domains, and you also have access to lifetime updates and 1 yr of support.

It is not a cheap plugin, but you may need to consider it if you are serious about getting clients online from your site. It is a better option than hiring a developer and paying him 10x that amount or more.

It may be a great option, but you can’t accept payments online, which is not used by many people in that niche. Who pays 100k online? But you won’t be able to pay people to list their properties.

2. Real Estate Pro

Real Estate Pro is a plugin available on the CodeCanyon marketplace created by the elite author E-Plugins.

This plugin is a simple one that can be up and running with a few clicks. It creates all the necessary pages needed, email templates and settings. Do all this by installing it.

You could also demo login before you purchase.

Here are some of the features:

  • Accept payments using Stripe & PayPal.
  • Integrate with the Visual Composer to create nice looking pages.
  • Create a subscription for people, any type you want with the ability to pay recurring payments, pay one time, free trial or even a paid trial.
  • Earn money by having people list their houses or the ability to view listings available.
  • A “my favorites” section to create a list of properties narrowing down their options.
  • A “who is interested” feature for people to see the people who are interested in their listings.
  • A good customer support.

This plugin is an interactive plugin that helps you be the facilitator where people add their listings and visitors check the listings.

And you can charge both the property owner and the prospects.

The plugin costs $41 for 6 months of support and future updates.

3. WP Real Estate

WP Real Estate is a plugin created by the team at MyThemeShop.

It is a free plugin that you could install for free. You could also get premium features available on the pro version.

It helps agents, owners, and brokers list their properties with ease, and the owner of the site to get money from people listing their properties.

Here are some of the features you get:

  • Compatible with all WP themes.
  • Advanced search for where people can search for specific locations, max price and other things.
  • Google Map Integrations to make it easy to know the place of the property.
  • Social sharing plugins where people can share a specific listing with people they want.
  • Agents can list the properties they have.
  • “Nearby Listings” for people to find other houses similar to the ones they are searching for.
  • Customizable contact agent form.
  • Change the status of the property whether it is sold or not.
  • Choose the type, making search easy when people use the search to narrow their search.
  • Show listing in a grid or list view.
  • Advanced sorting options are available to make it easy to find perfect properties first.
  • Compare listings, giving users a better analysis of which property is best for them.
  • Their 24/7 high-quality support which is available when you need help.

It has a 4.5 rating after 93 reviews, which shows that many people are satisfied with this plugin.

4. IMPress Listings

IMPress Listings, formerly known as WP Listings, is another plugin that helps you create a listing management system for your WordPress site.

It is available for free on the WordPress plugins directory.

Here are some of the features of the plugin:

  • Add different status (as active, pending, sold, for rent, reduced, new) to each property.
  • Add the type of property like a commercial, residential, condo, townhome.
  • Use different taxonomies to easily classify the listings and for the user to easily find what he wants without looking at all the listings.
  • Easily migrate from AgentPress listings plugin, with nothing to do from your end.
  • Automatically insert maps without the need to embed maps.
  • Easily hide the price or make it available with a checkbox.
  • Property fields available (anything added will be displayed automatically); add things like photo gallery, video tour, price, floors, square feet, and much more.
  • Integrate with the Genesis Agenet Profiles plugin.

It is a great free plugin, and you won’t go wrong by choosing it.

5. Essential Real Estate

Essential Real Estate is a free plugin available on the free WordPress directory created by the team at G5Theme.

It is packed with features that, according to them, although free, has all the premium features. I have to say they sure deliver what they say.

You could easily demo the front end or the back end by checking the download page.

Here are some of the features available in this plugin:

  • Easily submit properties on the front end or the back end and charge people.
  • Easily add custom fields to describe the properties.
  • The search feature isn’t the best, but it does the job.
  • Users can favorite properties to narrow down their search.
  • Users can also compare multiple properties beside each other to help them decide which one is best.
  • Create membership packages as you like.
  • Have an expiration date for the listings.
  • Accept paid submission.
  • Get payments using PayPal, Stripe or wire transfer.
  • Have featured listings and let people pay more for it.
  • Easily add a photo gallery, video tour, or even 360 virtual tour.
  • Ability to contact the agent.
  • And much more.

This plugin is easy to use, and it is one of the best free plugins available to help you build a listings site and earn money from it.

6. Realtyna WPL Real Estate

Created by the team at Realtyna, WPL Real Estate is a free plugin available on the WordPress plugins directory, which enables you to create WordPress property listings with ease on most themes.

They have a native theme that supports the plugin called Theme28.

But it is compatible with many other themes including:

  • Houzez
  • Bridge
  • Enfold
  • X Theme
  • Avada
  • Be
  • Agent Press Pro
  • Divi

It has the main features available on many of the plugins mentioned before, but not the most powerful.

They provide hosting and theme options if you don’t care about all these things. It is a great premium option, but not a good free option.

But you’ll pay more when you get everything on the site, that is why I suggest for you to go with other options and choose your host. And if you have problems choosing the perfect host, check out our articles to help you.

7. WP Property

WP Property is a free plugin created by the team at Usability Dynamics, and it is available for free on the WordPress plugins directory.

It helps you easily create and manage your custom listing showcase website. You can show other things like products, livestock, and golf carts if it’s what you want.

It integrates easily with many of the popular WordPress themes without much coding on your site.

You can easily customize the filtering and make it dynamic based on user needs.

It has some features like:

  • Flexible search.
  • Extendable flexible and dynamic filter.
  • Pagination.
  • Customizable widgets as you want.
  • Pagination of the results of the search.
  • Google maps are integrated.
  • Easily validate addresses using Google Maps integration.

If you just want free options to kick start your property listing site, then check out their free themes and add-ons created specifically to support this plugin.

It is a great option to get started.

8. WP Amortization Calculator

A plugin available on the CodeCanyon marketplace and created by sh-themes.

If you want a plugin that helps you professionally create a calculator that is used for mortgage or any kind of amortized loan, then this is your plugin.

It is a tool perfect for real estate agent sites and not property listing sites.

You can easily place it on any page or use it as a widget.

Here are some of the features:

  • Use it as a lead capture tool.
  • Make your site look professional.
  • Help your users understand the costs of having a home mortgage.
  • Integrates with visual composer, the drag-and-drop tool to easily create a good-looking page.
  • Put your logo on the PDF generated to brand it.
  • Easily customize and personalize results from the back-end.
  • .Easy to install and easy to use.

This plugin is important for all real estate agents and sites. It helps them generate leads with ease and be looked at as authorities.

You can get it for just $21, which includes future updates and 6 months support.

9. Bookly

Want to create a booking system on WordPress for clients to easily book calls with you?

Then you can do this with ease using the uber-popular plugin, Bookly pro, which is available on the CodeCanyon marketplace. It has been downloaded 23,600+ times and has a rating of 4.54, which is impressive.

It helps you easily accept online payments from people who want to call you and sync the calls directly on your Google calendar.

Here are some of the features available:

  • User friendly admin panel to set the plugin easily.
  • Mobile friendly page.
  • Add email and SMS notification to make sure your clients are up to date with the call time.
  • Easy integration with many payment options to receive money before booking the call.
  • Google calendar and WooCommerce integration to receive payments and add the call on your calendar without much work from you.
  • High quality and fast support.

There are some add-ons to help you have more features you didn’t have.

It is a perfect plugin for your WordPress blog to get clients and maybe use it as an extra revenue source.

Other Must-Have General Plugins

You may need specific plugins to create your real estate site, but there are some general plugins that you need on almost every site. These plugins are:

  • Akismet: A great plugin created by the founders of WordPress to help you eliminate 95% of the spam comments that may happen on your site, which saves you a lot of time.
  •  Yoast SEO: The most popular SEO plugin to help you optimize your page so that search engines understand what the page is about, and let your page rank higher for the keywords you are targeting.
  •  Social Snap: A social sharing plugin that is great to have in your arsenal to get shares for your site
  •  Ultimate Blocks: A plugin that we created to use with Gutenberg to help you create a great looking pages like the one you are currently reading 🙂
  •  WPForms: Perfect to create forms like the contact page form or forms on any of your listings
  •  Convert Pro: A great list building tool that helps you get the most number of emails you can get by creating high converting plugins
  •  MalCare: A great plugin to have to make sure that your blog is malware-free.


If you want to hire a developer to create your real estate site, then it would cost you a fortune to do so.

Luckily, you can get what you want by paying nothing or paying a fraction of what you would have paid otherwise.

You already know the perfect plugins to help you create any real estate site, including the paid listings site to get money from people listing their properties.

You also know the essential plugins you need to have to make sure your site functions properly and you get the most out of it.

Tell us below which ones you decide to go with and why.

Did we miss any great plugins? Mention them in the comments below.


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