How to Enable Divi Builder on Posts and Custom Post Types

The Divi Theme by ElegantThemes is probably one of the best themes that has a built-in page builder, it allow you to easily create fantastic content layouts as long as you have good content or copy.

The Divi Page Builder dose exactly what it meant to do, build content of your WordPress pages. Well… It sounds good, but some users will get stuck once they discover it’s not working on posts, it actually can’t be used on posts or other Custom Post Types except “projects” custom post type, which is built-in custom post type in the Divi theme.

Not being able to make Divi Builder work on posts, this can be an issue for some of us, especially that it’s unknown why ElegantThemes developers haven’t considered allowing the Builder to work on posts.

Enable Divi Page Builder on Posts

I found a couple of articles trying to solve this matter:

Also, I found a discussion at RiseForums about extending the use of Page Builder to Posts and Custom Post Types. Someone mentioned that there were an issue in the layout of posts, this because the Page template has a different layout than Posts, so when using the Builder on Posts it will not look as expected.

Is there a better way to enable Divi Page Builder on Posts and Custom Post Types?

I think so, there is a better way to do it, which is via a Child Theme for Divi, so we can override the Post template when the Page Builder is used on Posts, or other custom post types.

Divi Booster Plugin

Update: I just found out about Divi Booster!

Divi Booster plugin enables Divi Builder on posts and other custom post types, plus adding some fixes and cool other features. It’s a paid solution though, but really worth it! I’ve purchased the plugin and tested it out on my dev site, it works just fine and I am sure you will like it. So, go grab it via my aff link.

Get Divi Booster Plugin

Divi Child Theme with Options and Features

To solve this issue, we will need to create a template for posts similar to the template that is used for pages. The best way to do this is via creating a Child Theme and drop in it the template file.

Divi Chid Theme Options

I was able to combine the required functions and wrap it in a form of a Divi Child Theme with a simple settings page.


As you can see above, you can enable the Page Builder on any custom post type on your WordPress website.

Footer Attribute Editor

The Child Theme also has some new cool feature in the WordPress theme Customizer. The footer attributes can be edited within the Customizer, you can add HTML tags, for example to add footer links.


Download Divi Child Theme

This Divi Child Theme is free, and it’s available for download from here:

Download Divi Child Theme

This could be used as a starter child theme for your next project. However, you might be interested in doing it in a totally different way; in a form of a plugin, in this case I would highly recommend the Divi Booster plugin, simply because it works!

Get Divi Booster Plugin


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