Divi Booster Plugin: Get More Configurations for Divi Theme

Using the Divi Builder on posts and other custom post types is tickling many Divi Theme users, hence I’ve got my hands dirty working on a child theme for Divi a couple of month ago thinking it would be an ideal solution, but it wasn’t perfect as we thought.

Today, I came across the Divi Booster plugin, which turned to be a great purchase, really! And, if you ask me, I would recommend it with no second thought. Continue reading my full Divi Booster review to know why.

Update: ElegantThemes’ team has release Divi Builder Plugin.

The Divi Builder Dilemma

If you are using the Divi Theme, then you already know that the Divi Theme Page Builder -even from its name- works on Pages, it was designed to work only Pages, it doesn’t work on Posts, or other Custom Post Types you may have on your WordPress site.

There has been a few tries to fire the drag and drop Divi Builder on custom post types, however -in my opinion- neither of those tries was perfect, even the child theme we’ve made.

A couple of users reported that the cild theme breaks their website layout when they fire the builder on posts, mainly this happen due to the way Divi Builder works, the builder control the whole content area, so there is no chance for comment to show on the right place, comment form and comments shows after the content area in full width, which something they didn’t like!

From the other side; I couldn’t solve this issue because it will require a good amount of work. And, since the child theme is offered for free, and I have to other projects to take care of, I probably won’t do it. But.. Well.. I’ve found the perfect alternative!

Divi Booster Plugin

I came across the Divi Booster plugin, which was released recently to add more power and control over Divi Theme, it’s really interesting plugin!

One of my most favorite features is the ability to enable the drag and drop Page Builder on custom post types.


I can tell that Dan -the plugin developer- is really active on the plugin development. He is constantly adding new Divi configuration options and enhancements to the Divi Booster plugin. I can’t really mention all the plugin features on this review, because it’s a huge list, so…

Here’s the full list of features if you wanna see!

Divi Booster Plugin Settings

Here is how the Divi Booster plugin settings page looks like, it’s really packed with options, so every item on this list expands when you click on it and reveal a set of awesome options that you can enable/disable on Divi theme.

 divi-booster-settingsDivi Booster Example

Here is how your page may look like (this is just a quick and dirty example, but you actually can go beyond that, if you know what I mean!


Is Divi Booster for you?

Good questions!

Well.. It depends, so if you are a divi user, then this plugin will make your website awesome, and you mostly will be looking for it!

I think the Divi Booster is a must have plugin for every Divi user, and the good news is; the plugin is so affordable, means you won’t break the bank to get a license so why not?!

6 thoughts on “Divi Booster Plugin: Get More Configurations for Divi Theme

  1. Great plugin, I’ve just purchased it and tried it out, most of my sites has custom post types, so I love the ability of having Divi page builder working on them, plus the other mazing features.

    Dan really mad a good one, I love his attitude and welling for support. So, I highly recommend Divi Booster for everyone uses Divi theme.

  2. I’ve actually only read several reviews on it and I’ll probably buy iy but my biggest question is….what plugin did you use to create this review? It’s exactly what I’m looking for!

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